320+ Pictures of Tattoos For Girls With Meaning (2024) Small Cute Female Designs

There are thousands of ideas for cute tattoos for girls but when it comes to meaningful girl tattoos there are very few. You can get your body tattooed with dozens of designs but they will be very much useless if they are not meaningful and also are not rightly placed.

A good tattoo will look unattractive if it is not placed on the right body part. Most girls try new tattoos on the rib, shoulder, side, back, stomach, thigh, wrist and forearm.

I call those tattoos best female tattoos that are perfectly placed and hold deep meaning for the person. Here we have picked up top 350 best and small cute Tattoos For Girls images –

Small Tattoos For Girls

1. Bird tattoos are very popular among girls. You can pick either a sparrow tattoo or a female parrot tattoo design. Such tattoos would look amazing on girl’s thighs.
thigh tattoos for girls

beautiful women with tattoo

2. Girls are more attracted to small tattoos rather than large tattoos. One very popular part for small tattoos is behind the ear. You can have a small bird tattoo design behind the ear just like this.
Tattoos For Girls Behind The Ear

best female tattoo 2020

3. If you love traveling then there would be no better design than a landscape tattoo. You can either opt for a snowy hill station tattoo or a calm beach tattoo design on forearm like this.
Forearm Tattoos For Girls

girl with alot of tattoo

4. Even though skull tattoos are more famous among boys but this doesn’t mean a girl can’t have them? I would recommend you to try a sugar skull tattoo design on shoulder or bicep like this.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Girl

mini tattoo with meaning

5. Sun and Moon tattoo designs are very popular among couples. You might wish to have a sun and moon tattoo design with your boyfriend or husband. One interesting design for such tattoos is shown in this picture.
Cool Tattoos For Girls 1

Rib Tattoos For Girls

6. If you opt for a bird tattoo design then it would be meaningful if you show a flying bird instead of a bird sitting idle. Here is a flying birds tattoo design on the back of this girl.
Cool Small Tattoos For Girls

simple tattoo idea with meaning

7. Another girly tattoo design that you can give try is the bow tattoo design. This is a perfect tattoo for thigh and you can try it along with a garter tattoo design.
Tattoos Ideas For Girls

small tattoo symbols and their meanings

8. Butterfly tattoos are among the top 10 most popular tattoos in the world. So obviously you might wish to have a butterfly tattoo. You can try a flying butterfly tattoo design on the back like this. It would look good in large size.
Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

small symbols and meanings

9. To be honest there are not much calf tattoo ideas for girls. If you wish to have a unique and impressive design then here is a neo-tribal flower tattoo design on the calf. This is also an ideal cover up tattoo for girls.
Calf Tattoos For Girls

small feminine tattoo with meaning

10. A good tattoo artist can give a feminine and attractive look to any tattoo design. For example here the artist inked the eyes of a cat in blue and made this cat tattoo design even more beautiful. You can use these inspirational quotes too as your tattoo design.
Cat Tattoos Designs For Girls

Shoulder Tattoos For Girls

11. If you cannot have large size tattoo due to your job but still wish to have a tattoo then I would recommend you to try a tattoo design on parts like fingers, palm, hand, and ankle or behind the ear. Here is a medium size cross tattoo design on the side of the hand of this woman.
Cross Tattoos For Girls

12. Back neck tattoos look way more beautiful on girls as compared to boys. I would suggest girls try a tiny flower or a tiny star tattoo design on back neck.
Neck Tattoos For Girls

13. An interesting idea would be to try temporary tattoo designs that show your interest and likes. For example, this girl got tattooed with a pen which suggests that she probably loves writing and reading.
Wrist Tattoos For Girls

14. The ankle is a special part for girls to have tattoos. Instead of ruining it with a weird tattoo design, I would recommend you try unique designs such as this whale tattoo that perfectly blends with the body part.
Small Tattoos Ideas For Girls

