50+ Name Tattoos For Men (2024) – Kids, Wife, Parents

Men love to have kids name tattoos on their body. Couples often set relationship goals and one common goal is to get name tattoos of each other. While it is a common practice among many cultures to get name tattoo of their own but getting tattooed with the name of your loved one is a romantic feeling that can’t be described.

Here we present you 50 cool font styles that can be used in your name tattoos –

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1. I bet Ariana Grande would approve it. After all who wouldn’t love a crown added to their name tattoo design?
Name Tattoos

2. You don’t have to get tattooed with your real name. You can find out your Native American name or your Celtic name. if you find it cool then get it tattooed.
Arrow And Name Tattoo Design On Bicep For Boys

3. Name tattoos do not have to be the name of your loved one or your own. It could be the name of your favorite TV show. Serenity, Anybody?
3D Serenity Name Tattoo Design And Ideas

4. Many popular celeb couples gave us relationship goals. One was to join the half of your name with your lover and go together by that name. If you have one such cool name than get it tattooed on your forearm.
Amazing And Cool Tattoo Design For Men

5. Along with your name tattoo design you can also add your date of birth. But make sure the font of both tattoos complement each other.
Awesome Name Tattoo Design For Girl
wing ridden angel tattoo

6. Disney logo font is very popular and it is used in many name tattoos. If you name start with D then this is perfect font for you.
Back Neck Name Tattoo Design For Women

7. Adding your spirit animal to your name tattoo design will make it look even better but you should keep a gap between the two tattoos or otherwise people will take the name as the name of the animal.
Beautiful Name Tattoo With Elephant

8. If you opt for a name tattoo then please choose a font that is easy to understand. Too much cursive or not enough spacing will ruing name tattoos.
Best Name Tattoo Design And Ideas For Women

9. If your name has the letter ‘I’ in it then the best idea is to add a heart shape above the ‘I’. If your name has more than one ‘I’ then do not try this idea.
Charming Pics Tattoo Design For Women

10. Most people like to have multiple name tattoos on their body. You can have a name tattoo that has names of you and your loved one. But remember such tattoos will need good spacing and will suit only on chest or back. You can check the list of best names for baby and kids that you can get tattooed.
Colorful Name Tattoo Design On Forearm
hunting tattoos for guys

name tattoos for men

11. I think adding cross tattoo to nay tattoo design just improve its look. This name tattoo is made way much better with the addition of cross to it.
Cross And Name Tattoo Design On Hands

12. Your name tattoos should not have any spelling mistake or otherwise, you will regret having it. Others will also make fun of you.
Cute And Lovely Wiktoria Name Tattoo On Hand

13. Getting a name tattoo design with your life partner is one of the most popular relationship goals but remember the name of lady should come above the name of gentleman.
Dark Black Font Name Tattoo For Boy

14. I think no other font can beat the old and classic Times New Roman. You should use Adobe Photoshop to check out how your name would look like in a particular font.
Daughter Name Tattoo Design For Men

15. Be proud of your name tattoos. Don’t have them in such small size that it is hard to read the name at all.
Daughters Name And Little Lotus Flower Tattoo On Wrist

16. If the name you want to get tattooed is short (3 or 4 letters) then a cool idea is to try it on the forearm. Name tattoos look great on the forearm but they should be short.
Eli Name Tattoo On Arms

17. I know this woman chose a childish font to get the name of her loved one tattooed but I really liked the addition of heart tattoo in the end.
Glorious Name Tattoo Design For Girls

18. Mothers love to get tattoos of their son or daughter. One really good idea is to get their name tattooed along with a hand tattoo design.
Hand Print Name Tattoo Design For Girl

19. You don’t have to try a name tattoo in the English language. I have seen many amazing Arabic and Sanskrit name tattoos. If you know any foreign languages then try your name tattoo in that language (Don’t Pick German).
Hindi And English Name Tattoo For Boy

20. Here is another beautiful name tattoo design in the devanagiri lipi which is base of hindi language.
Hindi Queen Tattoo Design On Inner Bicep

tattoos for men ideas with kids names

21. Most people like to have name tattoos on their wrist or forearm but if you love the name very much then try it on rib cage like this.
Hunter Name Tattoo On Ribs

22. Another common choice for name tattoos is god names. You can get inked with the name of the god that you have faith in.
Indian God Shri Ram Name Tattoo On Hand

