80+ Best Pokemon Tattoos for Guys (2024) Simple Small Tribal Designs

Pokemon tattoos are not so common. People often wonder if it is a good idea to have a pokemon tattoo. I would say that it depends on you. There are many examples where fans went on to have tattoos of their favorite TV shows or movies or characters. Even if you decide to go for a pokemon tattoo then the big confusion lies in the choice of pokemon.

There are hundreds of pokemon and it gets difficult for you to choose the right kind for a tattoo. From Snorlax, Celebi to Dragonite there can be thousands of pokemon tattoos. Here we picked up 50 best pokemon tattoos designs for men and women-

pokemon tattoos

1. Now who wouldn’t like a chilling on the beach Squirtle tattoo? This squirtle tattoo would look even better on forearm.

pokemon tattoo

Pokemon Tattoos

pokemon tattoo design

pokemon tattoo sleeves

pokemon tatto

pokemon tattos

2. One adorable thing about pokemon tattoos is that you can show women empowerment through them. Here is a boxing mewtwo pokemon tattoo design on a girl.

tattoo pokemon

Pokemon Tattoo 2

pokemon tattoo designs

pokemon sleeve tattoo

simple pokemon tattoos

pokemon tatoos

3. Pokemon Go increased the popularity of Pokeball tattoos too. So how about a pokemon tattoo where your favorite pokemon is caught inside the Pokeball.

cool pokemon tattoos

Pokemn Tattoos 1

pokémon tattoos

pokemon go tattoos

small pokemon tattoos

pikachu tattoo

4. Different pokemon tattoos can convey different messages and hold different meanings. For example a Gastly pokemon tattoo design can be used to scare kids.

pikachu tattoos

Pokemon Tattoo 3

simple pokemon tattoo

best pokemon tattoos

pokemon tattoo sleeve

badass pokemon tattoos

5. Pikachu is the most popular and most adorable pokemon so there is no way to ignore tattoos of Pikachu. Here is a Pikachu tattoo made using blackwork (thick solid black outlines).

pokemon go tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo 4

traditional pokemon tattoo

ghastly tattoo

pokemon tattoos for guys

haunter tattoo

6. A simple pokemon tattoo idea would to have multiple pokemon tattooed in action. For example here is a sylveon tattoo along with pokeball and mew tattoo.

pokemon tattoo ideas

Pokemon Tattoo 5

pokemon tattoos small

ghost pokemon tattoo

pokemon sleeve

awesome pokemon tattoos

7. If you wish to have a fairy tattoo design then I would suggest opting for Gardevoir pokemon tattoo design. Here is a beautiful design for you.

watercolor pokemon tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo 57

pokemon half sleeve

gastly tattoo

gastly haunter gengar tattoo

amazing pokemon tattoos

8. If you wish to have Chinese dragon tattoo or sea kraken tattoo design then you can get them both in a majestic Gyrados pokemon tattoo.

pokemon sleeve tattoos

Pokemon Tattoo 7

geometric pokemon

pokemon watercolor tattoo

new school pokemon tattoo

water pokemon tattoo

9. Eeve can transform into many forms and its final evolution is into Vaporeon. Here is a simple vaporeon pokemon tattoo design.

pikachu tattoo designs

Pokemon Tattoo 8

haunter pokemon tattoo

cool pokemon ideas

minimalist pokemon tattoo

pokeball tattoo

10. If you have a cheerful and jolly nature then you should pick up a Squirtle pokemon tattoo design as it is always in a happy mood.

gyarados tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo 9

raichu tattoo

charizard tattoo

lugia tattoo

tribal pokemon tattoos

pokemon tattoo flash

tribal pokemon tattoo

unknown pokemon tattoo

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pokemon ball tattoo

Simple Pokemon Tattoos

11. You can also imagine your favourite pokemon into characters of other popular movies or books. For example here is a Pikachu tattoo inked in the costume of a Jedi (Star Wars).
Pokemon Tattoo 50

12. Small size pokemon tattoos would also look adorable but in my opinion you should try large size or medium size pokemon tattoos.
Pokemon Tattoo 11

13. Rare type of Pokemon are more loved by people than common pokemon. Here is a Ivysaur pokemon tattoo that is rarely found.
Pokemon Tattoo 12

14. Bublasur is one adorable pokemon and here is a bublasur pokemon tattoo design on the thigh of a girl.
Pokemon Tattoo 1

15. Even though boys choose to dominate pokemon types still it does not mean a boy cannot have a feminine pokemon tattoo. Here is a chikorita tattoo on the calf of a boy.
Pokemon Tattoo 14

Tattoos Pokemon

16. If you have an observing personality then you should opt for Umbreon tattoo design like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 15

17. Many people wonder if Pokemon tattoos are cool or would it be too much? I would say that it is common to have tattoos of pop culture things that you love.
Pokemon Tattoo 16

