180+ Tribal Scorpion Tattoos For Men (2024) 3D Traditional Designs

Do you know that there are multiple meanings of scorpion tattoos? They were regarded as lucky tattoos by many ancient tribes. Many tribal people got inked with them because they considered that scorpion tattoo fight off evil spirits.

Scorpion tattoos are not just worn by people with scorpion zodiac signs but also by those who wish to overcome their fears. Also, I will admit that scorpion tribal tattoos are the neatest design you will ever see.
Here we presents you 50 cool tattoos of scorpion that you can try –

scorpion rose tattoo

what do scorpions symbolize

1. 3d scorpion tattoos are my favourite because they can look so real that they actually scare people when visible.

scorpion tattoos for men

scorpion tattoos

scorpion symbol meaning

scorpion foot tattoo

what does scorpion mean

what does a scorpion symbolize

2. How about you mix up two different art forms? Here is a scorpion tattoo of an origami scorpion. Pretty Neat, eh?
Abstract Scorpion Tattoos

3. Here is another 3d scorpion tattoo design that is way too realistic and amazing.
Amazing Scorpion Tattoos

4. Placement of scorpion tattoo can make it really great. For example this scorpion tattoo is looking great due to its prefect placement.
Awesome Scorpio Tattoos

5. Many guys like to have scorpion tattoos on biceps. Here is a neat design that you can consider.
Cool Scorpion Tattoos

6. This scorpion tattoo is actually inspired from a drawing and can be improved a lot.
Feminine Scorpio Tattoos

7. Here is a scorpion tattoo that is inspired from Japanese tattoo art. Did you noticed the constellation in the background?
Geometric Scorpion Tattoo

8. Here is a tribal scorpion tattoo design that is actually made evn better with purple shading. Don’t you agree?
Girl Scorpion Tattoos

9. A cool idea to make your 3d scorpion tattoo even more impressive is by showing a shadow of it.
Realistic Scorpion Tattoo

10. This tribal scorpion tattoo design is inspired from the zodiac sign.Scorpion might be small but they have a very long lifespan which can last over two decades.
Scorpio Ankle Tattoos

11. If your zodiac sign is scorpio then you might like to try the scorpius constellation tattoo design as shown in this picture.
Scorpio Constellation Tattoos

12. Most people often ask for scorpion tail tattoo. You can modify with the name initial of your loved ones.
Scorpio Sign Tattoos

13. You can give color to your scorpion tattoo. A red scorpion will represent danger while a blue or green will represent peace and prosperity.
Scorpion Animal Tattoos

14. Inner bicep is also a cool place to try 3d scorpion tattoo but don’t go as big as this or you might scare kids.
Scorpion Arm Tattoo

15. The best placement for scorpio people is to try the tribal version on their back neck like this.
Scorpion Back Tattoos

16. Okay lets be honest, such amazing 3d scorpion tattoo just cannot be pulled off by just any other tattoo artist.
Scorpion Chest Tattoo

17. Scorpion and eagle are enemies. You can try a scorpion and eagle tattoo design to represent that you seek revenge.
Scorpion Eagle Tattoo

18. Many artists like to mix up scorpion and crab tattoos. I don’t think they turn out that great. You decide.
Scorpion Eye Tattoo

19. You can add the constellation to your scorpion tattoo design if you have the same zodiac sign.
Scorpion Forearm Tattoos

20. Another common practice is to show the scorpion tattoo biting the skin just like this.
Scorpion King Tattoos

21. There are not many options for neck tattoos for men. Scorpion is one perfect choice for neck tattoo.
Scorpion Neck Tattoo

22. You can try traditional scorpion tattoo with red tail and can even add flowers to it.
Scorpion Rose Tattoos

23. Another cool placement is back of the shoulder where the scorpion tattoo sits perfectly.
Scorpion Shoulder Tattoos

24. Desert scorpions are usually hairy and therefore scarier. You can try a hairy scorpion tattoo like this.
Scorpion Sleeve Tattoos

25. Here is an old school scorpion tattoo design that is perfect choice for stomach.
Scorpion Tattoo Black And Grey

26. Scorpion tattoo can be really good cover up tattoos. Here is an image that shows how good cover up tattoos they are.
Scorpion Tattoo Cover Up

27. Showing a tail hovering over the head of the scorpion will mean that you are an aggressive person.
Scorpion Tattoo Designs

28. Now this is a cool idea where the artist added the name of a person in the tail of the scorpion. You too can add name of your loved one in similar manner.
Scorpion Tattoo For Man

29. This scorpion have a body and legs like a cockroach.
Scorpion Tattoo Inner Arm

30. Showing the hair around the legs of your scorpion tattoo will show that you feel insecure about yourself.
Scorpion Tattoo Leg

31. Women who opt for large size scorpion tattoo want to represent strength and believe in equality among genders.
Scorpion Tattoo Lower Arm

32. You can show a blood drop on the tail of your scorpion tattoo to show that you are aggressive person.
Scorpion Tattoo Meaning

33. If your zodiac sign is scorpio then it would be a good idea for you to wear scorpion tattoo on hand.
Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

34. Scorpion dance to impress females. Girls can try a dancing scorpion tattoo to show that they need devotion and honesty.
Scorpion Tattoo Quotes

35. Even though I won’t recommend but still many people who have scorpio zodiac like to add the word as well.
Scorpion Tattoo Ribs

36. Do not try a scorpion tattoo in such large size but I would agree that rib cage is good choice for scorpion tattoos.
Scorpion Tattoo

37. There are many feminine scorpio tattoo ideas but my favourite is to try it in small size just behind the ear.
Scorpion Tattoos Behind The Ear

38. You can try a simple scorpion tattoo design but would it look as beautiful as this?
Scorpion Tattoos Blue

39. Showing a long tail of scorpion will mean that you are not afraid to cross limits and get out of your comfort zone.
Scorpion Tattoos For Females

40. There is no special meaning of scorpion hand tattoo other than that the wearer is probably a scorpio.
Scorpion Tattoos For Hands

41. This traditional scorpion tattoo is scary and it is meant to scare off evil spirits.
Scorpion Tattoos For Ladies

42. If you have broken your heart than you can try a similar design that will show that you failed in love but are not afraid to give it another try.
Scorpion Tattoos Ideas

43. Foot is good choice for a scorpion tattoo and you can try one which is as big as this.
Scorpion Tattoos On Foot

44. You can try watercolour scorpion tattoo designs but they won’t last long.
Scorpion Tattoos On Thigh

45. A climbing scorpion tattoo will represent that you are not afraid to face your fears.
Scorpion Tattoos On Wrist

46. Here is a really simple scorpion tattoo design that will suit most blue collar workers.
Simple Scorpion Tattoo

47. A tiny tribal scorpion tattoo like this (and that too on the rib cage of girl) would be too h0t to handle.
Small Scorpion Tattoo

48. Coloring and shading gives a unique look scorpion tattoo and this design is proof of it.
Tattoo Scorpion

49. You can even play with various colors like here the artist used blue ink in the design.
Traditional Scorpion Tattoo

50. Here is another unique tribal scorpion tattoo design that will suit both boys and girls.
Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

So Which scorpion tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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