130+ Traditional Japanese Tattoos Sleeve For Men (2024)

Japanese tattoos are not just popular in Japan but in fact world-age. The history of Japanese tattoo dates back to 300 BC when they were considered a symbol of power and wealth. However, in the next few centuries, the tradition of tattooing changed drastically in Japan.

Later tattoos were inked on criminals and dacoits to identify them from normal people. Here are 65 Japanese tattoo design that you can try –

Japanese Tattoos Meanings

1. Japanese art paved way to many tattoo designs. Japanese tiger tattoos for example are symbolic to courage and fear.
japanese tattoos

2. People try full back tattoos only if they find a meaningful design. This oni mask tattoo is a good choice because it shows how the demon tricks us to do evil things.
Japanese Back Tattoo

3. Japanese tattoos were not considered cool throughout history. However, one tattoo design that was adored in all periods was the koi fish tattoo design.
Cool Japanese Tattoos

4. If you are going for Japanese armband tattoos then be aware that they were mostly inked on criminals and slaves so that they can be distinguished from other people of society.
Japanese Armband Tattoos

5. Japan is known for its varied flora and fauna. There are many beautiful birds that inhabit Japan. My favorite is the Japanese quail.
Japanese Birds Tattoos

Japanese Flower Tattoo

6. Buddhism is the second major religion in Japan. People who have faith in Buddhism opt for Japanese Buddhist tattoos like this.
Japanese Buddhist Tattoos

7. Most Japanese are cat loving people and they consider the cat as their lucky charm. Maneki-Neko is the most popular cat figure that is believed to bring good fortune. Here is a Japanese cat tattoo.
Japanese Cat Tattoo

8. Cherry blossom is the most common flowering plant in Japan and they can be found outside every Japanese school or office. Here is a beautiful Japanese cherry blossom tattoo.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

9. If you want a bigger size cherry blossom tattoo then try the tree version just like this.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees Tattoos

10. As Tiger and Samurai, both are associated with fear and courage in Japanese culture so a cool idea would be to try Tiger holding Samurai sword inked on the chest. Japanese art has many foreign elements too that are often shown in tattoos.
Japanese Chest Tattoo

Japanese Style Tattoos For Guys

11. Japanese depicts clouds as the door to heavens and they are elegantly showed in the background of all popular anime and manga series.
Japanese Cloud Tattoo

12. The red-crowned crane or the Japanese crane is also the logo of Japanese airlines. They represent freedom and beauty. So they are ideal tattoo designs for those who love to live freely.
Japanese Crane Tattoos

13. If you are going to try a Japanese demon mask as tattoos then let me warn you that a lot of kids are going to run away from you. Here is the reason why –
Japanese Demon Masks Tattoos

14. Most artists love to give dragon eyes to demons especially in Japan. Here Is a Japanese demon tattoo that represents that death always awaits you.
Japanese Demon Tattoo

15. The Fu-Dog in Japanese culture were considered heroes and courageous. You can try them if you believe yourself as a hero.
Japanese Dog Tattoos

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

16. Japanese dragon is derived from Chinese dragons, therefore, there is not much difference between the two. However, most mythical Japanese dragons can swim in the sea as well.
Japanese Dragon Tattoo

17. If you want a fullback tattoo then the best choice for it is the Japanese dragon tattoo. Look for yourself how majestic this tattoo is.
Japanese Dragon Tattoos

18. One cool thing about Japanese flower tattoo is that the outline of the petal is inked in such a way that it gives a distinct look to the whole design.
Japanese Flower Tattoo

19. Even though I would suggest trying flower vine instead of just one flower tattoo but if you insist on having just one flower then bicep is the best place for it.
Japanese Flower Tattoos

20. If you want to try a sleeve tattoo inspired by Japanese art then dragon is the best option for it because the size and shape of the dragon perfectly suit sleeves.
Japanese Forearm Tattoos

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Women

21. Kitsune or Japanese fox are said to have magical abilities. If you are a foxy lady then try the fox tattoo design.
Japanese Fox Tattoo

22. Sadly Japanese geisha are portrayed in a bad light but they are the most important part of their culture. If you respect them then try Japanese geisha tattoo.
Japanese Geisha Tattoo

