50+ Unique Thigh Tattoos for Women (2024) – Upper, Front & Side

Getting a tattoo on the thigh is pretty common but finding the perfect thigh tattoo for women is art itself. Usually, girls prefer thigh tattoos more than a boy. This is the reason most thigh tattoos are girly and feminine.

Man can have thigh tattoos but here most of the tattoo ideas are for girls and women. So here are the 50+ most attractive tattoos for women on the front thigh, upper thigh, side thigh, and inner thigh.

Upper Thigh Tattoos

1. Instead of getting confused between an upper thigh or lower thigh tattoo you can try a garter tattoo design on the mid-thigh. Here is a mix-up of a garter tattoo and a music note (symphony) tattoo on the thigh.
cute thigh tattoos

2. A cool thigh tattoo idea would be to get the tattoo with your zodiac sign. For example here is a modified version of a zodiac tattoo where the artist placed the scorpion in different parts of a polygon tattoo.
Tattoos For Women On Thigh

3. I don’t find thigh outline tattoos much attractive but they are a craze among many tattoo lovers. If you like them too then here is a sexy thigh tattoo design for you.
Side Thigh Tattoos

4. Thigh flower tattoos are very popular but do you know that you can get amazingly beautiful (but temporary) flower tattoo on the thigh using henna or mehndi?
Black And White Flower Thigh Tattoos

5. The positioning and alignment of the flower tattoo on the thigh play an important role so be sure you know the exact part that you want to get tattooed.
Girls Tattoos On Thigh
tree of life tattoo designs for men

Flower Thigh Tattoos

6. You can get some really good and girly tattoos on the thigh. Here is a princess castle tattoo design on the thigh that seems to be inspired by the famous ‘Disney’ Castle.
Pretty Thigh Tattoos

7. You don’t necessarily need to have cool tattoos on the thigh. You can get weird, odd, or even kinky tattoos too on the thigh. This cat woman tattoo design on the thigh is a perfect example of this.
Best Thigh Tattoos

8. Is it a queen crown tattoo on the thigh or is it a chandelier tattoo? I am not sure but it surely is a very attractive tattoo.
Cool Thigh Tattoos

9. If your husband or boyfriend is in the navy then a good option is to get inked with a ship tattoo on the thigh. Here is one that seems to be inspired by the famous tattoo of Jack Sparrow.
Tattoos On Thigh

10. I don’t understand the logic of adding numbers on the wings of this dragonfly tattoo design. Probably it is a sibling tattoo on the thigh and the number represents the number of sisters.
Dragonfly Thigh Tattoos
simple tattoos for men on hand

Side Thigh Tattoos

11. Thigh tattoo placement matters a lot in tattoo design. Double exposure tattoos require large space therefore they are either opted on the chest or back or on the thighs. Here is a jaw-dropping double exposure tattoo design on the thigh of this woman.
Colorful Thigh Tattoos

12. If you want a large size tattoo on the thigh then you should opt for elephant tattoos as they will not only look attractive but meaningful too.
Elephant Thigh Tattoos

13. Gun tattoos are popularly combined with garter tattoos on the thigh but you necessarily do not have to add the lace tattoo design. Here is an impressive gun tattoo design on the thigh of this lady.
Gun Tattoos On Thigh

14. Thigh quote tattoos are also very popular so I would advise you to find yourself a meaningful quote and get it tattooed on your thigh like this.
Thigh Quote Tattoos

15. Even though men rarely opt for thigh tattoos but a couple can have interesting matching tattoos on the thigh. Here is a sun and moon tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
Moon Thigh Tattoos

Female Front Thigh Tattoos

16. You can opt for colorful thigh tattoos and one advantage of this would be that they would not fade away quickly like calf or forearm tattoos. Here is a colorful candle and lamp post tattoo on the thigh.
Full Thigh Tattoos

17. This actually looks like a tattoo inspired by the emblem of justice. Not every other girl would opt for it and probably that’s what makes it unique and impressive.
Upper Thigh Tattoos

18. I have to admit that upper thigh tattoos look sexier but you should know the upper limit. In my opinion, an upper thigh tattoo just below the shorts will look sexy.
Simple Thigh Tattoos

19. Many girls opt for tree tattoos on the thigh. You don’t have to try a large tree tattoo. A Short and meaningful tree tattoo design like this will also look good on the thigh.
Small Thigh Tattoos

20. Pastel color tattoos also look beautiful on the thigh. Here is an amazing pastel color hot air balloon tattoo on thigh.
Amazing Thigh Tattoos

Small Thigh Tattoos

21. Dream catcher tattoos are often advised on the upper part of the body such as the stomach or rib cage. However, girls can try a dreamcatcher tattoo on thighs too.
Leg Thigh Tattoos

22. No tattoo will look as girly and feminine on the thigh as a ribbon tattoo. Go for a medium to large size ribbon tattoo on your thigh and you won’t regret it.
Thigh Bow Tattoos

