50+ Legend of Zelda Tattoos Ideas (2024) Triforce Designs

Among the video game-inspired tattoos, Zelda tattoos are most popular. Today Kids will never understand the legacy of Zelda games. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s then I bet you have played The Legend of Zelda game series once in your life. Here we have chosen 50 best the legend of Zelda tattoo designs for men and women (including the famous Zelda triforce tattoos) –

The Legend of Zelda Triforce Tattoos

1. Link is a hero but you can give a darker touch to the character by changing the color of the tattoo.
Zelda Tattoos

2. Link is as popular as Zelda herself. Here is a beautiful Link tattoo on the forearm of this girl.
Awesome Zelda Tattoos

3. Here is the popular Zelda character from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening inked on the back half of this girl. If tried in the 3d version it can be one of the best 3d tattoos ever seen.
Amazing Zelda Tattoos

4. The legend of Zelda popularized the concept of Triforce. Here is a triforce tattoo with a leaf tattoo on the Side calf.
Best Zelda Tattoos

5. Most people prefer to have colorful Zelda tattoos but I recommend you to go for black and white Zelda tattoos. Have a look yourself and tell me isn’t this cool link tattoo?
Besutiful Zelda Tattoos
game of thrones dragon tattoo designs

6. Small sword tattoos will work better than large size sword tattoos. But you can always go for a temporary Zelda tattoo to check yourself.
Black And Grey Zelda Tattoos

7. the 80s was the era of pixelated video games. So it would be a cool idea to pay homage to the pixel era by having a pixelated Zelda tattoo like this.
Colorful Zelda Tattoos

8. Triforce tattoo has a special meaning. It represents power, wisdom, and courage. Here is a beautiful triforce tattoo on the thigh of this girl.
Cool Zelda Tattoos

9. This animated Zelda tattoo has impressive detailing. Apart from shoulder this tattoo would look good on chest too.
Cute Zelda Tattoos

10. This is a mix up Zelda tattoo of sword and Triforce. Aftercare is must for a colourful tattoo. The latest game released in the Zelda series was Breath of Wild which gave even more ideas to tattoo lovers for new zelda tattoos.
Epic Zelda Tattoos
full back tattoo for women

legend of zelda tattoo sleeve

11. You do not need to go with the traditional color of triforce tattoo. Here is a dark themed triforce tattoo on the arm of this young man.
Fake Zelda Tattoos

12. Instead of going for the character tattoo you can try the sword tattoo from The Legend of Zelda.
Girly Zelda Tattoos

13. This is the tribal version of the Triforce tattoo and I think it is way better than most triforce tattoos.
Legend Of Zelda Triforce Tattoos

14. The placement of this Zelda tattoo is brilliant but the design of dots above the triforce tattoo makes it look average.
Small Zelda Tattoos

15. Subtle tattoos always look amazing. Here is a tiny triforce tattoo on the wrist of this woman.
Tiny Zelda Tattoos

16. Give the traditional Zelda tattoo a unique look by mixing up with other versions such as Egyptian or Greek.
Zelda Temporary Tattoos

17. Another good idea would be show the triforce with all the powers in vibrant colors.
Watercolor Zelda Tattoos

18. This pixelated triforce tattoo on shoulder of this boy is brilliant.
Wonderful Zelda Tattoos

19. Here is the golden sword tattoo on the front calf and I guess it is temporary.
Zelda Dagger Tattoos On Leg

20. The sixth installment of The Legend of Zelda Series was very popular among fans. Here is the titular Majora’s Mask tattoo on the leg of this girl.
Zelda Dungeon Tattoos

simple zelda tattoos

21. You can also add the collectibles of Legend of Zelda series in your tattoo.Or you can try mashup with alice in wonderland tattoos drawings.
Zelda Fairy Tattoos

22. Knuckles tattoo are always brilliant and here is good example of Legend of Zelda knuckle tattoo.
Zelda Knuckle Tattoos

23. This is shield and sword tattoo on the forearm of this boy.
Zelda Symbol Tattoos

24. Most people prefer @dult Link tattoo. Here is a link tattoo on shoulder.
Zelda Tattoo Imgur

25. Majora’s Mask can be tattooed in different colors and styles. Here is a red major mask tattoo.
Zelda Tattoo

26. No one tries Zelda sleeve tattoos but in my opinion they look really cool.
Zelda Tattoos Designs

27. Zelda tattoos are popular among siblings. If you have a brother or sister with whom you grew up playing Zelda series then it would be a cool idea to have matching Zelda tattoos.
Zelda Tattoos For Couple

28. How about a tattoo of Zelda herself? Here is a Zelda tattoo inspired from the original video game.
Zelda Tattoos For Female

29. There are many theories online that suggest that Link died in Majora’s Mask. Here is tattooed interpretation.
Zelda Tattoos For Guys

30. Another unique idea would be to show up the Lego version of your favourite Zelda characters. Here is Lego Link tattoo.
Zelda Tattoos For Male

legend of zelda tattoo designs

31. Most people do not opt for Zelda sleeve tattoos but if you do then make sure it is cool like this. You can add ambigram words tattoos to them.
Zelda Tattoos For Men

32. Here is a medium size triforce tribal tattoo on the hand of this boy.
Zelda Tattoos For Women

33. Back is another good place for Triforce tattoo and especially for women.
Zelda Tattoos Idea And Meaning

34. The Triforce has three equilateral triangles with each triangle representing different powers. You can have a symbolic representation of the Triforce triangle tattoo.
Zelda Tattoos Ideas

35. This surely is a childish version of Link tattoo but again it will look cool if it is not permanent.
Zelda Tattoos Images

36. This sword tattoo looks realistic due to the blood on its edges. It shows that the sword is old and has been used in many wars.
Zelda Tattoos On Arm

37. This minimal Zelda tattoo would look beautiful on both boys and girls.
Zelda Tattoos On Back

38. Kudos to the tattoo artist who amazingly mixed up the tribal tattoo designs with the triforce tattoo.
Zelda Tattoos On Biceps

39. Ocarina of Time was another popular installment in The Legend of Zelda series. Here is a popular eye symbol of Sheikah race.
Zelda Tattoos On Calf

40. You can also have tattoo of Bugs inspired from the insects of The Legend of Zelda game series.
Zelda Tattoos On Foot

legend of zelda forearm tattoo

41. I would not suggest you have Link tattoo on both feet but if you are looking for a temporary Zelda tattoo then this would work fine. You can add small anchor tattoos to them to show the direction to the character.
Zelda Tattoos On Forearm

42. Giving different shades to the triforce tattoo will make it look even better.
Zelda Tattoos On Hand

43. You can mix up the eye symbol and the triforce symbol and make a unique Zelda tattoo.
Zelda Tattoos On Shoulder Back

44. Here is a small size majora’s mask tattoo on the back of this young girl.
Zelda Tattoos On Thigh

45. I would suggest you to try the Zelda dungeon tattoo because very few people opt for it.
Zelda Tattoos On Wrsit

46. Zelda logo tattoos are also tried by few people. So you can give it a try.
Zelda Tattoos Photos

47. Here is a scary Skulltula tattoo on the bicep of a young boy.
Zelda Tattoos Pics

48. How about a Zelda and link tattoo for couples? Giving this tattoo a pixelated touch makes it brilliant.
Zelda Tattoos Pictures

49. You will find very few Zelda bottle tattoos. Add Majora’s mask to it and you will get an amazing design.
Zelda Tattoos Pinterest

50. Majora’s Mask is probably third most popular tattoo design after link and Zelda.
Zelda Tattoos Wallpaper

So which Zelda tattoo design you liked the most?

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