140+ Best Anbu Tattoos For Naruto Fans (2024)

Anbu tattoos need no introduction. If you are a fan of the Naruto anime series, an Anbu tattoo is an incredible way to display your devotion to the elite ninja force. These shadowy protectors of the Hidden Leaf Village embody the pinnacle of skill, discipline, and loyalty – qualities that make for truly striking body art.

One interesting mystery in the Naruto series involves Itachi Uchiha, a character closely tied to the Anbu Black Ops. It’s well-known among fans that Itachi served in this elite group. However, there’s a curious detail that has caught the attention of many viewers.

During Itachi’s intense battle with his younger brother Sasuke, he is not wearing his Anbu cloak. More importantly, his bare arm reveals that he lacks the distinctive Anbu tattoo that members of this group typically bear.

The absence of Itachi’s Anbu tattoo raises eyebrows and sparks speculation among fans. Tattoos, after all, are presumed to be permanent within the Naruto universe, serving as enduring symbols of allegiance and identity. So, what happened to Itachi’s Anbu tattoo?

Numerous theories have emerged from the fan community. Some suggest that Itachi may have used a clandestine “tattoo removal jutsu,” an imaginative notion that aligns with the fantastical nature of the series. Others propose more mundane explanations, such as Itachi removing the tattoo manually or concealing it strategically with his clothing.

Anbu Tattoo Ideas

From the iconic Hound mask to the majestic Hawk, here are 15 Anbu tattoo ideas that will inspire you to get inked with one of the most respected symbols in the Naruto universe. Whether you’re looking for a small, subtle Anbu insignia or a full-sleeve tattoo featuring your favorite Anbu squad members, there are endless creative possibilities to showcase your love for this elite ninja force.

1. Anbu Mask Tattoo: One of the most recognizable Anbu symbols is their distinctive animal masks. An Anbu mask tattoo makes a bold statement, whether you opt for a realistic rendering or a more stylized version. Popular mask choices include the cat, bird, and fox masks.

2. Anbu Symbol Tattoo: The Anbu symbol, which resembles a slashed leaf or tornado, is another iconic image to consider for a tattoo. You can get just the symbol itself or incorporate it into a larger piece.

3. Anbu Sleeve Tattoo: For a truly immersive piece, consider an Anbu sleeve tattoo that extends from your shoulder down to your wrist or elbow. This gives you space to include multiple Anbu symbols, masks, weapons, and imagery.

4. Anbu Weapon Tattoo: The Anbu use a variety of cool ninja weapons like tanto blades, kusarigama chains, and arm-mounted crossbows. Getting one of these tattooed can make for some impressive line work.

5. Anbu Kanji Tattoo: Incorporate Japanese kanji script into your Anbu tattoo design. Words like “shadow,” “silence,” or “loyalty” could represent the Anbu’s secretive and elite nature.

6. Anbu Color Tattoo: While the Anbu generally wears gray outfits, you could get an Anbu tattoo with selective pops of color like red clouds or underbelly designs for added visual impact.

7. Itachi’s Anbu Tattoo: If you’re an Itachi fan, you could recreate the tattoo he had during his Anbu days on your upper arm or shoulder area before he joined the Akatsuki.

8. Kakashi’s Anbu Tattoo: While serving in the Anbu, Kakashi had a small tattoo, which was a symbol or mark identifying him as a member of that elite group. The tattoo was likely a simple design, as it was meant for functional purposes rather than elaborate decoration.

9. Animal-Inspired Anbu Tattoo: Since the Anbu use animal codenames and masks, you could get a tattoo of your favorite animal done in an Anbu style with masks, weapons, and outfitting.

10. Anbu Logo Tattoo: There is no doubt that the Anbu emblem is pretty awesome on its own. It’s the kind of symbol that Naruto fans might love enough to get tattooed on themselves. It’s simple, yet it holds a lot of meaning for those who follow the series.

