120+ Cool Inner Bicep Tattoos For Guys (2024) Words, Quotes, Designs & Ideas

Inner Bicep Tattoos are among the most painful tattoos on the body. One problem with Inner Bicep Tattoos is that many people get bruising easily. This is because the soft skin of the inner bicep is not able to withstand the power of the needle while tattooing. If you are all up to handle the pain of inner bicep tattoos then here are 150 impressive Inner Bicep Tattoo designs for you –

tricep tattoo

1. Most artists suggest trying eye tattoos on the inner bicep. If you have peaks then it will be a very suitable design for you and also it will last longer than many other designs.

inner bicep

Inner Bicep Tattoos

inner forearm tattoo pain

inner bicep tattoos words

inner arm tattoo girl

outer bicep tattoo

2. I would suggest you try offbeat tattoo designs on inner bicep as they are not visible all the time so you should pick up a design that pleases you more than it pleases others. For example, you can try a superhero logo design of your favorite superhero (Like Batman).
Batman Logo Tattoos On Inner Biceps

3. Getting dull shade tattoos on inner bicep is not a cool idea because they will fade away very quickly due to all the sweat. However, you can opt for dark-colored tattoos who even after fading away look cool.
3d Tattoos Ideas On Inner Biceps

4. Neo-tribal or blackwork tattoos are the perfect choices for inner bicep as they are made using solid black thick ink. You should try silhouette tattoos of man or woman or even pets like this.
Amazing Dog Tattoos On Inner Biceps

5. A really impressive idea is to try flag tattoos on the inner bicep. Instead of opting for the normal flag tattoos you can try an animated design like this.
American Flag Tattoos For Men

6. As inner bicep tattoos tend to fade away quickly so you should opt for colors that look good even in full shade. If you try name tattoo on inner bicep then it will not last that long.
Arrow With Name Tattoos On Inner Biceps

7. Mountain tattoos are also suitable for inner biceps as the peak of the mountain will perfectly symbolize the peak of your bicep. It is a very masculine tattoo idea.
Bear With Forest Tattoos On Inner Biceps

8. If you opt for a very colorful tattoo design that has light colors like yellow or pink then keep in mind that it will look good only for a short period of time.
Beautiful Triangle Tattoos On Inner Biceps

9. If you want to have a quote tattoo on inner bicep then it should be short and the spacing between the letters and the words should be perfect. Quotes with little or no spacing and long quotes will mess up after some time.
Best Quotes Tattoos On Inner Biceps

10. A complex tattoo design with multiple subtle designs is also perfect for inner bicep. Here is one that shows a flower and a bird cage. These are the best exercises for large inner biceps.
Bird Cage With Rose On Inner Bicep Tattoos

11. If you want to have a bird tattoo on inner bicep then opt for one bird and try it in black and grey shade. Crow can be a good option but you can try owl, hummingbird or bald eagle.
Bird Tattoos On Inner Biceps

12. Angel wings will look really meaningful on inner bicep but don’t mess up the design by trying them on just one bicep. Try angel wings on both inner biceps.
Black And Grey Inner Biceps Tattoos

13. The inner bicep is a good place to show your interests and hobbies that you usually don’t share with people. If you are an avid book reader then here is a cool book tattoo design for you.
Book Tattoos Designs On Inner Biceps

14. Girls often try butterfly tattoos on various body parts. There would be many women who want to try butterfly tattoos on the inner bicep. I would recommend them to try a tribal butterfly tattoo as it will last longer.
Butterfly Tattoos On Inner Biceps

15. I stumbled across this image and I found this cancer survivor tattoo really heart touching. It would look way better on visible portion like forearm or wrist.
Cancer Sign Tattoos On Inner Biceps

16. If you have skinny bicep then you should opt for elongated designs. I don’t know why but this guy opted for a coffin tattoo.
Coffin Tattoos On Inner Biceps

17. The circular logo will look extremely cool on the inner bicep. So if you are working for a company or organization or navy and you are extremely proud of it then you can show off by trying their logo tattooed on your inner bicep.
Cool Inner Biceps Tattoos Ideas

18. This realistic looking Japanese hand fan tattoo is not evergreen and is not meant for the skinny bicep. However, if you want a unique design then here you go.
Cute Fan Tattoos On Inner Biceps

19. Skull and Crossbones tattoos that are popularly used for the danger sign is also a good choice for the inner bicep. But don’t have the cartoon version of such tattoos.
Cute Skull Tattoos On Inner Biceps

20. Dot work tattoos can last a lot longer than colored or black and grey tattoos. You can try for a dotwork animal tattoo or bird tattoo on the inner bicep.
Deer Tattoos On Inner Biceps For Female

21. If you opt for a tribal design on inner bicep then remember that geometrical tattoos that are symmetrical and are in perfect shape would look way better than other tribal designs.
Dot Work Tattoos On Inner Biceps

22. If you opt for animated tattoos on inner bicep then take good care of them. They might not look meaningful after they have healed completely.
Dragon Ball Z Tattoo On Inner Biceps

23. The silver fern flag is the unofficial flag of New Zealand. This guy tried his nation’s symbol on the inner bicep and you too can try something similar.
Feather Tattoos On Inner Biceps

