50+ Cool Music Tattoos For Men (2024) – Music Notes Ideas

Music tattoos are among the most demanded tattoo designs. Even though music-related tattoos have a wide range of designs yet artists get out of ideas because of the repetitiveness of similar designs. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to have a music note tattoo or a music instrument tattoo or a musician tattoo or even a music player tattoo design.

After making this design you can browse through hundreds of designs that are available online on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and DeviantArt. Here we picked 50 best and unique music inspired tattoos for men and women –

Small Music Tattoos for guys

1. Another common music tattoo idea of the young generation is the music player tattoos. You can add the play, pause, forward and reverse button to your music player tattoos.
Music Tattoos

2. Guitar is probably the most popular musical instrument so no wonder many guys love to have guitar tattoos like this on their body.
Music Tattoo On Arm 4

3. I don’t think a matching music tattoo design on both legs and forearms is a good idea. However, it will be a cool idea if siblings have matching music tattoos like this.
Music Tattoo 63

4. The sound of the music is the most beautiful sound that a living being ever hears. So why not have a music sound tattoo design like this on forearm or leg.
Music Tattoo On Arm 1

5. Music symphony tattoos are quite common so I would advise you to pick up such music note tattoos that you can easily talk about with your friends.
Music Tattoo On Arm 2
cherry blossoms tattoo men

6. If you opt for music note tattoos then it is better to have a meaningful music note or otherwise it will be confusing and hard to understand to commoners.
Music Tattoo On Arm 5

7. You can a large size music note tattoo. Here is a large music note tattoo in the shape of a heart. This tattoo design perfectly suits couples.
Music Tattoo On Arm 6

8. If you are an aspiring singer or love singing then I bet you will fall in love with beautiful microphone tattoo design.
Music Tattoo On Arm 7

9. Here the tattoo artist cleverly tattooed a large size music note tattoo using a music symbony.
Music Tattoo On Arm 8

10. You can also opt for a small size music note tattoo design but I don’t think it will look as beautiful as a large size music symphony tattoo.
Music Tattoo On Arm 9
family tree tattoo with names in branches

music symbol tattoos for guys

11. A clever tattoo artist can mix up various tattoo design to come up with a brilliant design. For example here is a music note tattoo that is mixed up with a flower vine tattoo design.
Music Tattoo On Arm 10

12. In this picture, the tattoo artist cleverly inked the mic tattoo in the style of biomechanical tattoos and therefore it is meaningful in many ways. It represents that the wearer has music in his/her blood veins.
Music Tattoo On Arm 11

13. A microphone tattoo design is always admired by music lovers but it can be made even better by adding a music cassette tattoo like this.
Music Tattoo On Arm 12

14. You can also show your favorite vocal artist along with your mic tattoo. I would love to have a Freddie mercury tattoo design with a microphone tattoo.
Music Tattoo On Arm 13

15. This is a double exposure tattoo design where the artist showed various trees and plants aligned in the shape of a guitar.
Music Tattoo On Arm 14

16. The tattoo artist cleverly used the negative shading in this tattoo design thus making a white music note tattoo.
Music Tattoo On Arm 15

17. If you are an avid guitarist then it would be only meant to have a music symphony tattoo of your favorite song.
Music Tattoo On Arm 16

18. The best body part to get a music note or music symphony tattoo design is behind the ear. You can also try it behind the neck.
Music Tattoo

19. If you are equally in love with music and maths then it would be even more impressive to get a guitar tattoo design using geometrical shapes and symbols.
Music Tattoo On Arm 18

20. If you are not a guitar person then you should get tattooed with your favorite musical instrument. Such as here is saxophone tattoo design on the shoulder of this boy.
Music Tattoo On Arm 19

music wrist tattoos for guys

21. You can also have a music note tattoo in random pattern. For example here the artist gave impression of falling music notes in this tattoo design.
Music Tattoo On Arm 20

22. You can get tattooed with ancient musical instruments too. For example here is a tribal drum tattoo design on the arm sleeve of this boy.
Music Tattoo On Arm 21

23. A realistic guitar tattoo design is not hard to achieve but it will look even more real if it is tattooed on forearm like this.
Music Tattoo On Arm 22