11. Anbu Watercolor Tattoo: For a softer, more artistic look, consider getting your Anbu tattoo done in a watercolor style with splashes of color.

12. Anbu Back Tattoo: If you want to go all-out, a detailed full-back tattoo with Anbu imagery could create a truly striking piece that covers a large canvas.

13. Anbu and Summoning Jutsu Integration: Imagine the stark black lines of the Anbu insignia intertwined with the muscular coils of a giant snake, its mouth agape in a menacing hiss. Or the symbol enclosed within the thick folded skin of a colossal toad, its bulging eyes glaring outward.

14. Anbu and Elemental Affinity Representation: Showcase your affinity for a specific elemental nature alongside Anbu insignia, symbolizing your mastery over the elemental arts.

Anbu tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Anbu tattoos can symbolize an appreciation for the mystical and unknown, inviting the bearer to explore the depths of their psyche and the intrigue that shrouds the Anbu’s secrecy. Some additional meanings that these tattoos will represent are:

1. Anonymity and Sacrifice: Anbu tattoos symbolize the secrecy and anonymity that are fundamental to the Anbu Black Ops. These tattoos represent a shinobi’s commitment to operating from the shadows, often concealing their true identities behind masks. This aspect of the Anbu highlights their role in performing covert missions and maintaining the hidden truths of the ninja world. For fans, an Anbu tattoo can be a reminder of the importance of discretion and the power that lies in staying unnoticed.

2. Discipline and Dedication: The Anbu Black Ops are renowned for their unwavering discipline and dedication to their craft. Becoming an Anbu operative requires years of rigorous training, honing both physical and mental fortitude. An Anbu tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s commitment to personal growth, their determination to overcome challenges, and their resilience in the face of adversity.

3. Spiritual Awakening: The animal motifs that adorn the Anbu masks hold deep spiritual significance in the Naruto universe, often representing the wearer’s inner spirit or connection to nature. An Anbu tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s journey toward spiritual awakening, their quest for inner peace, and their reverence for the natural world.

4. Balance and Harmony: The Anbu operatives embody the delicate balance between light and darkness, good and evil. They navigate the shadows while upholding the ideals of justice and protection. An Anbu tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s pursuit of harmony, their ability to find equilibrium amid chaos, and their understanding of the dualities that govern life.

5. Personal Transformation: The journey of an Anbu operative is one of constant growth and transformation. As they progress through the ranks, they shed their former selves and embrace new identities, marked by their evolving masks. An Anbu tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s transformation, their willingness to adapt and evolve, and their acceptance of change as a catalyst for growth.

6. Legacy and Heritage: An Anbu tattoo can also be a tribute to the legacy and heritage of the Anbu Black Ops. It honors the generations of shinobi who have served in this elite unit, carrying forward their traditions and values. For fans, this tattoo can be a way to connect with the rich history of the Naruto universe and to pay homage to the characters who have made significant contributions to the story.

7. Courage: Courage is a defining trait of the Anbu, who face perilous situations with unwavering bravery. An Anbu tattoo can symbolize courage and the willingness to confront fear head-on. It serves as a reminder to the wearer to symbolize bravery in their own life, drawing inspiration from the fearless Anbu warriors.

Get ready to take your Naruto fandom to the next level with one of these incredible Anbu tattoo ideas as shown in our photo gallery below:

Anbu and Itachi Tattoo

Anbu Tattoo 27
Anbu Tattoo 29
Anbu Tattoo 31
Oplus 131072
Anbu Tattoo 33
Anbu Tattoo 34
Anbu Tattoo 35
Anbu Tattoo 36
Anbu Tattoo 38
Anbu Tattoo 40
Anbu Tattoo 41
Anbu Tattoo 44
Anbu Tattoo 46
Anbu Tattoo 47
Anbu Tattoo 48

