54+ Best Arm Tattoos For Women With Meaning (2024)

According to a tattoo survey, most people try arm tattoos first before getting tattooed on any other body part. This is because they can admire the beauty of their tattoo design all the time and they can judge how the tattoo looks on them.

There are thousands of arm tattoo ideas, to be honest, but then again I would advise you to pick up only meaningful designs that suit you. Most boys love to have arm tattoos that are inspired by celebrities. If you want to know which tattoo style fits you best, make sure to check out this comprehensive guide.

Here we have selected the 54 best arm tattoos that will suit both men and women –

Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas for Women

1. One design that sits perfectly on arm is the lighthouse tattoo design. Here is how it looks on forearm.
Arm Tattoos

2. Also you can try armband tattoos that can be tried either on wrist or on forearm. Some even try them on biceps as well.
Arm Band Tattoo

3. One of the most common yet very lovable arm tattoo ideas is to try angel wings on arms like this.
Angel Wings Tattoos On Arm

4. Most people convert their arm tattoos into a full sleeve or half sleeve tattoos. Make sure the new tattoos that you add to your arm match the theme of the previous tattoo.
Arm Sleeve Tattoo

5. You can opt for a one design that can cover your half sleeve. Here is a native American chief tattoo design on half sleeve.
Arm Sleeve Tattoos
semicolon tattoo ideas for guys

Dragon Arm Tattoo For Females

6. I would usually avoid unusual tattoos on arm. For example an octopus tattoo would look better on stomach than on arm.
Arm Tattoo Designs

7. Planetary tattoos are my favourite. Look at this cute solar system tattoo that would definitely suit any science geek.
Arm Tattoo Ideas

8. Trying a long quote or a bible verse tattoo on arm is also a cool idea but then again it should be in readable font.
Arm Quote Tattoos

9. Bird tattoos looks very beautiful on girls and they are perfect pick for arm tattoos.
Arm Tattoos For Girls

10. If you are a religious person than a Jesus portrait tattoo or angel Gabriel tattoo on arm is a great idea. There are several exercises that women can follow for stronger arms.
Arm Tattoos For Men Half Sleeves
harry potter tattoo ideas for guys

Inner Arm Tattoos Designs for Girls

11. You can try a traditional ship and anchor tattoo design and it will perfectly suit you if your husband or boyfriend is in navy.
Arm Tattoos For Men

12. Girls have one more option. They can try temporary henna tattoos and there are a hell lot of designs to choose from.
Arm Tattoos For Women

13. Isn’t this tribal tattoo amazing? This is one of the coolest tribal sleeve that I have ever seen.
Arm Tattoos

14. Many people like to have tattoo on back of the arm. You can try a simple and minimal design like this.
Back Of Arm Tattoo

15. Here is another offbeat tattoo design that is perfect fit for arm.
Best Arm Tattoos

Mechanical Arm Tattoo

16. Armband tattoos have a lot of varieties and my favorites are the celtic arm band tattoos.
Celtic Arm Bands Tattoos

17. Guys like to have tattoos that have warrior theme. So why not try a sword and wolf tribal tattoo design like this.
Cool Arm Tattoos For Guys

18. A compass tattoo is often tried on shoulder but you can edit the design and move it forearm.
Cool Arm Tattoos

19. This half sleeve koi fish tattoo design actually looks like a giant whale. It is a good cover up tattoo.
Cover Up Tattoos On Arm

20. How could you not love a dragon inked on arm? Dragon tattoos are probably the best choice for arms.
Dragon Arm Tattoo

Tattoos for Women on Arm

21. Dreamcatcher was considered lucky by native americans. A medium size dreamcatcher tattoo like this would look great on arm.
Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoos

22. Instead of trying huge arm tattoos you can go for small or even one word tattoos like this on arm.
Female Arm Tattoos

23. Here is a minimalist tattoo design on arm that is inspired from the double exposure technique. The artist showed flowers inside a heart.
Flower Tattoos On Arm

