160 Forearm Tattoos for Women & Men (2018)

Mens Forearm Tattoos

41. Such trippy tattoo designs on forearm would look better on skinny guys and skinny girls.(Cool tattoos of best friends)
forearm tattoos girls

42. The hand of the baby in this beautiful forearm tattoo makes it weird but it can be improved and made better.
forearm quote tattoos

43. If you have hairy arms then try this simple and adorable tattoo design of cat and moon. It will suit a hairy arm.
forearm moon tattoos

44. This is one killer forearm tattoo design of a native American Indian. If you have Native American roots then you will love it.
nice forearm tattoos

45. Two unique forearm tattoo ideas would be the mandala tattoos or the military tattoos.
pretty forearm tattoos

46. Most guys prefer to have full sleeve tattoo designs but I would opt for half sleeve. Here is how a full sleeve tattoo would look like.
forearm tattoos for guys

47. Quote tattoos are hard to choose not just because of the message that they might send but also because of their length. Here is a long quote tattoo on forearm that is hard to read.
roses tattoos forearm

48. You can browse sites like Tumblr and Deviantart for beautiful drawings and you can use them as your tattoo design. Some can turn out as beautiful as this.
forearm watercolor tattoos

49. If you want to have any animal tattoo on your forearm then you can choose this pattern.
simple forearm tattoos

50. It is really tough to get 3D tattoo design on forearm due to its shape but you still can give a try.
tattoos forearm