50+ Best Game of Thrones Tattoos Ideas & Designs (2024)

Game of Thrones is the best TV series of all time. The popularity of Game of Thrones Tattoo designs among men and women proves this fact. People are looking for ideas and designs for Game of thrones tattoos so that they can get their body inked with their favorite character or quote from Game of Thrones. Here we have chosen pictures of 50 best Game of Thrones tattoos for men and women –

Subtle Game of Thrones Tattoos

1. This look of Tyrion Lannister is most attractive and if you opt for a Tyrion tattoo than choose this drawing.
Game of Thrones Tattoos

2. Remember the Time when Jon Snow Died? This move from showrunners increased the fan following the character and surely he deserves a portrait tattoo.
Awesome Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design On Legs

3. This looks more like a Harry Potter inspired serpent instead of a Game of Thrones Tattoo. However, I liked the realism shown in this tattoo.
Amazing Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Even though House Targaryen might not be favorite of every fan but we have to agree that the three-headed red dragon sigil is coolest of all house sigils.
Best Game Of Thrones Tattoos For Men

5. When the Stark siblings got wolves as presents every one of us loved it. Wolf is also house sigil of House Stark.
Black Color Dragon Tattoos Design And Ideas

6. Daenerys Targaryen surely has magical powers but adding a sun-like an aura behind her face would be too much. What do you think?
Black Wolf Tattoos Design On Game Of Thrones

7. This raven tattoo could have been better if it was inclined a little more right side.
Cool Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

8. I have lived a Thousand Lives is a very famous quote given by George RR Martin and this indeed is true.
Cute Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. You can love or hate house Lannister but you just cannot ignore it. A House Lannister Sigil Tattoo would be good for Lannister fans. Follow this sub reddit for all game of thrones theories.
Deathly Hollow Game Of Throne Tattoos Design

10. The three-eyed ravens were grown up as compared to the young raven tattoo shown here. Still, I think it is a super cool tattoo inspired by Game of Thrones.
Game Of Thrones 3D Tattoos Design And Ideas

game of thrones tattoo sleeve

11. If you want a full back Game of thrones tattoo then go for your favorite character but if you want a half back tattoo then I would suggest you choose any animal from game of thrones.
Game Of Thrones Black Crow Tattoos Design

12. This is the perfectly designed red colored Three headed dragon (sigil of House Targaryen). It will look majestic in large size.
Game Of Thrones Crow Tattoos Design

13. Although this tattoo needs a lot of improvement I like this tattoo idea related to Game of Thrones. You can have Daenerys Targaryen stand in front while her dragon roars behind her.
Game Of Thrones Dragon Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. One cool Game of Thrones tattoo idea would be to have each sigil animal-drawn (on back or chest) and made into one king size tattoo.
Game Of Thrones Dragon Tattoos Ideas

15. Here is a Daenerys Targaryen tattoo design on the forearm of this girl. One thing I would improve in this tattoo would be the addition of two other dragons of Daenerys.
Game Of Thrones Full Back Tattoos Design And Ideas

16. This is a simple and subtle game of thrones tattoo design that you can have on your shoulder or hand.
Game Of Thrones Girls Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. House Dorne might not be anyone’s favorite House in Game of Thrones but it surely has one of the coolest quotes for sigil.
Game Of Thrones Hand Of King Tattoos Design On Hands

18. Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris are two of the most popular quotes from the Valaryian language on Game of Thrones. In simple language it means All men Must Die and All Men Must Serve. Too Feminist may be.
Game Of Thrones Hand Sword Tattoos Design On Biceps

19. If you have a rule similar to House Lannister (A Lannister Always pays his debt) then you should try this quote tattoo. It will probably help you in getting loans from banks or Loan sharks.
Game Of Thrones Hand Sword Tattoos On Arms

20. House Baratheon probably suffered the most in the Game of Thrones Saga. The house sigil of House Baratheon is cool for a tattoo.
Game Of Thrones Hand Tattoos Design

game of thrones tattoo small

21. I don’t know why the tattoo artist decided to stab the wolf with the valyrian sword but with a little improvement this Game of thrones tattoo would look impressive.
Game Of Thrones Mighty Stag Grace Tattoos Design On Legs

22. Tormund Giantsbane gained a good fan following in Season 6 due to his loyalty to Jon snow and his crush on Brienne of Tarth.
Game Of Thrones Tattoo On Pinterest