24. Do not ruin your music note tattoo design by adding another design around it.
Music Tattoo On Arm 23

25. One beautiful thing about music note tattoos is that you can make any shape using it. For example here the artist inked a beautiful bird tattoo using music notes.
Music Tattoo On Arm 24

26. You can also opt for a 3D music note tattoo design for example here this design gives an impression as if the music note is sewed with the skin.
Music Tattoo On Arm 25

27. One of the best music note tattoo ideas would be to ink the music note around wrist along with a heartbeat tattoo design. Here is the picture for better understanding.
Music Tattoo On Wrist

28. You can also show your favorite music genre with your music tattoo design. For example here is a music note tattoo with a skull that represents that the wearer likes metal.
Music Tattoo On Arm 27

29. Many people opt for Gramophone tattoos but in my opinion younger generation should be thankful to CDs. Here is a Compact Disc tattoo design along with the music player.
Music Tattoo On Arm 28

30. You can opt for a watercolor music tattoo design and it would be a good option if you are looking for a temporary music tattoo. Here is a Mic tattoo design that is made even better by adding a watercolor splash.
Music Tattoo On Chest

music tattoo ideas for guys

31. You can go for such meaningful and symbolic music tattoo designs like this. Here is a guitar tattoo design that is made using music note.
Music Tattoo On Arm 30

32. In this tattoo design the artist mixed up two separate designs. The artist made a compact disc tattoo using two guitar strings.
Music Tattoo On Arm 31

33. Music is first love of many people and here the artist clearly showed It by adding a heart in a saxophone tattoo design.
Music Tattoo On Arm 32

34. There are many musical instruments but I would advise you to pick your favorite one to get tattooed with. Here is a piano tattoo design on the chest of this boy.
Music Tattoo On Arm 33

35. Drummers are often neglected but they are integral part of every band. Here is a drum set tattoo design on the inner bicep of this man.
Music Tattoo On Arm 34

36. Music tattoos can be a very good cover up tattoos. You can add various musical instrument tattoos around the body part that you wish to cover up just like this.
Music Tattoo On Arm 35

37. If you are a die-hard music lover then I am sure you would often think about getting a music sleeve tattoo design. Here is a music sleeve tattoo design on this girl that you can consider.
Music Tattoo On Arm 36

38. Many people like to add weird symbols to their tattoos. For example, this guy opted for a dual gramophone tattoo design on chest and then added angel wings and Illuminati eye to it.
Music Tattoo On Chest 1

39. You might opt for a headphone tattoo design. Have a look at this design where the artist cleverly used the negative white shade to bring out a musical note look.
Music Tattoo On Arm 38

40. If you are a fan of heavy metal or alternative rock or progressive rock music then I would suggest you add a skull tattoo design to your music tattoo.
Music Tattoo On Arm 39

men’s music note tattoos

41. You can also add meaningful quotes to your music tattoos but make sure they are not too long or otherwise your tattoo would look messed up.
Music Tattoo On Arm 41

42. Is this a boy or Girl? The nail art says girl but the bicep size – I am confused. Anyways here is a half sleeve music tattoo design for you.
Music Tattoo On Arm 42

43. You can add subtle messages to your music tattoo designs and they will easily hide even in a simple design like this.
Music Tattoo On Arm 43

44. Small music note tattoos will look even more beautiful if they are shaped in the style of heart. You can have such small music note tattoos on fingers as well.
Music Tattoo On Arm 44

45. Many guys and girls look up for music lyrics tattoos. I would suggest you avoid them because you might get sick of them after some time.
Music Tattoo On Arm 45

46. Another popular music tattoo idea is to get inked with a skull wearing a headphone tattoo. Here is one such tattoo design that is made even more beautiful by using pastel colors.
Music Tattoo On Arm

47. You can add religious symbols to your music note tattoos and it would be super meaningful as it would suggest music is your religion.
Music Tattoo On Back 1

48. If you are a dancer then you can add a silhouette tattoo of a man or woman that is doing the dance you are expert in. here is a ballerina tattoo design on the lower back of this woman along with birds.
Music Tattoo On Back 2

49. Music note tattoos rarely fades away due to their complex designs. Even fi they fade away they will still look meaningful.
Music Tattoo On Back 3

50. You can have a music portrait tattoo design where you get tattooed with the portrait of your favorite musician or music band.
Music Tattoo On Back 4

So which music tattoo showed in the above photo gallery attracted you the most?

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