23. One cool thing that you can try on the thigh is to get tattooed with flying butterflies. Let the butterfly tattoos begin from the lower thigh and fly up to the upper thigh.
Butterfly Thigh Tattoos

24. Tattoos on both thighs are a good idea too but the problem arises in deciding whether you should have matching tattoos on both thighs or different tattoos on each thigh.
Back Thigh Tattoos

25. Ship wheel tattoos are rarely tried so if your husband is in navy and you want a navy tattoo design then I would recommend you to try a ship wheel tattoo like this.
Thigh Tattoos

Lion Tattoos on Thigh

26. You can try the neo-tribal or blackwork tattoo art on the thigh. In this approach, the artist will use thick solid black ink to create a beautiful tattoo.
Thigh Tattoos Designs

27. Minimalist tattoo designs are also rarely opted but believe me they will look amazing if you do not have any other tattoo design in the near vicinity.
Girly Thigh Tattoos

28. You can also opt for a heart tattoo design on the thigh. Color it red if you are committed but if you are single then add a weird design like this.
Heart Thigh Tattoos

29. You will find many temporary tattoo ideas for thigh but the most impressive ones would be the ones that are inspired by romance and love like this.
Couple Thigh Tattoos

30. There are many flower species that you can try on the thigh but none would look as beautiful as a rose thigh tattoo or even a chrysanthemum tattoo on the thigh.
Roses On Thigh Tattoos

Inner Thigh Tattoos

31. One good thing that you can do in your thigh tattoo design is you can add a subtle diamond tattoo to it. For example here is a tiny diamond tattoo added to this tribal flower tattoo design.
Thigh Tattoos For Girls

32. One interesting tattoo idea on the thigh would be to get a temporary tattoo of your college mascot or state animal. For example here is a bear outline tattoo on the thigh.
Female Thigh Tattoos

33. The artist was very creative in a thigh tattoo design. Here the artist added a flowering vine and a bird tattoo design on a sugar skull tattoo thus overall giving a mind-blowing look.
Thigh Tattoos For Women

34. If you get an animal tattoo on your thigh then I would advise you to add a flower tiara on its head to give it a feminine look.
Inner Thigh Tattoos

35. Thigh band tattoos are also in trend and if you opt for them then be sure they are exactly on the mid-thigh.
Lace Thigh Tattoos

Gun tattoos on Thigh

36. Clean shaving is necessary for a thigh tattoo design because otherwise, the tattoo won’t look as attractive as it should.
Thigh Tattoos For Guys

37. There are many designs for thigh cover-up tattoos but in my opinion, you should always opt for a large flower tattoo for this as it will beautifully cover up the whole part.
Thigh Tattoos For Men

38. If you have thin thighs then you should opt for a colorful tattoo design in medium size just like this colored mermaid tattoo design.
Mermaid Thigh Tattoos

39. Instead of trying a simple thigh band tattoo design you can have a tattoo in such style. Here is a mountain tattoo design that is linked in the style of a band tattoo on the thigh.
Mountain Thigh Tattoos

40. This owl tattoo design on the thigh is one of the cutest tattoos I have ever seen. It is inked using blackwork tattoo art and the addition of the name makes it a perfect tattoo.
Owl Thigh Tattoos

Back Thigh Tattoos for girls

41. You can also opt for a watercolor tattoo design on the thigh. They will be good as temporary tattoos. Here is a watercolor swan tattoo on my friend’s thigh.
Phoenix Thigh Tattoos

42. Instead of getting a large size flower tattoo you can try a small size flower vine tattoo design that covers the whole thigh like this.
Flower Thigh Tattoos

43. You can also try gothic tattoo designs on thighs. Here is a skull and snake tattoo on the thigh that is amazing and attractive.
Skull Thigh Tattoos

44. Dragon tattoos on the thigh are common but the size of the dragon tattoo is debatable. If you want a realistic dragon tattoo then make it large and if you opt for a tribal dragon tattoo then a small size would justify it too.
Thigh Tattoos Tumblr

45. Is it a pizza tattoo or a UFO tattoo or a Heart tattoo or just a landscape tattoo with the moon? What do you think?
Front Thigh Tattoos

Simple Thigh Tattoos for females

46. This astonishing and realistic wolf tattoo design is hard to achieve by any tattoo artist. I would highly recommend this design but you have to find an experienced tattoo artist for it.
Wolf Thigh Tattoos

47. Another good thigh tattoo idea is to opt for an emo-girl portrait tattoo. It might not leave a long-lasting impression but it will be unique in many ways.
Thigh Tattoos Pain Scale

48. Many girls also opt for snake tattoos on their thighs. I would recommend you to try a python tattoo on your thigh like this.
Snake Thigh Tattoos

49. You will find many tribal sketches and drawings on sites like Tumblr, DeviantArt, and Pinterest. You can pick up your design from there too.
Tribal Thigh Tattoos

50. While many girls opt for a front-facing thigh tattoo you can try a side thigh tattoo or even a back thigh tattoo on both left and right legs.
Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoos

Which thigh tattoo for women attracted you the most from this photo gallery?

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