50+ Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls & Women (2024) Female Ideas

Feminine tattoos are the best female tattoos in the world. You do not need to have unusual tattoos for females but instead can opt for a simple tattoo design that has deep meaning in feminism. The most important thing to keep in mind for a feminine tattoo is placement. You need to choose the ideal body part of a feminine tattoo. Here are pictures of 50 amazing and delicate feminine tattoos for women –

Feminine Wrist Tattoos

1. Among the bird tattoos I would suggest sparrow tattoos to all the girls especially colorful sparrows.
Feminine Tattoos

2. This anchor tattoo would have been dull if the tattoo artist has not given it an impressive feminine touch. Don’t you agree?
Anchor Feminine Tattoos

3. Everybody knows that floral tattoos make best Feminine tattoos but the problem lies in the size of the tattoo. I would prefer a flower tattoo with this size.
Amazing Feminine Tattoos

4. Every time I see a Bat tattoo I start comparing it with the Batman Logo. Here is an amazing Bat tattoo for women.
Awesome Feminine Tattoos

5. There are several patterns and font designs available online that will suit females and young girls. You can check out sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and Deviantart for that.
Bat Feminine Tattoos
most popular tattoos for guys

6. You can easily use the below-shown design as a cover up tattoos. A mix up of a flower tattoo and a feminine pattern will make a brilliant cover up tattoo. Read about history of feminism.
Beautiful Feminine Tattoos

7. Butterfly tattoos look beautiful on almost every girl. Here is a unique butterfly tattoo with feminine touch.
Black Feminine Tattoos On Arm

8. Feminine tattoo need to be obvious. Here is an unusual cat tattoo design made up from geometrical symbols.
Butterfly Feminine Tattoos

9. Mermaid tattoos does not suit man as much as they suits females. Here is a simple mermaid tattoos for girls.
Cat Feminine Tattoos

10. Shoulder is the best area for feminine tattoos because you can hide the tattoo wheneer you want to.
Cool Feminine Tattoos
motivational tattoos for guys

unique feminine tattoos

11. If you are into love then you should try a couple or matching tattoo design like this.
Couple Feminine Tattoos

12. This beautiful and subtle feminine dog tattoo design can last long than most dark ink tattoos.
Dog Feminine Tattoos

13. Here is another beautiful iteration of Feminine butterfly tattoo design that looks superb due to the detailing on its wing and body.
Dragonfly Feminine Tattoos

14. As compared to boys most girls love to have foot tattoos and there are lot of feminine designs available for foot tattoos.
Feminine Tattoo Designs Images

15. Although many don’t consider name tattoos to be feminine but if you decide to have one than make sure the font is awesome.
Feminine Tattoos And Meanings

16. Behind the ear tattoos are more popular among girls. They need to be small like this.
Feminine Tattoos Behind Ear

17. This is a beautiful pet portrait tattoo and you too can have it on forearm or hand.
Feminine Tattoos Black And White

18. Boys like to have tattoos on knuckles but girls like finger tattoos and here is a beautiful finger tattoo with the quote Om Namastey.
Feminine Tattoos Designs

19. Probably the most beautiful feminine tattoo a girl can have on her body would be on her thighs. This beautiful flower tattoo on thigh justifies the above fact.
Feminine Tattoos For Women

20. Here is another beautiful feminine pattern inked on the thigh of this beautiful lady.
Feminine Tattoos Ideas

tattoo inspiration female

21. I found this beautiful feminine tattoo on reddit and I was mesmerized by the deep meaning of this tattoo. Can you tell it?
Feminine Tattoos On Arm

22. When it comes to neck tattoos most people prefer to have on a tattoo on a small area of the neck but for girls, a big advantage is that they can have a tattoo in style of necklace, just like this.
Feminine Tattoos On Chest

23. This is a simple arrow tattoo design which is made beautiful by the feminine script added right in the middle of the tattoo.
Feminine Tattoos On Guys

