50+ Best Hand Tattoos For Men (2023)

Some people consider hand tattoos to be a bad idea. This is because these tattoos are visible all the time and you might get bored with them easily. If the tattoo on your hand goes wrong then you will have to wrap your hands all the time. Also, hand tattoos are not allowed by many companies and they are illegal in several countries too.

However, if you are a die-hard tattoo lover and want a tattoo on your hand then we have a beautiful tattoo gallery. Pick your favorite design from these 50+ best hand tattoos for men and women.

Small Hand Tattoos For Men

1. This flower tattoo design on hand is made more beautiful by the bee on it.
hand tattoos designs

2. You do not need to cover up your whole hand with tattoos. Instead, you can opt for a subtle approach and have a nice small tattoo on your hand like this.
Side Hand Tattoos

3. This hand tattoo seems to be inspired by the popular 80s movie Gremlins. The dagger on the left hand also looks beautiful.
Couples Hand Tattoos

4. You can also have a tattoo of your spirit animal on your hand and the very best design would be of animals like a lion or tiger.
Hand Tattoos Pictures

5. Many guys like to have scary tattoos on their bodies and there is a devil tattoo on the hand of this boy.
Cool Hand Tattoos Designs

Praying Hand with Rosary Tattoos

6. This tattoo isn’t just geometric shapes on hand but actually a solar system tattoo. You can opt for a galaxy tattoo or even a universe tattoo.
Hand And Finger Tattoos 1

7. It is rare to see flower tattoos on a boy and that too on the visible part of the body. If you dare enough then here is a beautiful design for you.
Rose Hand Tattoos

8. Candy skull tattoo designs are very popular among girls. Though the hand would not be the very best place to have a skull tattoo one has to agree that it will look beautiful.
Skull Hand Tattoos

9. Illuminati tattoo designs are also unique and popular. But they should be on the visible part of the body and what would be better placed than hands?
Eye Hand Tattoos

10. You can try a quote tattoo on your hand but that quote should be close to your heart as it will be in front of your 24/7. You can check out this page to find hand tattoo designs for girls.
Word Hand Tattoos

Cool Hand Tattoos

11. If you think of any four or five-letter word then a cool hand tattoo idea would be to make a wave on your hand and then extend it in form of an alphabet on the fingers just like this.
Tattoos On Hand

12. If you find pirates or scary sea tales attractive then you would surely love this davy jones tattoo design on hand.
Tattoos For Men On Hand

13. A Creative hand tattoo idea would be to have a portrait tattoo but remember it might fade away sooner than later.
Hand Tattoos For Men

14. Here is a large-size King Kong tattoo design on hand.
Hand Tattoos Images

15. As I said skull tattoos are not the best on hand but this creative and attractive skull tattoo was too hard to ignore.
Skeleton Hand Tattoos

Rose tattoos on hand

16. Another cool eye tattoo design and it would look wonderful if you want to trick somebody or want to take a super cool selfie.
Awesome Hand Tattoos

17. You can opt for half the design of a particular object like a Guitar or hammer. The full design of the Guitar will also look cool but it won’t look as impressive as this.
Unique Hand Tattoos

18. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker was above excellent and if you loved it then here is a tattoo design for your hands.
Joker Hand Tattoos

19. This hand tattoo design seems to be inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender. Also, it seems like a cover-up tattoo design on hand.
Baby Hand Tattoos

20. For Those who are looking for a small hand tattoo design, I would suggest you go for an arrow tattoo or anchor tattoo because they look amazing.
Small Hand Tattoos 1

Simple Hand Tattoos

21. Most guys love to have a girl portrait tattoo on their body and if you don’t have any girl portrait tattoo yet then I will suggest you go for it.
Cool Hand Tattoos 1

22. You can send a strong message to the world through your tattoo and your hand is the best part of it.
Hand Tattoos For Women 1