18. Pokemon tattoos can be a very good option for matching sibling tattoos. You can opt for a pokemon that evolves into a dangerous form. The younger sibling can have the first generation pokemon tattoo and the elder sibling can have much advance and highly evolved pokemon of the same breed.
Pokemon Tattoo 17

19. Pokemon tattoos can be a very good cover up tattoos but for this, you have to choose more than one pokemon. For example here are multiple pokemon inked in one tattoo on the thigh of this woman.
Pokemon Tattoo 54

20. A smiling Pikachu tattoo can give you positivity all day. Here is a Pikachu tattoo seating on a pokeball.
Pokemon Tattoo 19

Pokemon Go Tattoos

21. You can also have a temporary tattopo design that shows your favourite pokemon along with your favourite movie character.
Pokemon Tattoo 20

22. Instead of going for a full body pokemon tattoo design you can have pokemon tattoo of just th face like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 21

23. A 3d pokemon tattoo design would be hard to do but if you are die hard pokemon fan then I would recommend you to try it.
Pokemon Tattoo 22

24. You can see a lot of pokemon tattoo fails online and therefore I would suggest you have a temporary pokemon tattoo first to see the reaction of people.
Pokemon Tattoo 23

25. Jigglypuff is known for its hypnotizing capabilities. If you have crush on someone then you can dedicate a Jigglypuff pokemon tattoo to her/him.
Pokemon Tattoo 60

Pokemon Couple Tattoos

26. There are flying pokemon, ground pokemon, and water pokemon. It’s up to you to decide on what kind of pokemon tattoo you want.
Pokemon Tattoo 25

27. Another beautiful evolution of Eevee is into Espeon. You can opt for Espeon pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 58

28. Pokemon tattoos are colorful so remember that they might fade away quickly. A different colored pokemon can represent a different form of pokemon. Here is a vulpix pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 27

29. Charizard is one of the most popular pokemon and it is also game mascot in the Pokemon world. Here is an angry Charizard pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 28

30. This pokemon tattoo design can be improved a lot. I picked this design because the artist creatively tried to show how a pokemon would look like while coming out of Pokeball.
Pokemon Tattoo 29

Best Pokemon Tattoos

31. You can have a simple pokeball tattoo design too. Here is a pokeball tattoo in the shape of heart.
Pokemon Tattoo 30

32. If you are not very social person and want to show it with a tattoo then you should pick up a cubone pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 31

33. Girls can add flower tattoo designs to their pokemon tattoos as it will make the tattoo even more beautiful.
Pokemon Tattoo 32

34. If you have a fierce nature and you are not afraid of anything then you should pick up a growlithe pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 33

35. You can also have temporary pokemon tattoos where you show all your favourite pokemons on various parts of your body.
Pokemon Tattoo 34l

Pokemon Sleeve Tattoos

36. A pokemon tattoo design can be easily done using watercolour. Try a watercolour pokemon tattoo and you will not regret it.
Pokemon Tattoo 35

37. Pikachu tattoo will suit both boys and girls but remember to place it on the upper part of body like forearm or shoulder.
Pokemon Tattoo 36

38. As there are many weird kinds of pokemon so you must choose one that defines your personality or otherwise you will feed up of questions.
Pokemon Tattoo 37

39. I don’t think there would be any better Pikachu tattoo design than this. Here is a Pikachu tattoo wearing a deadpool costume.
Pokemon Tattoo 38

40. If you are shy in getting a pokemon tattoo then you should pick up a place that you can hide whenever you want. The calf is one good option.
Pokemon Tattoo 55

Small Pokemon Tattoos

41. If you are more into marine life then you can opt for multiple water pokemon tattoos like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 40

42. Gengar is ghost type of pokemon and it will suit on people who are not much social and like to scare people.
Pokemon Tattoo 41

43. Here is a charmander pokemon tattoo design imagined as a Jedi from the Star Wars movie series.
Pokemon Tattoo 42

44. You can either use watercolours or pastel colors to refill your fading away pokemon tattoo designs.
Pokemon Tattoo 43

45. Foot is not a good place to have pokemon tattoos but then again it is good option if you wish to hide it from people.
Pokemon Tattoo 44

Matching Pokemon Tattoos

46. You can opt for a less popular pokemon as your tattoo and keep people guessing about the name of the pokemon.
Pokemon Tattoo 45

47. Espeon is one very adorable pokemon and Boys can have a blue color espeon tattoo design.
Pokemon Tattoo 46

48. Wrist is a good place to have pokemon and couples too can have matching pokemons. Here is a romantic Pikachu tattoo holding heart.
Pokemon Tattoo 47

49. You can use watercolour to fill up the background of your pokemon tattoo just like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 48

50. Here is a majestic gyrados pokemon tattoo design that will look good on arm or sleeve.
Pokemon Tattoo 49

Name your favorite pokemon character and why you love it?

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