180+ Best Back Tattoos For Girls (2023) Tramp Stamp Designs With Meaning

There are many ideas on back tattoos for girls but the most popular ones are surely flowers, birds, and butterfly designs. Girls like to try tattoos on their backs because they look very $exy and adorable.

Here we present you 150 meaningful back tattoos for girls –

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what tattoo should i get

emma watson tattoo back

1. A full back tattoo design is always admired by both men and women. You can try a full back tattoo that shows beautiful scenery like this.

what is a tramp stamp

back tattoos for girls

what kind of tattoo should i get

what a tramp stamp

let it go tattoo

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2. One of the most sought after back tattoos for girls is the angel wings design as shown here.

thick girls with tattoos

Angel Wings Tattoos On Back For Girls

beautiful women with tattoos

tattoo between shoulder blades

pretty girls with tattoos

whats a tramp stamp

3. Most girls want to have a $exy design on their back and I guess this is one of the $exiest design that you can try.

where there’s a will there’s a way tattoo

Angels And Demons Dragons Tattoo On Back

do girls like guys with tattoos

diamond tattoo on finger

across the universe tattoo

full body tattoo girl

4. An elaborate native American girl tattoo on the back would be loved by both male and female.

flower tattoo with words

Back Piece Tattoos For Girls

i love you sign tattoo

i am what i am tattoo

stay strong tattoo design

be your own kind of beautiful tattoo

5. You can have a mandala style tattoo on back. I would prefer middle back for this.

lower back butterflies tattoos

Back Shoulder Tattoos For Girls

butt tattoos for girls

black girls with tattoos

butterfly lower back tattoo

cute small hip tattoos

6. Quote, the tattoo is not enough for the back as they cannot occupy all the space. However, if added with other designs (like flowers) they will look amazing.

so will i tattoo

Back Tattoos For Black Girls

butterfly tattoos on buttocks

stand by me tattoo

music note tattoo on neck

small of a woman’s back

7. Spine tattoos are always $exy. You will hardly find any bad spine tattoo design.

celebrities with small heads

Back Tattoos For Girls Quotes Spine

celebrity tramp stamp tattoos

sexiest place to get a tattoo

smile tattoo on hand

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8. If you really want to try a quote tattoo on back then opt for bible verses and that too on the upper back like this.

tattoos on buttocks pictures

Back Tattoos For Girls Quotes

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9. If you want angel wings on the back but not in large size then a cool choice for you would be to try them on back shoulders (on lats) like this.

tramp stamp tattoo tumblr

Back Tattoos For Girls Wings

and yet i smile tattoo

me myself and i tattoo

tattoo on buttocks images

small smiley face tattoo

10. A colourful flower vine on the back would be too hard to reject. Don’t you think so? If you want to build a stronger back then you should add lat pull down in your workout routine.

lower back coverup tattoos

Big Back Tattoos For Girls

corset tattoos on back

born alone die alone tattoo

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cover up tribal tattoos lower back

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Cool back Tattoos for girls

11. As back tattoos can be hidden whenever wished so I would encourage you to try an offbeat design like this.
Browning Tattoos For Girls On Back

12. If you are a religious person who wants to have a large size religious tattoo then back is the perfect place for it.
Buddha Back Tattoos For Girls

13. Here is a beautiful watercolour flower tattoo on back with butterflies that is too hard to ignore.
Butterfly And Flower Upper Back Shoulder

14. Can you guess what tattoo design is this on the back of this girl? It is a map tattoo.
Center Back Tattoos For Girls

15. Many find a flowering vine that rises from lower back to upper back as $exy but if you have broad back then you can surely try a wide flower vine tattoo.
Colorful Back Tattoos For Girls

Japanese Back tattoo ideas for women

16. Native americans considered dreamcatcher to be lucky charm. You can try a dreamcatcher tattoo around your backbone.
Cool Back Tattoos For Girls

17. This might come as a weird design but trust me Cheshire cat are one of the most popular tattoo design in the world.
Cool Tattoos For Girls On Upper Back

18. Another impressive idea would be to try a cross tattoo on back like this.
Cross Tattoos On Back For Girls

19. Try a dragon tattoo on back and you would not look for another back tattoo for girl.
Dragon Back Tattoos For Girls

20. Dragonflies represent hope and fight against all odds. Such design is suitable for full back.
Dragonfly Back Tattoos For Girls

