50+ Unique Harry Potter Tattoos For Men (2023)

I love TV, Movie, Book or video game related tattoos. Harry Potter Tattoos have their own dedicated fan following which is only increasing. I have seen a lot of people trying meaningless harry potter tattoos.

You do not have to opt for just any kind of harry potter tattoo. Instead, choose for a tattoo that means something to you and that best describes your personality. Here is a list of 50 best harry potter tattoos for men and women –

Harry Potter Quote Tattoos

1. Instead of trying large size harry potter tattoos I would suggest you go tiny. Try simple HP tattoos like this on the neck or behind the year.
harry potter tattoos

2. Remember Hermione’s Time Turner from Prisoner of Azkaban? If you try this awesome harry potter tattoo then it would mean that you want to change something from your past.
Awesome Harry Potter Tattoos

3. Harry Potter Spell Tattoos are extremely popular and this is the reason why you will see many tattoos of potion and spells on harry potter fans. The person who drinks the potion ‘Felix Felicis’ can become successful in any task. This is because the outcome of whatever he/she will try (no matter how tough) will be in their favor. This can be improved with a heaven tattoo.
Amazing Harry Potter Tattoos

4. You can change harry potter quote tattoos in your local language. Like here is a tattoo of famous harry potter quote “It is possible to find happiness in the darkest hours if the person remembers to turn on the light” translated in the Portuguese language.
Badass Harry Potter Tattoos

5. The Golden Snitch is the most important element in the famous Quidditch game of the wizardly world. Back of the neck is perfect placement for golden snitch tattoo. As Golden Snitch is hard to catch so its tattoo would mean that you are chasing dreams that are hard to achieve.
Beautiful Harry Potter Tattoos
broken heart tattoos pictures

Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas

6. I find minimal harry potter tattoos the coolest. Like here is an outline tattoo of the famous building of Hogwarts School.
Best Harry Potter Tattoos

7. You can add popular tattoo styles to your harry potter tattoos. Such as here the artist mixed up a magical wand tattoo and infinity tattoo thus making a perfect harry potter couple tattoo.
Cool Harry Potter Tattoos

8. Every Harry Potter fan know whose symbol is the Dark Matter. You know we should not name him. If you are a fan of Voldemort from the series then you should try Harry Potter dark mark tattoos.
Harry Potter Couple Tattoos

9. Dementor plays a very important role in bringing courage to the harry potter character. If you too are fighting from your fears and want to win them then try a harry potter dementor tattoo like this.
Harry Potter Dark Mark Tattoos

10. Dobby’s death is arguably the saddest moment in the Harry Potter series. If you too loved Dobby then try a Harry Potter Dobby tattoo.In my opinion these are the best fan theories about the harry potter universe.
Harry Potter Dementor Tattoos
geometric tattoos sleeve

Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas for Guys

11. As the harry potter golden snitch tattoo is extremely popular so I would suggest to try it in a small size and that too on forearm or wrist, give it a golden color. This way your tattoo would be unique. You can further improve it by trying it as an inner bicep tattoo.
Harry Potter Dobby Tattoos

12. ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ is the most basic spell learned by witches and wizard of Hogwarts. It makes things fly so surely it would suit on a feather.
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Tattoos

13. Winged keys protected the Philosopher stone in the first movie/novel of the Harry Potter Series. It is a good choice for couples where they can try harry potter key tattoos along with a heart lock.
Harry Potter Inspired Tattoos

14. You do not need to have large size harry potter tattoos. In fact, I would love to have such harry potter knuckle tattoos where several magical objects are inked on the fingers.
Harry Potter Key Tattoos

15. The famous lightning bolt scar on the forehead of tattoo inspired a lot of tattoo design. Do not try the harry potter lightning bolt tattoo on the forehead. Wrist, fingers or ankle is an ideal place for it.
Harry Potter Knuckle Tattoos

16. Why would anyone like to have lord Voldemort tattoo? Do they want to scare the kids away? Anyway here is one for consideration.
Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Tattoos

17. The winged key is also an ideal choice for matching harry potter tattoos. You can try them with your siblings as well. All the brother-sister can have winged key tattoos with the mother or father having the heart lock tattoo.
Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Tattoos

18. The owl brings important news to the students of Hogwarts from the outside world. If you are in the navy then harry potter owl tattoos are the perfect choice for you.
Harry Potter Minimalist Tattoos

19. The powerful charm Expecto Patronum in the harry potter universe brings out your spirit animal and save you from dementors.
Harry Potter Owl Tattoos

20. Albus Dumbledore’s pet phoenix Fawkes taught Harry Potter an important lesson when he born again from its own ashes. The harry potter phoenix tattoo would be meaningful to those who learn from their mistakes and step forward.
Harry Potter Patronus Tattoos

Wizard Tattoos

21. To be honest the book does not give a familiar look to the harry potter character. In fact i have seen a mix up of irish pride tattoos with HP universe that are not very good (Drunk Harry). It was only after Danielle Radcliffe stepped into the shoes of famous wizard that we got a familiar harry potter. You can try a Harry potter portrait tattoo if you liked him.
Harry Potter Phoenix Tattoos

22. This is probably the most famous quote from the Harry Potter series. This line was said by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter in the novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Harry Potter Portrait Tattoos

