50+ Mens Floral Tattoos Designs (2023) Small & Simple

Floral tattoos are extremely popular among girls. Floral tattoo art is a huge branch in its self as there are so many flowers (from rose to lily to daisy to chrysanthemum to daffodils and marigolds) that it often gets confusing to choose among them.

Different floral tattoos have different meanings. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to opt for the right kind of floral tattoo for yourself. Here we present your gallery of beautiful floral tattoos for men and women –

Small Floral Tattoos

1. The reason why floral tattoos are so popular is that they suit almost any part of the body and on any skin type.
Floral Tattoos

2. Even black and white floral tattoos can be made interesting by adding multiple layers to it just like this.
Black And White Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

3. Even though many people prefer colorful flower tattoo design but in my opinion, black and white floral tattoo designs look equally good.
3D Floral Tattoos Design On Women Biceps

4. This is a unique idea of floral tattoo where a women is shown wearing a flower bead as jewellery piece on her head.
Amazing Floral Tattoo Design With Girls

5. One good thing about floral tattoo designs is that even the outline of flower tattoos would look beautiful and beat up most tattoo designs.
Awesome Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas
watercolor flower bouquet tattoo

6. You can also opt for a flower bouquet tattoo design but make sure that it is not confusing and is on larger part of body.
Beautiful Floral Tattoos Design On Forearm

7. Girls can go for temporary floral tattoo designs and for this they can use henna or Mehandi as the design from henna will fade away in a few days.
Best Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

8. Boys too can try floral tattoos and a good way to try them is by adding them in the background of your already inked tattoo.
Clock Watch And Floral Tattoos Design On Biceps

9. There are many different flower species that are popular among flower tattoo lovers. One such genus is the Daisy flower which is in existences since the Egyptian era.
Colored Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

10. You can pair up two different kinds of flower species in your tattoo design but make sure they complement each other. Here is a tattoo of tulip and marigold flower.
Colorful Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas
best tattoo designs in the world

flower tattoos for men

11. Apart from daisy flower tattoos, lily flower tattoos are also popular among girls. Here is a vine of lilies.
Cool Floral Tattoos Design On Biceps

12. Rose is considered as the most beautiful flower in the world but it also has thorns in it.
Fabulous Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

13. In my opinion, there is no point of having similar flower tattoo designs on both hands and forearms. However, siblings or lovers can have matching floral tattoos on their body.
Floral Engraving Tattoo

14. Sunflower tattoo design holds a special meaning. It represents hopes and positivity. You should opt for a sunflower tattoo if you have a similar attitude.
Floral Plants Tattoos Design On Thigh

15. Chrysanthemum flower tattoos are recommended to best friends and lovers. Friends and siblings can have matching chrysanthemum tattoos on their thighs or hands.
Floral Tattoo Designs Tumblr

16. Instead of Rose tattoos you can opt for dahlia flower tattoos or marigold flower tattoos. Both come in different colors and represent change.
Floral Tattoo Flash

17. I don’t think there is any need to add geometrical symbols and shapes to a beautiful floral tattoo design. In my opinion, floral tattoos should be left alone as they look graceful then only.
Floral Tattoo For Guys

18. Flower tattoos are probably the best cover up tattoos. You can have a floral vine tattoo on the body part that you wish to cover up.
Floral Tattoo Gallery

19. Lily flower tattoos are usually recommended for the memorial. You can dedicate a lily flower tattoo to someone you love but is no more in this world.
Floral Tattoo Meaning

20. If your tattoo goes wrong then you can easily cover it up using a floral vine tattoo design just like this.
Floral Tattoo Sleeve

masculine flower tattoo

21. Chrysanthemum flower tattoos are often confused with marigold and dahlia flowers. You can distinguish between them as Chrysanthemum is geometrically perfect.
Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

22. If you wish to go for a floral vine tattoo of multiple flowers then remember that all the flower types should be of the same color or otherwise the tattoo would look odd.
Floral Tattoos Design For Men

23. Usually, I do not recommend such large size tattoos but girls are crazy after flower tattoos so those who are looking for a full back floral tattoo design, here is one for you.
Floral Tattoos Design For Women Backside

