50+ Best Tattoos Designs in the World Ever (2024) For Men & Women

To be honest it is hard to pick just 50 best tattoos ever for men when you find like thousands of tattoos inked by famous tattoo artists. However, we always admire and recommend those tattoo designs that can be tried by thousands of other people too.

So here we selected 50 such tattoos that can easily suit thousands of other boys and girls. Here are 50 best tattoos for men and women –

Best Tattoos Designs

1. A man would obviously love an armor tattoo design but it will only impress others if it looks really just like this chest piece tattoo design.
best tattoos

2. Honestly, there was no need to add the real looking frog tattoo in this design because the beautiful bird tattoo inked on the upper arm of this woman grabs all the attention.
Best Bird Tattoos On Half Sleeve

3. Here is a traditional Black Panther tattoo and it gives a cool idea that if you wish to have a predator tattoo design then make sure that it looks aggressive like this.
Best Black Panther Tattoos

4. Sometimes simple tattoo design conveys a better message than a complicated tattoo. Look at this simple flower tattoo design.
Best Bow With Shamrock Tattoos

5. Famous wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson made the bull tattoo design really popular. So if your physique is anywhere a match to The Rock then you should probably get inked with a bull tattoo design like this.
Best Bull Tattoos
lower back tattoos for women

6. One cool unique tattoo idea for boys would be to try girly tattoos and butterfly tattoo is the best contender for it. Here is a mysterious butterfly tattoo on the back bicep of this boy.
Best Butterfly Tattoos

7. Good placement of tattoo design can also make an average tattoo amazing. For example, this cherry tattoo design inked behind the ear of this girl looks fantastic.
Best Cherry Tattoos On Ear Behind

8. Devil tattoos are equally popular among men and women but people often go for traditional devil tattoos. I would suggest to run your own imagination and come out with a unique satin tattoo like this.
Best Devil Tattoos

9. Couple tattoos are always adored by people because they define the love and relationship of two people. Here is a cute dolphin couple tattoo that is inked in the style of heart.
Best Dolphin Tattoos

10. This realistic dragonfly tattoo design is made even more impressive by placing it right above the shoulder thereby giving it a unique look. It is like one of the greatest ideasever from mankind.
Best Dragonfly Tattoos
tatuajes para hombres en el antebrazo

best tattoos ever done

11. The tattoo artist cleverly added a dreamcatcher tattoo design to this bald eagle tattoo. However I would improve it by increasing the size of this tattoo design.
Best Eagle Tattoos On Shoulder

12. Most tattoo artists often suggest trying a colorful fairy tattoo design but in my opinion, a silhouette version will look way much better. Judge yourself.
Best Fairy Tattoos

13. When it comes to superhero tattoos people often neglect the charm of Hellboy. You should try a Hellboy tattoo design because he is one of the coolest anti-heroes.
Best Flame Tattoos

14. Do you love futurama? If so then a unique idea for you would be to try the Hypnotoad tattoo design.
Best Frog Tattoos Designs

15. You can get tattooed with unique symbols and keep people guessing about the real meaning of the tattoo. Here is a suggestive glyph tattoo for you.
Best Gemini Tattoos On Wrist

16. Whether you are a guitar lover or not but you have to admit that this is one of the coolest guitar tattoos. I am impressed with the realistic design and placement.
Best Guitar Tattoos On Forearm

17. One interesting couple tattoo idea is to try the heart tattoo design but try it on unusual places such as on the inner bicep.
Best Heart Tattoos On Inner Biceps

18. Horses are probably the second best friend of the man behind the dog. So why not get inked with a beautiful horse tattoo design.
Best Horse Tattoos On Thigh

19. Humming bird are fast. A humming bird tattoo design would suggest that you believe in a fast life.
Best Hummingbird Tattoos

20. People can go to extreme lengths to grab attention. This picture is perfect example for this. Try this head tattoo design at your own risk.
Best Incredible Head Piece Mandala Tattoos On Back

best tattoo designs in the world

21. Bee tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity lately. Mainly, because of ‘Save the Honey Bee’ campaign. Here is a cool bee tattoo design.
Best Key With Bee Tattoos

22. Ladybug tattoos became mainstream popular once again. Thanks to the popularity of 2016 horror film Don’t Breathe.
Best Ladybug Tattoos

23. People often sideline the idea of getting collar bone tattooed. But trust me if you want a unique tattoo then try a quote inked on the collar bone.
Best Letter Tattoos On Collar Bone