Anbu Symbol Tattoo

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Anbu Tattoo 49
Anbu Tattoo 50
Anbu Tattoo 52
Anbu Tattoo 53
Anbu Tattoo 54
Anbu Tattoo 55
Anbu Tattoo 56
Anbu Tattoo 57
Anbu Tattoo 58
Anbu Tattoo 59
Anbu Tattoo 60
Anbu Tattoo 61
Anbu Tattoo 62
Anbu Tattoo 63
Anbu Tattoo 64
Anbu Tattoo 65
Anbu Tattoo 66
Anbu Tattoo 67
Anbu Tattoo 68
Anbu Tattoo 69
Anbu Tattoo 70
Anbu Tattoo 71
Anbu Tattoo 72
Anbu Tattoo 73
Anbu Tattoo 74
Anbu Tattoo 75
Anbu Tattoo 76
Anbu Tattoo 77
Anbu Tattoo 78
Anbu Tattoo 79
Anbu Tattoo 80
Anbu Tattoo 81
Anbu Tattoo 82
Anbu Tattoo 83
Anbu Tattoo 84
Anbu Tattoo 85
Anbu Tattoo 86
Anbu Tattoo 87
Anbu Tattoo 89

Anbu Black Ops Tattoo

Anbu Tattoo 90
Anbu Tattoo 91
Anbu Tattoo 92
Anbu Tattoo 93
Anbu Tattoo 94
Anbu Tattoo 95
Anbu Tattoo 96
Anbu Tattoo 97
Anbu Tattoo 98
Anbu Tattoo 99
Anbu Tattoo 100
Anbu Tattoo 101
Anbu Tattoo 104
Anbu Tattoo 105
Anbu Tattoo 106
Anbu Tattoo 107
Anbu Tattoo 108
Anbu Tattoo 109
Anbu Tattoo 111
Anbu Tattoo 112
Anbu Tattoo 113
Anbu Tattoo 114
Anbu Tattoo 115
Anbu Tattoo 116
Anbu Tattoo 117
Anbu Tattoo 118
Anbu Tattoo 119
Anbu Tattoo 120
Anbu Tattoo 121
Anbu Tattoo 122
Anbu Tattoo 123
Anbu Tattoo 124
Anbu Tattoo 125
Anbu Tattoo 126
Anbu Tattoo 127
Anbu Tattoo 128
Anbu Tattoo 129
Anbu Tattoo 130
Anbu Tattoo 131
Anbu Tattoo 132
Anbu Tattoo 133
Anbu Tattoo 134
Anbu Tattoo 135
Anbu Tattoo 136
Anbu Tattoo 137
Anbu Tattoo 138
Anbu Tattoo 139
Anbu Tattoo 140
Anbu Tattoo 141
Anbu Tattoo 142

Anbu Konoha Tattoo

Anbu Tattoo 143
Anbu Tattoo 144
Anbu Tattoo 145
Anbu Tattoo 146
Anbu Tattoo 147
Anbu Tattoo 148
Anbu Tattoo 149
Anbu Tattoo 150
Anbu Tattoo 151
Anbu Tattoo 152
Anbu Tattoo 153
Anbu Tattoo 154
Anbu Tattoo 155
Anbu Tattoo 156
Anbu Tattoo 157
Anbu Tattoo 158
Anbu Tattoo 159
Anbu Tattoo 160
Anbu Tattoo 161
Anbu Tattoo 162
Anbu Tattoo 163
Anbu Tattoo 164
Anbu Tattoo 165
Anbu Tattoo 166
Anbu Tattoo 167
Anbu Tattoo 168
Anbu Tattoo 169
Anbu Tattoo 170
Anbu Tattoo 171
Anbu Tattoo 172
Anbu Tattoo 173
Anbu Tattoo 174
Anbu Tattoo 175
Anbu Tattoo 176
Anbu Tattoo 177
Anbu Tattoo 178


Don’t settle for a generic anime tattoo – make a bold statement with an Anbu design that will have fellow Naruto fans in awe. These tattoos are not only visually stunning, but they also represent the dedication and skill of the Leaf Village’s most secretive protectors.

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