150+ Short Quote Tattoos for Guys: Meaningful Forearm, Arm & Word Ink Designs

Which Quote tattoos do you admire? Both men and women often look for cool quote tattoos but they forget one thing – Not only they have to go for meaningful quotes but also have to pick the right font and size.

Before inking a quote tattoo you must be aware that it will be going to be on your body forever. So don’t opt for a quote that you will get sick of in a few days.

A well-chosen quote tattooed on the forearm is essentially body art – a permanent declaration of the ideals and philosophies that resonate deeply. For men, short quote tattoos serve as a powerful form of self-expression, highlighting their thoughtfulness and inner selves.

Here are 50 quote tattoos that you can try –

I am the storm tattoo

1. If you are a religious person then your quote tattoo should be based on a prayer or a religious verse.

Quote Tattoos

Wisdom is Better than Silver and Gold Quote Tattoos

Bob Marley Quote Tattoos

2. Please do not try quote tattoos with childish fonts. They look better only with fonts that are readable.

Alice In Wonderland Quote Tattoos

3. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a gem of a novel. It has many wonderful quotes and my favorite is this one spoken by Cheshire cat.

Arm Quote Tattoos

4. If you are hard working person then surely this is a quote to follow by and live by.

Beautiful Quote Tattoos

5. Positive quotes leave a positive impact, So one must opt for positive quote tattoos.

Best Friend Quote Tattoos

6. One goal of many tattoos lovers is to have matching quote tattoos with their life partners. Here is a beautiful tattoo quote to share with your loved one.

Book Quote Tattoos

7. If you are a book loving person then this a good tattoo quote for you.

Chest Quote Tattoos

8. Family tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers. Here is a quote that suit people who love their families.

Collarbone Quote Tattoos

9. If you are moving on from a harsh breakup then this quote can serve as a nice tattoo design.

Couples Quote Tattoos

10. You can try cryptic quote tattoos with your siblings or lovers. Can you decode this message? If you are looking for more quotations then i will suggest you to take a look at this page about inspiring life love quotes.

Cute Quote Tattoos

11. Thigh is a good place for girls to try quotes tattoos. You can try long quotes for tattoos as well.

Disney Quote Tattoos

12. Disney font is very popular globally. You can try your quote tattoo with the font of Disney logo.

Family Quote Tattoos

13. A cool placement for quote tattoos would be side forearm as you can see here.

Forearm Quote Tattoos

14. Here is a beautiful inner forearm quote tattoo idea.

God Quote Tattoos

15. Bible verses are good choice for quote and saying tattoos.

Harry Potter Quote Tattoos

16. If you are a big fan of harry potter then you surely should try its quotes as tattoos. Here is my favorite line from Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban.

Inner Arm Quote Tattoos

17. William Shakespeare is a literature legend. He invented so many words and gave so many popular quotes like this.

Inspirational Quote Tattoos

18. Here is another cool quote for those who believe themselves to be pessimist.

Inspiring Quote Tattoos

19. Of course each day is a gift from god. You can tattoo these beautiful words on your body.

Latin Quote Tattoos

20. You can have famous folk sayings in your local language as quote tattoos.

Leg Quote Tattoos

21. Small quote tattoo ideas for girls with design of feather and birds.

Life Quote Tattoos

22. This world is a weird place and almost of us are unaware of why we are here.

Love Quote For Tattoos

23. Cool quote tattoo idea for girls on back of the neck.

Loyalty Quote Tattoos

24. One cool pattern for quote tattoo on forearm is to try it sideways just like this.

Man Quote Tattoos

25. I don’t think trying such large font quote on forearm is a cool idea but still many try it.

Marilyn Monroe Quote Tattoos

26. Another idea that I don’t understand is an extremely long quote on the side of the rib cage. It would be not understandable if you wear a short dress. You have to show it fully.

Matching Sister Quote Tattoos

27. You can have a matching tattoo with your brother or sister but sharing a cool quote can be a tough task. You both have to agree on one quote.

Meaningful Quote Tattoos

28. Calvin and hobbes is a globally recognized comic and people love them. Here is a cute quote tattoo from the comics.

Mens Quote Tattoos

29. I will agree that this is a cool quote for tattoo but I don’t think the placement is ideal.

Military Quote Tattoos

30. If you are in army then you will surely like this tough quote tattoo.

Mother Daughter Quote Tattoos

31. One very popular quote for couple in shown in this picture. You can try it if you are madly in love with someone.

Mother Son Quote Tattoos

32. Many girls like to have feminist tattoos and if you want one then here is a cool quote for you.

Music Quote Tattoos

33. If you are a music loving person then this quote tattoo definitely suits you.

Quote Tattoos Designs

34. Now here is a motivation and unique quote that you have not heard of before.

Quote Tattoos Fonts

35. Another inspirational quote that you can get inked on your body.

Quote Tattoos For Females

36. You can add other tattoo designs to your quote but make sure they do not hide the quote.

Quote Tattoos For Girls

37. Girls can add flower tattoos along with their quotes as they makes the perfect combination.

Quote Tattoos For Guys

38. Quote that are dedicated to god are always motivating and positive. Here this quote says it all.

Quote Tattoos For Men

39. The font of this tattoo quote has ruined the look of the tattoo. Better pick a font that is readable from afar.

Quote Tattoos For Women

40. Do you understand the deep meaning and logic behind this quote?

Quote Tattoos Ideas

41. This is another powerful quote that can be modified and tried by both men and women.

Quote Tattoos On Back

42. The size of the font will also matter in the tattoo designs. For example a long quote with short font will be unreadable at certain angles.

Quote Tattoos On Feet

43. I don’t find foot as a pleasing part to try quote tattoos. If you find it meaningful then try such tattoos on foot.

Quote Tattoos On Wrist

44. Fonts that are based on ancient styles of writing are my favourite but you have to pick and use them wisely.

Rest In Peace Quote Tattoos

45. You can add symbols to your quote tattoo. For example here is a quote dedicated to father and it is made even more beautiful by the addition of a red heart.

Rib Quote Tattoos

46. Don’t you agree with it? Man has many fears and if he/she overcome it he become a winner in life.

Short Quote For Tattoos

47. You can try lyrics of famous songs as your tattoo design but they shouldn’t be too long.

Shoulder Quote Tattoos

48. Short and simple quotes like this are adored by everyone.

Small Quote Tattoos

49. Elbow is also another body part choice for quote tattoos.

Quote Tattoos for Thigh

Thigh Quote Tattoos

50. Are you going to read such long quotes and that too on the thigh of a girl?

Another crucial aspect to consider is the writing style or font used for the quote tattoo. Different styles can convey different emotions and aesthetics. For example, cursive writing lends an elegant, sophisticated touch, while Gothic scripts evoke a sense of baroque or even Gothic undertones.

Which quote tattoo design you are going to pick?

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