24. Bracelet tattoos will not leave much impact on the viewer if they are not done using blackwork tattoo art. Here is an amazing bracelet tattoo design.
Best Little Armband Tattoos

25. You can overcome your fear by getting it tattooed on your body. You surely know the reason why Bruce Wayne chose to be ‘BAT’ man.
Best Lizard Tattoos

26. This amazing flower tattoo design is inspired by the sketches and drawings that were shown in Hindu mythology. It is basically seen with Goddess Laxmi.
Best Magical Lotus Flower Tattoos

27. Full back tattoos have their own appeal but they are no match to upper back tattoos especially on girls. You can opt for tribal designs like this for your upper back.
Best Mandala Tattoos For Women

28. A very unique and amazing matching tattoo idea for sibling is to try the puzzle pieces tattoos.
Best Matching Friendship Tattoos

29. If you try mermaid tattoos then make sure you pick up a design that not only shows the beauty of a mermaid but also the mischief and danger that she might possess.
Best Mermaid Tattoos

30. Patriotic tattoos are closer to the heart than many other useless tattoo designs. One cool idea is to get tattooed with your army uniform like this.
Best Military Tattoos

top tattoo designs in the world

31. Another cool idea is to get subtle and more meaningful tattoo design of your favourite animal or bird. This tribal peacock tattoo design is surely better than many big peacock tattoos.
Best Mini Phoenix Tattoos

32. This moon tattoo design is surely a perfect choice for a rib cage tattoo.
Best Moon Tattoos On Rib

33. Native American tattoos are not new. A cool modification would be to try a native American chief tattoo but in skull style.
Best Native American Tattoos

34. Personally, I prefer tribal scorpion tattoos due to the curves in the design but traditional scorpion tattoos are popular too and here is one such design.
Best Old School Scorpion Tattoos

35. If you ever consider getting tattooed with your nation’s flag then I will strongly recommend you to try it on chest.
Best Patriotic Tattoos

36. Probably it is the placement of this bunny tattoo design that makes it so catchy. But I don’t think many people will try it.
Best Realistic Rabbit Tattoos

37. If you go for a black and grey rose tattoo design then I would suggest you try pastel color or watercolor on the petals of the rose like this.
Best Rose Tattoos For Girls

38. Traditional ship tattoos would suit those who are in navy or have a close family member in navy.
Best Ship Tattoos

39. This impressive ship wheel tattoo design is perfectly aligned and therefore it gives a unique impression.
Best Shipwheel Tattoos Ideas For Women

40. Have you ever tried double exposure tattoos? Not every tattoo artist can design them but they are surely worth trying if you find an experienced artist. Here is a double exposure heart and skull tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
Best Skull Tattoos

world best tattoo designs

41. This traditional snake tattoo design might not look scary to many but it is surely grabbing attention and has its own appeal.
Best Snake Tattoos

42. It is hard to make a 3D spider tattoo design on chest and I am really impressed by the work of this tattoo artist.
Best Spider Tattoos On Chest For Men

43. Dotwork tattoos are really painful but nonetheless, they make an average tattoo design meaningful and impressive. Here is a stag tattoo design with mountain and sun in the background.
Best Stag Tattoos

44. An old school tattoo idea is to have words or symbols inked on your fingers on the knuckle. If you are considering this then be sure that the words or symbols are meaningful to you.
Best Symbol Tattoos On Knuckle

45. Religious symbols are always popular among tattoo lovers. You can make a religious tattoo even more meaningful by adding a heartbeat design near it just like this one.
Best Tattoos Designs Ideas

46. No other tattoo will be more meaningful to you than the one that shows your hobbies and interest. For example, this woman loves dancing so she opted for a ballerina tattoo design.
Best Tiny Dance Tattoos

47. Here is a meaningful tree tattoo design with a subtle shape of heart and globe thus giving the message that trees are really important for our planet.
Best Tree Tattoos On Calf

48. Flash tattoos are always trendy and they are a good option for girls. Here is a flash tattoo pattern on the hand of this woman.
Best White Ink Tattoos

49. Wings tattoos are often misplaced and thereby lose their charm. But if you place them correctly then you will surely have a tattoo design that you will never regret.
Best Wings Tattoos

50. If you go for a mathematical or geometrical tattoo then I will suggest you try the dotwork approach as it will give a unique look to the design.
Dot Work Tattoos On Ankle

Which of the above tattoo design did you like the most?

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