23. The best hand tattoo design for a girl would be a jewelry tattoo design and here is a beautiful hand jewelry tattoo for the woman.
Easy Hand Tattoos

24. Another cool hand tattoo design for girls would be to have a wedding ring or simply a ring tattoo design. Here is a ring tattoo design made from Henna.
Henna Hand Tattoos

25. Flower tattoo design also looks good on hands but remember they will need a lot of aftercare. Also, know that flower tattoos might be painful on hand due to their complex design.
Red Hand Tattoos

Female Hand Tattoos

26. One of the most unique tattoo designs on hand would be the bone tattoo design. Here is one for example.

Cool Tattoos For Guys

27. This unique hand tattoo design is very popular on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. You too can try it.
Girl Hand Tattoos

28. If you want to check how a tattoo would look on your hand then try watercolor tattoos on hand and the best design would be of flowers.
Female Hand Tattoos

29. Although people choose to have a red color flower tattoo design on hand, a blue color flower would look beautiful too.
Flower Hand Tattoos

30. Is it Batman’s logo? Is it a variation of a lower tattoo? Is it a map of the world? What do you think?
Traditional Hand Tattoos

Side Hand Tattoos

31. There is always a sad tattoo design in every tattoo gallery and here is ours – A stabbed heart on the left hand of this guy.
Heart Tattoos On Hand

32. Flower tattoo design can also be done with leaves on the side and here is a beautiful example of it.
Rose Tattoos On Hand

33. Different flower tattoos have different meanings and if you want a serious-looking design then I would suggest you opt for a black rose.
Black Rose Hand Tattoos

34. You can have the name of your lover inked on your hand. You might regret it in later life but for the time being, you will enjoy it.
Man Hand Tattoos

35. This skull tattoo is majestic because it is inspired by the famous Marvel Superhero Ghost Rider.
Skull Tattoos On Hand

Hand Tattoos For Women

36. You can have animated tattoos on hand and this animated tattoo seems to come out directly from Tim Burton’s textbook.
Hand Tattoos For Girls 1

37. If you want to have a mythical tattoo then choose either Greek tattoos or Egyptian tattoos.
Wolf Hand Tattoos

38. If you are a wildlife lover and believe in wildlife conservation then a hand tattoo will be the best way to express your thoughts.
Elephant Tattoos On Hand

39. Here is a hand tattoo that went wrong. The tattoo artist might have tried for a native Indian but terribly failed.
Hand Tattoos Tumblr

40. Owls are wise but lazy if you are like them then here is a cute owl tattoo design on hand for you.
Geometric Hand Tattoos 1

Tattoos on Hand

41. This is a creative hand tattoo design where the tattoo artist designed a gun in a way that the finger looks like the barrel of the pistol.
Gun Tattoos On Hand

42. What do you think – will such a skull tattoo suits female hands?
Skull Hand Tattoos For Men

43. Do you know that in some countries having tattoos on your hands is illegal and punishable?
Cute Hand Tattoos

44. This gangster-inspired hand tattoo design is painful to have because of the dark shading.
Black Hand Tattoos

45. Do not opt for colorful hand tattoos as they will fade away soon. You can check the before and after pics of colorful hand tattoos.
Simple Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos For Girls

46. I was captivated by this beautiful flower tattoo design on my friends hand. It surely has a deep meaning.
Best Hand Tattoos

47. I do not understand what attracted me to this hand tattoo but it seems like a good idea. What do you think?
Hand Tattoos For Guys

48. This amazing devil tattoo design is inspired by an artwork on Deviantart which itself was inspired by Aliens movie artwork.
Dragon Tattoos On Hand

49. If you opt for a lion tattoo design on hand then make sure it is a healthy lion, not a weak one.
Temporary Hand Tattoos

50. This wolf tattoo design on hand is inspired by the famous wolf of Red Riding Hood which was penned by the Grimm brothers and was adapted by Disney.
Pretty Hand Tattoos

So which hand tattoo design do you like the most and why?