15. Dragonfly tattoos have a deep meaning. They represent positivity and freedom, therefore, dragonfly tattoos are often recommended to girls. Here is a dragonfly tattoo on the foot of this lady.
Foot Tattoos For Girls

Stomach Tattoos For Girls

16. Dreamcatcher tattoos are considered very lucky among both boys and girls. For girls dreamcatcher tattoo can be one of the best thigh tattoo design.
Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Girls

17. It is not easy to find beautiful rib cage tattoos for girls. Here is an interesting elephant tattoo design inked on the rib of this beautiful girl.
Side Tattoos For Girls

18. Girls can have tribal jewellery or ornament tattoo design on their body. The best part to try such tattoos is either neck or ankle.
Pretty Tattoos For Girls

19. Even though I do not recommend face tattoos to my clients (be it male or female), still if you want one then here is cool around the ear tattoo design on the face of this lady.
Face Tattoos For Girls

20. Fairy tattoos suit more on the body of girls than on boys. But what is the best part to try them? I would suggest girls try fairy tattoos on forearm or calf.
Cute Tattoos For Girls

Side Tattoos For Girls

21. A unique and very meaningful tattoo idea for girl would be to try phoenix feather tattoo design behind the ear. It will represent rebirth and start of new life.
Simple Tattoos For Girls

22. Most girls like to have quote tattooed on their body. I would recommend them to try quote tattoos for girls on forearm but remember it should be meaningful and beautiful.
Roses Tattoos For Girls

23. Not many girls opt for spine tattoos but if you want a wonderful backbone tattoo design then one of the most recommended ideas is to try dreamcatcher tattoo on spine.
Back Tattoos For Girls

24. Geisha tattoos are usually opted by boys but if you are attracted to Japanese tattoos then there would be no better design than a geisha tattoo.
Tattoos Designs For Girls

25. Only h@rdcore tattoo loving girls opt for tattoos on lips. You might not want to try a tattoo on the lip but how about trying a lip tattoo design on the wrist?
Arm Tattoos For Girls

Arm Tattoos For Girls

26. Disney princesses are adored by almost all girls around the world. You can get tattooed with your favorite Disney princess and the best place to have them is either chest or upper arm.
Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

27. Yin yang tattoos are meaningful for both boys and girl. One very impressive women tattoo idea is to try yin yang tattoo using koi fish. Here is a koi fish tattoo design in the style of yin yang.
Shoulder Tattoos For Girls

28. If you wish to have a tattoo design that represents strength, bravery, and confidence then there is no better option than a hamsa tattoo design. Girls can try hamsa tattoo design on the stomach or lower back.
Tattoos For Girls On Hand

29. Finger tattoos are admired by girls but they often get confused to pick up the right design. Here is a micro stag tattoo design on the knuckle of this woman.
Hand Tattoos For Girls

30. Girls often get inked with the name of their boyfriend on their bodies. Even though getting tattooed with your boyfriend’s name on your forehead would be one of the dumbest tattoo ideas yet this doesn’t mean you cannot get tattooed with your lover name. One good idea would be getting your boyfriend’s name tattooed on your wrist along with a heart tattoo design.
Tattoos For Girls On Wrist

Back Tattoos For Girls

31. How about trying a self-portrait tattoo design? It is pretty common among girls to have self-portrait tattoos and here is a cute design for you.
Tattoos For Girls Tumblr

32. If you do not want a self-portrait tattoo design then you can opt for the portrait tattoo of a brave historical woman. Here the lady opted for a Native American girl tattoo on her shoulder.
Unique Tattoos For Girls

33. Font selection matters a lot in the quote and word tattoos, especially for girls. One good suggestion would be to try a font that makes the word look like a heartbeat.
Tattoos For Girls With Meaning

34. Owl tattoos represent wisdom and knowledge. If you are a woman who loves gaining and sharing knowledge then you should opt for an owl tattoo design on shoulder or back.
Tattoos For Girls On Arm

35. Peacock is known as excellent dancers in many cultures. If you love dancing then you should try a large size peacock tattoo design on your back shoulder or chest.
Beautiful Tattoos For Girls