23. If you are looking for a fake or temporary Game of Thrones Tattoo then there would be no better tattoo than ‘Not Today’ Tattoo.
Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

24. Among all the magical objects in Game of Thrones, I think Valyrian steel is most reputed. A Valyrian sword tattoo on the chest would look better than the Dagger tattoo of Brock Lesnar.
Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design For Ful Back Side

25. The king of Night watch might not make an ideal tattoo for many fans but if you are on the dark side then go for it.
Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design On Chest

26. The best thing about this wolf tattoo is the detailing of the skin of the wolf. Try it on biceps.
Game Of Thrones Tattoos Ideas For Men

27. Here is another Lannister lion tattoo on the foot of this girl.
Game Of Thrones Tattoos On Tumblr

28. There is only one Lannister that is loved by almost every Game of Thrones fan and he is none other than the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. One of his quotes (I Drink and I Know things) would make the portrait tattoo even better.
Game Of Thrones The Golden Lion Tattoos Design On Legs

29. I don’t know why the boy added ‘Thor’ to this House stark sigil tattoo but overall its attractive and impressive.
Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming Lion Tattoos Design

30. A realistic wolf tattoo would look better if you are really a huge fan of Game of Thrones, especially of House Stark.
Game Of Thrones Wolf Tattoos Design On Hands

game of thrones tattoo designs

31. This Daenerys Targaryen tattoo looks more inspired from the African tattoos shown on this website but still I would recommend this design.
Game Of Thrones Women Tattoos Design On Biceps

32. This game of thrones tattoo was inspired from a Deviantart drawing and was popularized on reddit.
Game Of Thrones Zombie Tattoos Design On Legs

33. The eyes of this Jon Snow tattoo are bitten off the mark but this is added here to show you how a small size portrait tattoo would go wrong.
Jon Snurrrh Tattoos Design On Calf

34. If you are looking for a cover-up tattoo then choose the king of night watch as it this tattoo design can hide any mark on the body.
Knight King Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

35. You can have a memorial tattoo in game of thrones style. Here is a sample design for you.
Latest Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

36. Here is another Stark wolf tattoo on the upper shoulder of this guy.
Lion Tattoos Design On Upper Back Side

37. This colorful serpent tattoo design is inspired by the House of Undying from Game of Thrones.
Most Popular Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. One strict advice would be that if you choose to have Dragon tattoo then don’t add any other animal be it wolf, lion or raven.
New Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design On Thigh

39. This wolf tattoo design doesn’t look exactly like the direwolves of Game of Thrones but it still is approvable.
Nice Game Of Throne Tattoos Design And Ideas

40. Admit it that the time Lyanna Mormont supported Jon snow you got goosebumps. She has the on-screen role of barely 20 minutes in the Game of Thrones TV series but she is the worst of them all girls. Many considered this character portrayal better than the portrayal of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. Here is House Mormont Sigil tattoo.
Pretty Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

game of thrones tattoo ideas

41. Who was more Sadistic- Ramsay or Joffrey? This could be debatable but I think people would choose Ramsay for a tattoo.
Ramsay Bolton Tattoos Design On Thigh

42. This is an innovative tattoo of the Sigil of House Baratheon.
Sweet Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design

43. Here is a small and tiny Game of Thrones tattoo that you can have on the wrist or even on fingers.
Sword Tattoos Design On Game Of Thrones

44. Another simple design of the dire wolf tattoo inspired from Game of Thrones.
Top Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. The coin shown in the hand of this tattoo has a sign marked ‘VD’ which is short for Valar Doaheris.
Valar Morghulis Tattoos Design On Biceps

46. Another suitable body part for Game of thrones tattoo would be the stomach or the rib cage.
Valar Morghulis Tattoos Design On Stomach

47. Who is your favorite Stark Girl? Is it Arya Stark (Portrayed by Maisie Williams) or is it Sansa Stark (portrayed by Sophie Turner)?
Water Color Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. This picture of Game of Thrones tattoo shows the side by side comparison of King of Night Watch Tattoo and King of Night watch drawing.
White Color Walker Tattoos Design On Hands

49. Instead of going for full body King of Night watch tattoo I would advise you to go for the face of the king.
White Walker Game Of Thrones Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. You can be more innovative with your tattoo and here is a cool design for your imagination.
Wolf Killer White Walker Tattoos Design On Biceps

Which Game of Thrones Episode did you like the most? Who is your favorite Game of Thrones Character? Which Game of Thrones tattoo would you recommend?