23. Japan is an island country. You will find a huge diversity in Japanese marine life. Here is a half sleeve tattoo inspired by Japanese sea plants.
Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoos

24. I must say that this Japanese oni mask tattoo on the hand of this guy is very impressive – Kudos to the imagination of the tattoo artist.
Japanese Hand Tattoos

25. This Japanese inspired tattoo will look even better in a smaller size. You can even try is behind the ear.
Japanese Inspired Tattoos

26. Koi fish is the favorite pet animal of Japanese people. Koi fish is considered lucky. Here is a sweet and neat koi fish tattoo design.
Japanese Koi Tattoo

27. If you want to try a Japanese tattoo on the leg then two best choices are dragon and oni mask. Here is the oni mask version for you for consideration.
Japanese Leg Tattoos

28. Try Japanese lettering tattoos only if you know the meaning of those letters. Here is one great design for you.
Japanese Lettering Tattoos

29. Even though lion are not given much importance in Japanese culture but still Japanese lion can be easily distinguished from real lions because of their distinct facial features.
Japanese Lion Tattoo

30. Lotus is considered a spiritual flower by Japanese people. The consider it a way of enlightenment. Here is a beautiful Japanese lotus tattoo on the chest of this boy.
Japanese Lotus Tattoo

31. Japanese maple is one of the most popular gardening plants that is grown worldwide. If you love gardening then this is ideal choice for you.
Japanese Maple Tattoos

32. If you opt for Japanese mask tattoos then be sure that you give the eyes of the devil a distinct color as they are considered hypnotizer.
Japanese Mask Tattoos

33. Japanese folklore is full of stories that describe the mythical animal. One mysterious creature that Japanese love to eat is the octopus. Don’t eat it. Tattoo it.
Japanese Octopus Tattoo

34. Owl is considered wisest bird in Japanese culture. If you are a geek then try Japanese owl tattoo.
Japanese Owl Tattoos

35. The Japanese peony flower often gives the illusion of animals. If you like to have illusion tattoos then try Japanese peony tattoo.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Japanese Peony Tattoo

36. The mythical bird phoenix is associated with rebirth and a fresh start. If you are giving your life a new start then try this tattoo for positivity.
Japanese Phoenix Tattoo

37. Do you know that Sun rises first in Japan? It is the easternmost country. Here is a rising sun tattoo that is good for inspiration.
Japanese Rising Sun Tattoos

38. The samurai culture in Japan is popular worldwide. In fact, Samurai Jack is one of my favorite cartoon series. Here is a majestic Japanese samurai tattoo on the back of this man.
Japanese Samurai Tattoo

39. Here is a cool shoulder tattoo idea where a golden koi fish is inked on one side of the shoulder.
Japanese Shoulder Tattoos

40. Just like other culture Japanese art is also full of human skull portrayals. However, they like to illustrate it along with flower vines as shown in this picture.
Japanese Skull Tattoo

41. If you like to try Japanese sleeve tattoo then try it on both sleeves as they will look better on both hands.
Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

42. Japanese snake is drawn very much similar to the dragons. Therefore if you try a snake tattoo then make it similar to a dragon.
Japanese Snake Tattoo

43. If you want to give a normal tattoo a Japanese style then base it on anime. Here is one example of a lighthouse tattoo.
Japanese Style Tattoos

44. Here is a Japanese symbolic tattoo. To be honest I do not know the meaning of this tattoo design but I found it very attractive.
Japanese Symbolic Tattoos

45. This flash owl tattoo inspired from Japanese art is scary. The artist brilliantly focused on giving eerie look to it.
Japanese Tattoo Flash

46. The eyes of this sea snake can be improved a bit otherwise this is a great looking Japanese sea snake tattoo.
Japanese Tattoo Ideas

47. Giving colors to Japanese tattoos give them a unique meaning. Mostly they are used to give beauty to the tattoo design.
Japanese Tattoo Meanings