Tribal Back tattoos For Women Ideas

21. Here is another stylish double dreamcatcher tattoo design for the back.
Dreamcatcher Full Back Tattoos For Girls

22. Flower tattoos are number one pick for back but do you know they can be improved with beautiful geometric patterns.
Flower Back Tattoos For Girls

23. If you believe in the religion of humanity then this is a masterpiece tattoo design for you that you can try on your back.
Full Back Tattoos For Girls

24. Yes this is an offbeat design but then again it will be unique to try.
Giraffe Back Tattoos For Girls

25. Another cool idea that I would suggest you Is to try heart tattoo design and that too on the lower back like this.
Heart Tattoos For Girls On Lower Back

Back Shoulder Tattoos for Females

26. Butterflies look beautiful on every part of body so why not try them on back too.
Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

27. If you are a fan of Japanese art culture then you should try a Japanese tattoo. I would prefer a cherry blossom tattoo on the back like this.
Lower Back Coverup Tattoos For Girls

28. A blooming flower tattoo on the back would also look adorable but I would suggest you pick flowers like Marigold or Lily.
Lower Back Flower Tattoos For Girls

29. Your tattoo doesn’t have to be just on the back. You can have a flower vine tattoo that rises from your stomach and covers your rib cage and back like this.
Lower Back Tattoos For Girls Flowers

30. This tribal tattoo design on the back of this girl is inspired from Aztec art.
Lower Back Tattoos For Girls Meaning

Lower Back Tattoos For Girls

31. Boys like to have gun tattoos near their lower stomach. For girls the gun tattoos would look great on lower back.
Lower Back Tattoos For Girls With Hearts

32. Here is another lower back tattoo idea for girl – It features a tribal flower tattoo design.
Lower Back Tattoos For Girls

33. A unique idea would be to ink a circle (make it look like sun or moon) and then ink design around it like this.
Mandala Back Tattoos For Girls

34. Peacock feather represents fertility and beauty. You can try a feather (any bird of your choice) tattoo design on your back.
Middle Back Tattoos For Girls

35. Wolf tattoo represents courage and family bonding. You can try a matching wolf tattoo on your back with your sibling or parents.
Nice Back Tattoos For Girls

Wing Tattoos on Back

36. Watercolor tattoos on back will not stay longer but it is hard to resist such beautiful watercolour rose tattoo.
Rose Back Tattoos For Girls

37. Bird tattoos look great on arm or back. Here is a mix up of bird and music note tattoo on lower back.
Shoulder Back Tattoos For Girls

38. Another cool idea would be to try a flower vine tattoo around your rib cage in such manner that it covers back as well.
Side Back Tattoos For Girls

39. Geometrical tattoos are usually tried on forearms but you can also give them a try on back.
Simple Back Tattoos For Girls

40. A skull tattoo of native American chief will look amazingly beautiful on full back.
Skull Back Tattoos For Girls

Female Back tattoos

41. Most people think that back tattoos need to be big. That is not true. A simple and small size tattoo (arrow) like this would look great as well.
Small Back Tattoos For Girls

42. If you ever consider for snake tattoo then the best place to get them is back. See it for yourself how good they look.
Snake Back Tattoos For Girls

43. If someone from your family served in navy or is sailor then a good idea would be to try compass tattoo on the back like this.
Spine Quote Tattoos For Girls

44. A single star tattoo might not look attractive but cluster of star tattoo surely looks adorable. Back is one of the best place to try them.
Star Tattoos For Girls Back

45. Moon tattoos are very popular as they represent changing phases of life. Back provide enough space to try the moon phase tattoos.
Tattoos For Girls In The Back

Upper Back tattoos for Girls

46. Lotus flower tattoos represent struggle and hardship. You can show a blooming lotus flower in mud on your back.
Tattoos For Girls On Back

47. Phoenix tattoo represent rebirth – a new beginning. If you are trying to move on from your past then try phoenix tattoo.
Tattoos On Back For Girls

48. Tribal flower tattoos always look great. Girls can try them easily on middle back.
Upper Back Tattoos For Girls

49. An elaborative and complex back tattoo design like this would be hard to ink but an experienced tattoo artist will pull it off.
Whole Back Tattoos For Girls

50. Do you love traveling then you would surely like to try a world map tattoo? But remember the best place to try them is back.
World Map Back Tattoos For Girls

This was our photo gallery of back tattoos for girls – which one you liked the most?