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It doesn’t matter if you live in the US, UK, Europe or Australia It is very hard to find a tattoo artist who can design realistic tattoos. To be very honest most realistic tattoos looks fake and they always imply that the tattoo artist devoted a little time in them. If you want to have tattoos on your body that looks like a part of your body then you have come to the right place. Here we have a photo gallery of 50 best realistic tattoos for men and women –

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tribal cats tattoo

1. Heath Ledger made the Joker in The Dark Knight legend. A real looking Joker tattoo would be all you need to impress your friends.

end of days tattoo

Realistic Tattoos

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2. Agree or not but Clint Eastwood is the hero of generations. If you want to show your fan crush on an actor or actress than a good idea would be to have realistic portrait tattoo of him/her.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 47

3. Boys like to have cool and dangerous looking realistic tattoos. Nothing would look more impressive than a realistic skull tattoo.
Realistic Tattoo 5

4. Apart from actor portrait, I would suggest you have a real looking superhero tattoo. Iron man is cool but you know BATMAN IS BATMAN.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 3

5. The tattoo artist could have made it better with a little work on the right eye and the teeth but overall it is still a gem in realism tattoos.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 4

6. Johnny Depp is a versatile actor and you will always find his characters attractive. If you are a fan then don’t shy away from a real looking Depp tattoo.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 5

7. Realism is not just what you see but what you can imagine. This amazing space and astronaut tattoo pays homage to classic realistic tattoos. Some cool ideas are also shown here.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 6

8. The tattoo artist deserves praises for creating such lifelike a tattoo on the hand of this guy. This is a mind-blowing realistic tattoo.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 7

9. Religious tattoos would make much better realistic tattoos than any other kind of tattoo.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 8

10. Most realistic tattoos are portrait tattoos of real people or real life celebrities.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 9

11. This realistic tattoo design looks inspired from Grand theft auto character or from an animated drawing.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 10

12. Here is another real looking portrait tattoo of Johnny Depp along with Kate Winslet.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 11

13. I really liked the detailed work on the wrinkles of this old man that makes this tattoo look more realistic and authentic.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 12

14. Is this Michael Jackson or Prince? I don’t know. Can you tell me in comments?
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 13

15. Another creative idea would be to have matching tattoos on both arms or wrist that looks real.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 14

16. No this is not a face but actually a face tattoo that looks so real because of the amazing eyes.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 15

17. Realistic tattoos require imagination. Look at this real looking skull tattoo and you will surely fall in love with it.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 2

18. Geisha tattoos are popular particularly in Japan and Europe. A real looking Geisha would look much attractive.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 17

19. Most people want to have realistic looking animal tattoos. If you are one among them then I would suggest you have an attacking or dangerous looking animal.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 18

20. Greek Gods and Greek people are popular all over the world. Although a greek tattoo would require more concentration of tattoo artist but then, in the end, it is worth it.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 19

21. You can also have an abstract art as your realistic tattoo design. A 3D look will make the tattoo even more realistic.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 20

22. If you want to scare the kids then a clown tattoo would be fine. Just Kidding. A Clown tattoo would look good only if it is temporary.
Realistic Tattoo On Body 2

23. A lonely girl tattoo would also look cool and I won’t recommend you adding rose or anything to it.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 21

24. I don’t know why the tattoo artist added the rose in the mouth of this wolf tattoo but other than that it looks amazing.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 22

25. This realistic tattoo has very deep meaning the tattoo artist could have chosen praying hands instead but the person chose an injured hand with a cross in the palm.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 23

26. Animal eyes will look better than human, especially in dark. If you opt for such than make sure it is on the right body part.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 24

27. Is this Edward Scissorhands or lead singer of GreenDay? It is neither of course.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 25

28. This tattoo almost looks like a real drawing on the forearm of this guy.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 26

29. Of course you can have real life portrait tattoo of your favourite musician on your hand.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 27

30. Usually devil tattoos are scary but the tattoo artist not only made this tattoo realistic but beautiful as well.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 28

31. I don’t know why a tattoo artist would like to show a death scene but truth is that death is the only reality, so it deserves attention.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 29

32. This 3D eye tattoo design look so realistic because the tattoo artist focused ont he details of the pupil and retina of the eye.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 30

33. Whoa that’s too many shows in just one tattoo. My favourite would be the Game of thrones tattoo.
Realistic Tattoo On Body 3

34. Disney introduced many characters and franchises to the world. Pirates of the Caribbean is one must watch.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 31

35. Most Buddha tattoos looks inspired from stencil art but this Buddha tattoo is so realistic that it almost look like a statue.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 32

36. Although it will look odd to have a tattoo of a Victorian-era king or queen if you have a lot of interest in history then go for it.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 33

37. This baby tattoo design has the exact facial expressions that a newborn baby would have. I especially liked the work of tattoo artist on eyes and chin.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 34

38. If you want realistic sleeve tattoo design then choose greek gods as they will look majestic (Just like this).
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 35

39. A pet portrait tattoo is often recommended by the tattoo artist but it is only worth it if it looks as realistic as this.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 36

40. This cat tattoo looks more inspired from a photoshopped wallpaper than a normal drawing.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 37

41. In this amazing realistic tattoo design the tattoo artist focused too much on the lips of the girl. In my opinion he/she should have worked on the head as well.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 38

42. It will be hard to get such a realistic tattoo design here there are two subjects. For example, this tattoo design has a girl and a tiger head.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 48

43. Another amazing eye tattoo design that I would suggest to boys with huge biceps.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 39

44. This Thor tattoo design looks amazing but if I have to choose I would choose the comic version Thor.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 40

45. Here is an amazing wolf tattoo design on the upper arm of this boy.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 41

46. This wolf tattoo design looks more animated than realistic but I preferred it because it perfectly showed a howling wolf.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 42

47. No dog tattoo design would look as beautiful as Rottweiler or Pitbull tattoo design.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 43

48. If you want to have a realistic girl tattoo design then focus on the detailing of the hairs and eyes of the girl.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 44

49. One thing that I liked about this tattoo design is that the artist added the goggles perfectly on the face of this celebrity.
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 45

Realistic Tattoos

50. I would like to have a real looking Katrina Kaif tattoo on my body, because why not?
Realistic Tattoo On Arm 46

So this was our list of Realistic tattoos, which one you liked the most?