23. If you wish to add a crown to your name tattoo design then either have the crown hover over the whole name or make it sit on any one letter.
Jamie Queen Name And Crown Tattoo Design

24. Hyphen is the common symbol that is added between a double name tattoos. However I would suggest you to add a plus sign.
Kian And Jay Name Tattoo Design On Hand

25. You don’t have to get the whole name tattooed. A cool idea would be to get your name initially tattooed and make it look cool by adding a crown over it.
King Symbol Tattoo Design With Crown

26. Girls can add shining stars around their name tattoo design to give it a more feminine and girly look.
Latest New Name Tattoo Design And Ideas

27. If you do not want to add stars then a butterfly is also a good option but don’t make it attention seeker tattoo.
Luck Name With Butterfly Tattoo Design On Foot

28. Instead of getting name tattoo of yourself or your wife/husband you can get a tattoo dedicated to your parents.
Maa Name Tattoo Design For Boy And Girl

29. Name tattoos need to be in dark black color. Thin lines and thin fonts will fade away very quickly.
Mattia Name With Colored Hand Tattoo Design

30. Now look at this thick name tattoo design it will stay there forever. So ink a name that you won’t regret later in life.
Mother Name Tattoo Design For Boy

mens tattoos with wife’s name

31. One cool name tattoos idea for couples would be to get the name of your partner inked along with two hearts.
Name And Humming Birds Tattoo Design With Heart

32. If you are thinking of getting a name tattoo of your wife then make it more special by adding a flower to it.
Name Tattoo Design On Upper Shoulder

33. Infinity and heart tattoos are very popular among couples. How about adding the two names on the infinity symbol?
Name Tattoo Design With Infinity

34. Never have name tattoos on foot or ankle. It would be disrespectful.
New Born Child Name And Date Tattoo Design On Foot

35. Most people like to have just first name tattoos. You can have full name tattoo but it will only look good on forearm.
New Name Tattoo Design For Girl

36. There are many font designs available online so don’t rush your tattoo. First pick out the right font for yourself.
Nice Name Tattoo Design

37. If your name has alphabet ‘I’ to it then add a crown on the letter i.
Nikita Name Tattoo Design On Forearm For Girls

38. Is it a name or a bad spelling mistake? I don’t know but I liked the star cluster around it.
One Line Name Tattoo Design For Men

39. If you opt for too much designing around your name tattoos then you will lose its look and meaning. See it for yourself in this picture.
Red And Black Color Name Tattoo Design

40. Here is another beautiful couple tattoo idea. Just get inked with names of each other along with king and queen crown tattoo.
Ronaldo And Dirce Name Tattoo On Forearm

family name tattoos for men

41. If you want to show yourself as a warrior then pick up a font that has pointed edges in several alphabets.
Serena Name Tattoo Design On Wrist

42. I think this couple tattoo is inspired from the movie shrek but ire ally liked this font.
Shrenik Name Tattoo Design On Hands

43. Instead of picking complicated fonts you can also go for simple fonts that give your tattoo pleasing look.
Sister Name Tattoo Design For Girl

44. If you do not want to have a name tattoo on a hairy part of the body then the finger is the best choice for it. Try name tattoos on fingers and you will love it.
Small Name Tattoo Design On Finger

45. If your name tattoo heals properly then it will be one of the most beautiful tattoos on your body.
Sophie Girlfriend Name Tattoo For Boys

46. Inner forearm is common choice for name tattoos but remember that many people have sweaty inner forearms making it a terrible place for tattoos.
Stylish Name Tattoo Design

47. A better option is to try outer forearm tattoos. It is excellent choice for people who do technical work on computer all the time.
Thin Line Small Ace Name Tattoo On Hands

48. You can restyle your name tattoos by adding vibrant colors to it but make sure they don’t ruin the tattoo.
Watercolor Name Tattoo Design On Hand

49. Shaving is a must for tattoos. If you are getting name tattoos to show someone your love then it will be ironical that the tattoo is hiding in hairs.
Wife Name Tattoo Design For Men

50. Here is a unique style for name tattoos where the artist didn’t colored the inner portion of letters. Wonderful And Cool Name Tattoo Design And Ideas

Which name tattoo from the above photo gallery you would recommend?