24. Ranunculus or buttercup floral tattoo design is recommended to those who have crush on someone and want to give their friendship a new meaning.
Floral Tattoos Design For Women

25. You can also opt for carnation flower tattoo design if you wish to show sympathy to someone as this is the best floral tattoo for such cause.
Floral Tattoos Design On Arms

26. As I said inking different flowers in different colors would give oddity to the whole tattoo but then again if you want a surreal tattoo design then go for it.
Floral Tattoos Design On Biceps

27. Rose tattoo design will look even more beautiful when colors. Different colors of rose represent different meanings.
Floral Tattoos Design On Forearm

28. Daffodils floral tattoos have a unique meaning. They represent freshness in life and if you are about to begin again then you can opt for this tattoo as your motivation.
Floral Tattoos Design On Hands

29. If you opt for a floral vine tattoo design then keep in mind that your vine tattoo is not confusing.
Floral Tattoos Design On Rib Cage

30. The best place to have a flower tattoo design is either chest or shoulder because the artist gets enough space to ink any flower species.
Floral Tattoos Design On Shoulder

flower tattoo designs for men

31. If you wish to dedicate a floral tattoo design to your significant other than in my opinion you should get it inked on your thigh.
Floral Tattoos Design On Thigh

32. Some of the prettiest floral tattoos designs are available on image sharing sites like pinterest, tumblr and deviantart.
Floral Tattoos For Women

33. Deviantart also hosts multiple drawings and paintings of beautiful flowers. You can choose among them for your floral tattoo.
Floral Tattoos On Pinterest

34. Floral tattoo design pretty much looks the same even after they start fading away. This is because they have complicated structure and the bigger pictures remain the same most of the time.
Floral Tattoos Photos Gallery

35. Floral tattoo sleeves are usually advised to girls but if as a boy you wish to have floral tattoo sleeve then opt for either daisies or lilies.
Full Arm Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

36. Forearm does not provide enough space for floral tattoos therefore I would suggest you to opt for small flower tattoos like this.
Full Size Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

37. If you wish to color your floral tattoos then I would advise you to opt for either pink color or red color because it will suit any type of skin.
Full Size Floral Tattoos Ideas For Men

38. If you are not using floral tattoo as cover up then also do not ruin its beauty by adding trashy tattoo designs around it.
Gorgeous Floral Tattoos Design For Women

39. Watercolor tattoos can add to the beauty of any tattoo design. Floral tattoos are no different. You can add watercolor tattoo designs to your floral tattoo to make the overall tattoo even more beautiful.
Latest Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

40. Tulip tattoos are often ignored by floral tattoo lovers because they represent loneliness and self-centered. This is not entirely true and you can opt for tulip flower tattoos if you wish to try something new.
Little Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

unique flower tattoo designs

41. Girls can have tattoo of their spirit animal or their favorite animal inked with floral tattoos as decorations.
Natural Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. You can make your floral tattoo design mysterious by adding mysterious symbols (perfectly blended) into the flower leaves.
New Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. Floral vine tattoos are generally suggested on arms but you can try them on your back as well. Here is a beautiful floral vine tattoo design on the back of this girl.
Nice Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. Do not add a long quote to your floral tattoo design because it might make the whole tattoo meaningless. Leave something to the imagination of viewers.
Pink Color Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. You can opt for a lotus flower tattoo because lotus grows in mud. If you become better under pressure then go for lotus floral tattoo.
Purple Color Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. If you go for an outline tattoo of floral vine then be sure that it is not a confusing design and is also on large enough space.
Simple Line Floral Tattoos Design On Thigh

47. You can have small, tiny and simple floral tattoos as well. The best place to have them is either behind the ear or on foot.
Small Floral Tattoo Design On Ankle

48. A really cool floral tattoo idea would be to have the floral vine in the style of bracelet or anklet or garter, just like this.
Tiny Floral Tattoos Design On Biceps

49. You can try white ink floral tattoos but remember that they will fade away very quickly and they will confuse people a lot.
Top Floral Tattoos Stock Photos

50. You can add a bee or a small bird (hummingbird) to your floral tattoo design so that it look realistic and appealing.
Water Color Floral Tattoos Design And Ideas

Which floral tattoo design you would recommend to your friends and why?