48. This Japanese geisha tattoo can be tried on shoulder or back as well.
Japanese Tattoo

49. Whoa. This Japanese woman tattoo design is jaw dropping good. Can anyone imitate it?
Japanese Tattoos Designs

50. If you try Japanese dragon tattoo on sleeve then either give it green color or try purple or blue ink.
Japanese Tattoos For Men

japanese dragon tattoos meaning

Bad Japanese Tattoos

japanese cherry blossom trees tattoos

Cute Japanese Tattoos

japanese cherry blossom tree tattoos

Japanese Animal Tattoo

japanese flower tattoos designs

Japanese Animation Tattoos

japanese rising sun tattoos

Japanese Arm Tattoo

japanese dragon tattoos design

Japanese Arm Tattoos

japanese dragon tattoos sleeves

Japanese Body Tattoo

japanese dragon tattoos sleeve

Japanese Buddha Tattoo

japanese samurai mask tattoos

Japanese Character Tattoo

japanese flower tattoos meanings

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

japanese leg sleeve tattoos

Japanese Color Tattoos

japanese blossom tree tattoos

Japanese Cover Up Tattoos

japanese flower tattoos meaning

Japanese Coy Fish Tattoos

japanese flowers tattoos meanings

Japanese Family Tattoo

japanese wave tattoos designs

Japanese Fan Tattoos

japanese tiger tattoos design

Japanese Female Tattoos

japanese tiger tattoos designs

Japanese Fish Tattoo

japanese maple tree tattoos

Japanese Flash Tattoos

japanese mask tattoos designs

Japanese Floral Tattoos

japanese style tiger tattoos

Japanese Flower Tattoo Designs

japanese dragon back tattoos

Japanese Foot Tattoos

japanese devil mask tattoos

Japanese Frog Tattoos

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Japanese Full Body Tattoos

japanese warrior masks tattoos

Japanese Geisha Tattoos

japanese dragon head tattoos

Japanese Ghost Tattoos

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Japanese Girls Tattoo

japanese full sleeve tattoos

Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoos

japanese girls with tattoos

Japanese Lady Tattoo

japanese warrior mask tattoos

Japanese Leg Tattoo

japanese mask tattoos meaning

Japanese Lilly Tattoos

japanese flower tattoos sleeves

Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

japanese finger waves tattoos

Japanese Love Tattoo

japanese family crest tattoos

Japanese Neck Tattoos

japanese quarter sleeve tattoos

Japanese Oni Mask Tattoo

japanese wind bar tattoos

Japanese Rock Tattoos

japanese symbol for strength tattoos

Japanese Rose Tattoo

japanese 3 4 sleeve tattoos

Japanese Shoulder Tattoo

japanese love symbols tattoos

Japanese Skull Tattoos

japanese style flower tattoos

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Designs

japanese dragon chest tattoos

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

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Japanese Snake Tattoo Meaning

japanese love symbol tattoos

Japanese Stomach Tattoos

japanese wind bars tattoos

Japanese Tattoo Culture

japanese mask tattoos meanings

Japanese Tattoo Drawings

black and grey japanese tattoos

Japanese Tattoo Ink

japanese water lilies tattoos

Japanese Tattoo Symbolism

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Japanese Tattoos Back

japanese finger wave tattoos

Japanese Tattoos Design

japanese dragon half sleeve tattoos

Japanese Tattoos For Ladies

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Japanese Tattoos For Women

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Japanese Tattoos Half Sleeve

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Japanese Tattoos History

japanese koi tattoos sleeves

Japanese Tattoos Men

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Japanese Tattoos Women

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Japanese Watercolor Tattoo

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Japanese Wind Tattoos

japanese lucky cat tattoos

Japanese Art Tattoo

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Japanese Tattoos Meanings

japanese forearm sleeve tattoos

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves For Men

japanese tiger sleeve tattoos

Japanese Trees Tattoos

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Japanese Tribal Tattoos

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Japanese Turtle Tattoos

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Japanese Warriors Tattoos

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Japanese Water Tattoo

japanese mother daughter tattoos

Japanese Wave Tattoo

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Japanese Wolf Tattoo

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Japanese Womens Tattoos

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Japanese Writing Tattoos

Neo Japanese Tattoos

Neo Traditional Japanese Tattoo

New School Japanese Tattoo

Old Japanese Tattoos

Phoenix Tattoo Japanese

Popular Japanese Tattoos

Simple Japanese Tattoos

Small Japanese Tattoos

Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Traditional Japanese Mask Tattoo Designs

Traditional Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Meanings

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Unique Japanese Tattoos

Which Japanese tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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