Forearm Tattoos For Girls

36. If you love space, science, and technology then you should opt for geek or nerd tattoos and there would be no better choice than a solar system tattoo design like this.
Tattoos For Girls On Shoulder

37. Flower tattoos are the most popular tattoos among girls but placement matter a lot for flower tattoos. If you wish to have a unique flower tattoo then try a rose tattoo design on the spine like this.
Tattoos For Girls On Spine

38. You might wish to have a quote tattoo or a bible verse tattoo design on your body. You must know that if you opt for a long quote then it will look amazing on back only.
Quotes Tattoos For Girls

39. Full back tattoos for girls are not recommended but if you wish to have a back tattoo design then you should try a long tattoo that runs across your spine like this. You can have a vertical quote tattoo too.
Quote Tattoos For Girls

40. One of the most popular finger tattoo ideas for girls is to try ring tattoos. If you do not want to have a ring tattoo on your finger then try bow tattoo design like this.
Finger Tattoos For Girls

Cool Tattoos For Girls

41. If your old tattoo design start fading away then one good idea is to add a flower tattoo design around it make it lively again just like this.
Rose Tattoos For Girls

42. Dandelion tattoos are also very meaningful for girls as they represent freedom. You can try a medium size dandelion tattoo on your back or stomach and make it even better by adding the quote LIVE FREE.
Tattoos For Girl On Rib

43. One cannot neglect the fact that music is the lifeline of many people. If you too love music then try a music note tattoo design. You can make it unique by using the double exposure technique. Here is a music note tattoo along with a flying pigeon.
Tattoos For Girl On Calf

44. Instead of trying a permanent tattoo you can opt for a temporary tattoo design. Watercolor tattoos and pastel tattoos are prefect choice for it.
Map Tattoos For Girl

45. Girls often look for unique queen crown tattoos. I would recommend trying a queen crown tattoo along with a female leopard or lioness or tigress tattoo design as shown in this picture.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Girl

Wrist Tattoos For Girls

46. If you are a religious girl then you would surely love to have a religious tattoo. I would suggest you go for a cross tattoo design on the forearm that is accompanied by a heart tattoo design and both joined with a heartbeat tattoo like this.
Heart Tattoos For Girl

47. Millions of girls around the world wish to have a pony as a pet but only a few can afford them. If you are attracted to ponies too then you can either try a pony tattoo or even better a unicorn tattoo design.
Tattoos For Girls

48. Personally, I find tiger tattoo design more attractive on girls than any other animal tattoo. This is because the tiger is fierce and strong animal and such tattoos represent the strength of feminism.
Tiger Tattoos For Girl

49. Angel wings tattoos are very common among girls but the best place to have them is back shoulders. You would surely call it one of the best tattoo designs on your body.
Angels Tattoos For Girls

50. You will find many paintings and sketches of wolves on Tumblr, Pinterest, and DeviantArt. Pick up a large size wolf tattoo and you will never regret it.
Leg Tattoos For Girls

Thigh Tattoos For Girls

51. Many girls like to have matching tattoos with their best friend. I suggest simple tattoos like this to such girls.
Best Friend Tattoos For Girls 1

52. Do you know which tattoo would look amazing on the lower back of a girl? A tree. Look at this majestic tree tattoo design on the lower back of this girl. Isn’t it great?
Lower Back Tattoos For Girls

53. Rib tattoos is common among girls but they often get confused to pick up the right design.One unique idea is to try a snake tattoo around rib cage like this.
Rib Tattoos For Girls

54. A tiny and small tattoo design dedicated to your pet would be very adorable.
Small Tattoos For Girls 1

55. If you want to try subtle tattoos then try small star tattoos on fingers or knuckles or wrist like this.
Stars Tattoos For Girls

56. If your husband or boyfriend is in navy then try a ship tattoo design for them. You can try a ship tattoo on stomach.
Stomach Tattoos For Girls

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