24. Here is another example of double exposure tattoo on arm where the artist showed a landscape tattoo in the style of a guitar.
Forest Arm Tattoo

25. Eye tattoos are often tried on inner bicep but do you know that they look really great when presented as a part of a full sleeve tattoo.
Full Arm Tattoo

Back of Arm Tattoo for Women

26. If you have huge biceps and wish to try an inner arm tattoo then I would suggest you pick circular designs so that show the beauty of your biceps.
Inner Arm Tattoos

27. You can also browse our Japanese tattoo art gallery where you will find a lot of beautiful designs like this that suits perfectly on arm.
Inside Arm Tattoos

28. A Jesus Portrait should either be tried on arm or on chest. No other body part do justice to such beautiful tattoos.
Jesus Arm Tattoo

29. This beautiful watercolour lion tattoo on arm is so gracefully done that I believe it would be hard to duplicate it.
Lion Tattoos On Arm

30. If you are a patriotic person than an American flag tattoo as half sleeve design would be great idea.
Lower Arm Tattoos

Tribal Arm Tattoos For Females

31. Biomechanical tattoos are most suitable for arms or thighs. Here is a simple biomechanical tattoo on arm.
Mechanical Arm Tattoo

32. This sleeve tattoo design is inspired from Polynesian tribal tattoo art.
Mens Arm Tattoos

33. Most artist love to play with the black and white shade. For example here is an amazing black and white style music note tattoo on arm.
Musical Arm Tattoos

34. Justin bieber has an owl tattoo on arm and this led to many beliebers try the same design on arm.
Owl Arm Tattoos

35. Phoenix is another popular choice for arm tattoo. Here is a watercolour phoenix tattoo that you can consider.
Phoenix Tattoo Arm

Robot Arm Tattoo for Girls

36. Realistic praying hand tattoo may not suit everyone because these designs need a good amount of space but then again if you have fit forearms then try it.
Religious Arm Tattoos

37. People also like to try robotic designs. Here is a robot styled arm tattoo.
Robot Arm Tattoo

38. Rose tattoos are one of the most common choices for arm tattoos for girls.
Rose Tattoos On Arm

39. Side wrist tattoos always looks $exy. Here the girl got tattooed with the word ‘FAMILY’ on her side arm.
Side Arm Tattoos

40. This is a very basic skelton tattoo design on arm but you can try a tattoo that matches the bones of your arm.
Skeleton Arm Tattoos

Arm Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

41. There are many small arm tattoos that you can try. They don’t need to be popular choices. Here is a small and simple leave tattoo for arm.
Small Arm Tattoos

42. Isn’t this python tattoo looking great on arm?
Snake Arm Tattoo

43. Shooting star tattoo designs always look great. They either suit neck or upper arm like this.
Stars Tattoos On Arm

44. So this unusual design of burnt matchstick on arm has a deep meaning. Can you tell it?
Tattoo On Arm

45. Dwayne Johnson’s popular shoulder arm tribal tattoo is imitated by many tattoo lovers. Here is one inspired from that famous samoan tattoo design.
Tattoos For Men On Arm Sleeves

Arm Band tattoo for Females

46. If you love traveling then a cool design for you would be to try a world map tattoo where you color the countries that you have visited.
Tattoos For Men On Arm

47. Here this unique arm tattoo design is actually inspired from indian rangoli patterns.
Tattoos For Women On Arm

48. There are many traditional tattoo designs that you can try on arm. My choice would be a dagger tattoo like this.
Traditional Arm Tattoos

49. Tree tattoos perfectly suit arm. If you are a nature loving person then this is best pick for you.
Tree Arm Tattoo

50. Tribal flames are also one of the most beautiful arm tattoo designs.
Tribal Arm Tattoos

Tattoos on Arm for Women

Upper Arm Tattoos

Vine Tattoos On Arm

Wolf Arm Tattoo

Words Tattoos On Arm

So which arm tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?