24. Side rib cage tattoos looks more beautiful on women as compared to men. Here is a beautiful side rib cage tattoo on this young girl.
Feminine Tattoos On Rib

25. If you are confused on the ink of tattoo then you can have a fake or temporary tattoo using henna mehndi.
Feminine Tattoos On Shoulder

26. This cute and impressive flower tattoo on the thigh of the girl would look even more beautiful if it is styled in 3D.
Feminine Tattoos On Thigh

27. Wrist tattoos can suit both man and woman but as a girl, I would suggest you have a simple and small size wrist tattoo like this.
Feminine Tattoos On Wrist

28. Knee or ankle tattoos are only opted by h@rdcore tattoo lovers and if you are one among them then here is a feminine design for you.
Feminine Tattoos Small

29. Pink color is considered feminine and you can add this color to any tattoo design it will make the tattoo look cute and feminine.
Feminine Tattoos Tumblr

30. This is a beautiful example of foot tattoo design where the tattoo artist designed small birds flying along the foot.
Fine Feminine Tattoos On Foot

tattoo designs for women

31. Instead of going for just one flower of leave you can have multiple flower tattoos in small size like this.
Flower Feminine Tattoos

32. When you ask a tattoo artist about feminine tattoos, then most of them would suggest you add jewelry to a normal tattoo design. Here is how such a design would look like.
Fox Feminine Tattoos

33. Geisha tattoos are among the top feminine tattoos. Here is a beautiful Geisha tattoo design on the leg of this beautiful girl.
Geisha Feminine Tattoos

34. If you are a fitness lover like me than a cool feminine tattoo idea would be to have a silhouette tattoo of yourself or your dream physique.
Gym Women Feminine Tattoos

35. If you have interest in sports than there would be no better tattoo design than an athlete tattoo.
Gymnast Feminine Tattoos

36. This is mash up tattoo of three things – a ribbon, a heart and a flower.
Heart Feminine Tattoos

37. Although Zodiac tattoos are not called feminine but if you have zodiac like Libra or Scorpio then you can have one.
Impressive Feminine Tattoos

38. This is a beautiful finger tattoos for couples and siblings.
Lovely Feminine Tattoos On Finger

39. If possible find a female tattoo artist for yourself because a lady tattoo artist can make a better feminine tattoo than a male tattoo artist.
Mandala Feminine Tattoos

40. Here is a much better mermaid tattoo design that looks inspired from Disney film The Little Mermaid.
Mermaid Feminine Tattoos

feminine tattoos designs

41. The beauty of this feminine tattoo lies in the fact that it does not represent just one thing but have a deeper meaning of love and hope.
Mini Heart Feminine Tattoos

42. The sun and the moon tattoos were made popular by Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
Moon And Sun Feminine Tattoos

43. This is a simple moon tattoo design and it falls in feminine tattoo category because just like moon girls are neglected too.
Moon Feminine Tattoos

44. This awesome small size dragon tattoo design is inspired from Japanese dragons.
Phoenix Feminine Tattoos On Hand

45. Feminine tattoos don’t need to be complete. A smart tattoo artist can go for such design that shows the deep meaning of feminism.
Simple Feminine Tattoos

46. This flower tattoo design on the back of this girl will look even more beautiful with a meaningful quote or popular saying.
Small Flower Feminine Tattoos On Back

47. This beautiful feminine tattoo design can also be made with small size fonts and curved letterings (HINT: Try a quote).
Star Feminine Tattoos On Ankle

48. Isn’t this the cutest girly tattoo ever? The size of this tattoo is large but still it is approvable.
Sugar Skull Feminine Tattoos

49. The bird tattoo design in this picture can be made on any part of the body.
Swallow Feminine Tattoos

50. Geometrics signs and symbols can be used to make amazing feminine tattoos.
Swan Feminine Tattoos

Which of these feminine tattoos did you like the most?

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