23. If you do not want a serious or motivational harry potter quote tattoos then try something funny like this quote. This line was used by Harry Potter to show the contents of the Marauder’s map which otherwise would be blank.
Harry Potter Quotes Tattoos

24. Do you like harry potter minimalist tattoos? How about trying a minimal scar and harry potter glasses tattoo just like this?
Harry Potter Quote Tattoos Dumbledore

25. You do not need to have permanent harry potter tattoos. In fact, I often use watercolor and pastel color to have temporary tattoos of my choice.
Harry Potter Scar Tattoos

26. If you want to learn how to earn respect then Severus Snape might not be the best choice. It was not until he died that we learned how great a person he was.
Harry Potter Scar Temporary Tattoos

27. There are many matching tattoos from the harry potter world that could be tried by siblings. If you wish to have tiny tattoos then opt for star tattoo designs like this.
Harry Potter Severus Snape Tattoos

28. Tell Me How many harry potter related stuff are used in this one word tattoo? Can you recognize the word?
Harry Potter Sibling Tattoos

29. Alohomora is one of the most familiar Harry Potter charms. It is also called a friend of thieves and it is used to open locks. If you are trying to open locks of someone heart then dedicate them an Alohomora tattoo within a heart and their name.
Harry Potter Sister Tattoos

30. Here are another Harry potter symbol tattoos that will bring you back the nostalgic days. Can you tell me what are these symbols represent?
Harry Potter Spell Tattoos

Harry Potter Always Tattoo meaning

31. Did you cry when Serveus Snape replied ‘Always’ to Dumbledore upon asking ‘Does he still love Lilly Potter?’ I Cried. This word means a lot to harry potter fans. Popular Hollywood actor johnny depp also have this tattoo for winona.
Harry Potter Symbols Tattoos

32. The famous sign of deathly hallows which includes a triangle, a circle, and a straight line is popular tattoo choice as well. It is said that whoever possessed the elder wand (straight line), resurrection stone (circle) and invisibility cloak (Triangle) would become the master of death.
Harry Potter Tattoos Always

33. When Harry Potter cast the Patronus charm in Prisoner of Azkaban a stag came out and fended hundreds of dementors over Sirius Black. The stag tattoo is therefore very popular among harry potter fans.
Harry Potter Tattoos Deathly Hallows

34. I Must Not Tell lies were the word that carved on Harry Potter’s hand when he used the infamous black quill. You can try them as a tattoo but it should be in red ink and should be on left hand.
Harry Potter Tattoos For Guys

35. The Marauder’s map is a very popular harry potter prop that was even sold has kids toy. You can try the famous I solemnly swear line along with the map in your tattoo design.
Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas

36. The sorting hat is one of the oldest known relics in the Harry Potter universe. It is used to give students their ideal houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) based on their personality.
Harry Potter Tattoos Images

37. Now, this is really smart harry potter sibling tattoo. First of all the person chose minimal HP tattoo (footsteps and scar), secondly, it has a white ink quote in it.
Harry Potter Tattoos I Must Not Tell Lies

38. You can try the famous sign of deathly hallow in white ink. But be sure that it is visible to you at right angles.
Harry Potter Tattoos I Solemnly Swear

39. What would be a better harry potter tattoo than the logo of the school? The logo of the school includes mascot of all four houses.
Harry Potter Tattoos Stars

40. The Spelling of harry potter quote tattoos and spell tattoos should be correct. The Spell shown in this picture is ‘Expecto Patronum’ which is the most powerful defensive charm. It was used by Harry Potter against Dementors. There is a spelling mistake in the tattoo show in this photo but the design is worth trying.
Harry Potter Tattoos Tumblr

Dobby Tattoo

41. One of the most romantic harry potter tattoos for couples would be the famous ‘After All This Time?’ and ‘Always’. It is much better couple tattoo idea than the infinity heart tattoos.
Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos

42. The whoomping willow is a magical plant that causes more harm than good. It will attack anyone that comes close to it.
Harry Potter Tree Tattoos

43. What would be a better tattoo for harry potter fan than a magical wand? Most fans love to have a tattoo of the elder wand which is cited as the most powerful wand ever.
Harry Potter Wand Tattoos

44. In the harry potter world, Nimbus 2000 is one of the most popular magical broomsticks. It was described as the fastest broomstick by Harry but its speed was surpassed by the future models.
Matching Harry Potter Tattoos

45. If you do not want to try complicated tattoos then go for simple harry potter tattoos like this tiny subtle magical wand tattoo on the finger.
Simple Harry Potter Tattoos

46. There are many choices for small harry potter tattoos but personally, I think the sorting hat would be a great choice.
Small Harry Potter Tattoos

47. Do you recognize this number? 9 ¾ is the train station number which teleport you to the magical world of Hogwarts.
Subtle Harry Potter Tattoos

48. The golden snitch tattoo can also be tried in tiny shape in the style of a ring. It would be ideal for couples who harry potter fans.
Tiny Harry Potter Tattoos

49. One unique harry potter tattoo idea would be to try harry potter quotes that are in the shape of Deathly hallow sign.
Unique Harry Potter Tattoos

50. If you loved the Quidditch game very much and you find yourself as a sports-loving person then try the golden snitch tattoo.
Harry Potter Snitch Tattoos

Which Harry Potter tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?