24. Many guys and girls also opt for fish tattoos on the inner bicep. For them, I would suggest trying shark tattoos as they will look more meaningful on biceps.
Geometric Fish Tattoos On Inner Biceps

25. There is a common saying in Gym that your bicep is your guns so make them large. Therefore a gun tattoo would be really meaningful on biceps.
Gun Tattoos On Inner Bicep

26. Infinity love tattoos can look good on any part of the body. If you want a small size tattoo design on inner bicep then this will suit.
Infinity Inner Biceps Tattoos

27. This is a solar calendar that is inspired either from the Mayan civilization or the Aztec civilization. It would have looked way better in dark black color.
Inner Bicep Tattoos For Male

28. If your inner bicep tattoo starts fading away then you can restyle it by adding watercolour designs to it just like this.
Inner Biceps Tattoos For Guys

29. This realistic leopard tattoo design can be tried by guys who are proud of their biceps. The beauty of this leopard with a compass tattoo is that it will last way longer than expected.
Leopard And Compass In The Inner Bicep

30. Here is how a colourful bird tattoo will look like after it starts fading. It will completely meaningless in few months.
Little Swallow Tattoos On Inner Biceps

31. Couples can try matching inner bicep tattoos and one really pretty design is the heart lock and key tattoo.
Lock Tattoos Designs On Inner Biceps

32. As I said if you wish to have a quote tattoo on inner bicep then opt for large size fonts with proper spacing or otherwise you yourself won’t be able to read the quote.
Memorial Inner Biceps Tattoos Ideas

33. If you opt for mountain tattoos then make sure that the mountains are perfectly aligned with the size of your bicep. If you are thinking to increase the size of your bicep then try mountain tattoo only after you have achieved your target.
Mountain Tattoos On Inner Biceps

34. Another unique inner bicep tattoo idea would be to try city megastructure that shows buildings with high peaks and a bridge too.
New York City On Inner Bicep Tattoos

35. Can you spot the hidden message in this ‘FAMILY’ tattoo on inner bicep? There is the coloring of Captain America, Hulk, and Avengers in it. But where is Ironman, Thor, Hawkeye, Spiderman, and Black Widow?
One Word Tattoos On Inner Biceps

36. If you don’t want a serious tattoo on your inner bicep but still want ink on this body part then try this outline tattoo design.
Outline Tattoos Ideas On Inner Biceps

37. Traditional Black Panther tattoo designs were once considered the symbol of masculinity. So, obviously, the inner bicep is an ideal body part to try them.
Panther Tattoos On Inner Biceps

38. Many people believe that playing card tattoos bring good luck and fortune. If you have similar thoughts then try a playing card tattoo on the inner bicep.
Playing Card Inner Biceps Tattoos For Boys

39. If your quote tattoo has an important word than get it inked in large size as it will last longer than the rest of the quote.
Quotes Tattoos On Inner Biceps

40. You can get your birth date tattooed on your inner bicep. Choose Roman numeral for it and that too in large size.
Realistic Tattoos On Inner Biceps

41. You can also have memorial tattoos on inner bicep. Choose left inner bicep for it as it will be closer to heart.
Roman Number Tattoos For Male

42. You would never want a tattoo dedicated to your mother or father to fade away quickly so I would suggest you have a neo-tribal design.
Rose With Mom Tattoos On Inner Biceps

43. Everybody loves food. But only few know how to make a tasty food. Here is fork tattoo design for them.
Small Fork Tattoos On Inner Biceps

44. There are many flowers that could be tried on the inner bicep. For girls, I would suggest trying the daisy flower design.
Star Inner Biceps Tattoos For Girls

45. Feather tattoos alone won’t look inspiring on inner bicep so I suggest you to add a flower tattoo design with it.
Sunflower Tattoos On Inner Biceps

46. Here is a traditional crocodile tattoo design where the artist used vibrant colors. Again it won’t last but it will surely leave a long lasting impression.
Traditional Dinosaur Tattoos On Inner Biceps

47. You can either try steampunk tattoos or futuristic tattoo designs on your inner bicep. If they turn out bad then you can easily hide them as well.
Train Tattoos Ideas On Inner Biceps

48. There are many artistic designs that show day to day struggles of human beings and also vast fantasies we have in mind. Here is one such sketch style tattoo.
Unique Inner Biceps Tattoos Designs

49. Even though I recommend scary or gothic skull tattoos on inner bicep but this pineapple shaped skull tattoo that seems to be inspired from the house of SpongeBob is too hard to neglect.
Watercolor Skull Tattoos On Inner Biceps

50. If you are a religious person then I would suggest you try a detailed and realistic cross tattoo design on your inner bicep.
Wooden Cross Tattoos For Male

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American Flag Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Bear Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Best Inner Bicep Tattoo For Men

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Bicep Inner Tattoo

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Biomechanical Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Clock Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Colorful Lizard Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Compass Tattoo Design Inner Bicep

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Eye On Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Family Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Inner Bicep Flower Tattoo Ideas

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Japanese Style Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Koi Fish Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Landscape Tattoo On Inner Bicep

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Lion Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Mens Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas

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Rose Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Small Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Tattoo Ideas For Inner Bicep

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Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Top Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Tree Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Unique Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Water Color Inner Bicep Tattoo

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Watercolor Tattoo Inner Bicep

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Wolf Inner Bicep Tattoo

black relic tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Inner Bicep

Which inner bicep tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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