50+ Best Star Wars Tattoos Designs For Couples (2024)

Star Wars Tattoos design gives new hope to the person as he/she chooses one side of the force. The force awakens within himself and he became more aware of his surroundings. OK OK, too much Star wars references. Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises in this world and millions of fans look up for star wars tattoo designs and ideas. Here we have chosen pictures of 50 best star wars tattoos designs for men and women. Take a look –

Small Star Wars Tattoos

1. Star wars sleeve tattoo design would be unique and if you opt for one then go for Darth Vader sleeve.
Star Wars Tattoos

2. If you are really huge star wars fan then I guess only matching star wars tattoos can suffice your need.
Beautiful Darth Vader Tattoos Design

3. When it comes to star wars tattoos no design can beat the evergreen Darth Vader tattoo.
Beautiful Star Wars Tattoos Design On Girls Thigh

4. Stormtroopers have their own fan following in the star wars universe. Here is beautiful stormtrooper tattoo design.
Best Star Wars Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. The new BB8 droid design was very much loved by fans. If you liked this droid than you can have BB8 tattoo like this.
Black And White Star Wars Tattoos Design
capricorn constellation tattoo

6. Star wars tattoo also work as good cover up tattoos because they look attractive.
Colored Star Wars Tattoos Robot Design And Ideas

7. Luke Skywalker destroyed the death star but the image of the evil star will always be in mind of fans. Here is a death star tattoo design.
Cool Star Wars Tattoos On Thigh

8. Darth Vader and flower do not go side by side but such tattoo designs are good for girls.
Cute Star Wars Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. Let’s all agree that Millennium Falcon is way much popular spaceship than USS Enterprise (Star Trek). Here is a beautiful Millennium Falcon tattoo on the forearm of this boy.
Darth Vader Tattoos Design On Thigh

10. You can add your design to the Millennium Falcon spaceship. I would prefer tribal makeover of the spaceship. You Can find more here.
Fabulous Star Wars Tattoos Design
pancreatic cancer ribbon tattoo pictures

star wars tattoo ideas

11. Is Han Solo more popular than Indian Jones? If you love Han solo then here is a Han solo portrait tattoo for you.
Greatest Star Wars Tattoos Design And Ideas 2017

12. Natalie portman is a beauty queen and she looked the most beautiful queen as Padme in Star Wars saga.
Han Solo Star Wars Tattoos Design

13. The broken Darth Vader helmet is considered as one of the most iconic movie props of all time. SO how about Darth Vader Helmet tattoo?
Latest Star Wars Tattoos Design In 2017

14. Darth Vader usually doesn’t have two lightsabers behind his back like a samurai. But he will look cool in this getup.
New Star Wars Tattoos Ideas

15. Here Princess Leia tattoo inspired from a Star Wars Drawing.
Nice Star Wars Tattoos Design On Legs

16. There are lot of star wars stencil art available online and you can base your tattoo design on them.
Princess Leia Star Wars Tattoos Design With R2 D2 Robot

17. One of the best star wars tattoo idea would be to have the tattoo of the empire.
Small Star Wars Tattoos Design And Ideas

18. Apart from arm, chest or shoulder, you can have the star wars tattoo on your calf or thigh.
Star Wars Alien Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. A Unique star wars tattoo idea would be to show the iconic space battle shown in the saga.
Star Wars Amazing Tattoos Design

20. Stormtrooper tattoos are traditional star wars tattoos but you can play around the design and come with your own unique design like this.
Star Wars Army Tattoos Design And Ideas

female star wars tattoos

21. 3D star wars tattoo will look majestic but you have to choose a cool character for it.
Star Wars BB 8 Robot Tattoos Design

22. Will you prefer the sith star wars tattoo or would you opt for Star wars jedi tattoo?
Star Wars Beautiful HD Wallpapers Tattoos

23. C-3PO might not be as popular as R2D2 or BB-8 but he is surely a lovable character and you can have tattoo dedicated to him.
Star Wars C 3PO Robot Tattoos Design On Biceps

24. Ewoks also gained popularity like other star wars characters and you can surely go for a ewok tattoo.
Star Wars Chewbacca Tattoos Design For Girls

25. Chewbacca made Han solo popular and this wookie surely deserves a tattoo.
Star Wars Chewbacca Tattoos Ideas

26. Here is a half sleeve Darth Vader tattoo design using force.
Star Wars Colored Tattoos Design

27. Many people prefer to have a flash print Star wars tattoo.
Star Wars Darth Vader And Skull Tattoo Design

28. Instead of going for popular R2D2 or BB-8 you can go for a simple android tattoo inspired from Star Wars series.
Star Wars Lego Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. Use the colourful lightsabers in your tattoo design and it will give a unique impressive look to the star wars tattoo.
Star Wars Lighting Tattoos Design On Legs

30. This Darth vader tattoo design looks so realistic.
Star Wars Sleeve Tattoos Design And Ideas

couples star wars tattoos

31. Tumblr, Pinterest and Deviantart has a huge collection of Star Wars tattoos and related pictures.
Star Wars Spaceship Tattoo Design For Boy

32. This star wars tattoo design is inspired from a famous star wars sketch.
Star Wars Stromtrooper Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. Evil Emperor Palpatine lured Anakin Skywalker to the dark side of force.
Star Wars Super Crumby Pictures

34. Here is small size star wars empire logo tattoo design on the calf.
Star Wars Symbol Colored Tattoos Design

35. You can use various color for your star wars logo tattoo to give it a different look.
Star Wars Symbol Tattoos Design And Ideas

36. This is a tiny star wars tattoo design that looks fake at first sight.
Star Wars Tattoo Tumblr

37. You can opt for temporary star wars tattoo. Such design will suit during Halloween or near the movie release.
Star Wars Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. This is an amazing ewok tattoo design on the bicep of this girl.
Star Wars Tattoos Design For Girls

39. This star wars stormtrooper tattoo design has multiple subtle star wars hints. Look closer.
Star Wars Tattoos Design For Men

40. Star wars tattoo on back are not recommended but if you want one then go for Darth Vader.
Star Wars Tattoos Design For Women Backside

awesome star wars tattoos

41. Here is a realistic death star tattoo design on the back shoulder of this man.
Star Wars Tattoos Design For Women

42. This star wars tattoo design is inspired from the VII episode The Force Awakens.
Star Wars Tattoos Design On Stomach

43. You can try a star wars bounty hunter tattoo design as it is not used by everyone.
Star Wars Tattoos Design Pictures

44. I would not suggest you to add multiple star wars characters in one tattoo as it will look odd and weird.
Star Wars Tattoos Gallery

45. Star Wars knuckle tattoos are less popular but you can have tiny star wars tattoos on fingers like this.
Star Wars Tattoos Ideas For Fingers

46. You can add a Star wars quote to your tattoo design but it should be other than ‘May the force be with you’.
Star Wars Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

47. If you want a temporary star wars tattoo then use Henna or mehandi as it will wear off after some time.
Star Wars Tattoos On Pinterest

48. You can also try white ink star wars tattoo as they will gather more attention.
Star Wars Troop Tattoos Design On Legs

49. Yoda is the most popular Jedi and you can have a Yoda portrait tattoo on your chest or arm.
Star Wars Yods Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. If you are looking for Star wars couple tattoos then choose two popular couples from star wars universes such as R2D2 and C-3PO or Han Solo and Leia Skywalker
Top 2016 Star Wars Tattoos Design And Ideas

Which Star wars tattoos design you liked the most?

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