220+ Traditional Panther Tattoos For Men (2023) – Black, Pink & White Designs

Whenever it comes to animal tattoos people get more attracted to the tattoos of big cats. Panther tattoos are mainly popular due to the popularity of Black Panther and Pink Panther character in pop culture. People opt for traditional panther tattoo instead of realistic panther tattoo because traditional panther tattoos have a deep meaning. They are considered good omen. Here we chose 234 traditional black panther tattoos for men and women-

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1. Usually people opt for medium to small size pink panther tattoos but if you wish to try large size panther tattoo then please don’t make its ear like this.
Panther Tattoos

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2. Here is a double exposure white panther tattoo design where you can see two separate tattoos in just one design. You will see one design of a spider web and another of a panther face.
Panther Tattoo 4

3. While full-size panther tattoos have their own look yet panther face tattoos are also advised to those who are looking for a medium to small size tattoos.
Panther Tattoo 3

4. You can try a panther half sleeve tattoo design and the best way to try it by showing a panther climbing up a tree or your arm.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 1

5. Like all other traditional tattoos, panther tattoos too can be done with a dagger tattoo design which is shown slaying their head.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 2

6. You can try a panther tattoo with a flower tattoo design too but make sure the color of the flower perfectly matches with the panther.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 3

7. Nails of a panther are its important feature so I would advise you to show a panther tattoo design with sharp pointed nails.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 4

8. Here is a different take on traditional panther tattoo design where the panther is shown wearing a suit. You will also like the eyes of this panther tattoo.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 5

9. You can have a temporary panther tattoo design made using just watercolors. Or you can try a panther outline tattoo and complete is using pastel colors.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 8

10. Panther tattoos can make a really good option for head tattoos. This is because panther tattoos are usually black in color and therefore won’t look odd on the head. A Sad fact is that there are not many black leopards in the world.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 9

11. Girls can try female panther tattoos on their body and for this they have to make the tattoo more feminine by adding eyelashes.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 10

12. Panther are usually of one color (black, brown or pink) but you can give stripes to your panther tattoo design to make it look unique.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 11

13. You must focus on the eyes of the panther tattoo and they must match the facial expression. If you opt for angry panther tattoo then show some anger in eyes too.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 12

14. As panther are dangerous animals so it would be even better to show them as such. Here is a cougar tattoo design in beast mode.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 13

15. Two Panthers are very popular in pop culture – Black Panther from the Jungle Book novel by Rudyard Kipling and Pink Panther from the famous animated series of the same name. here is a pink panther tattoo design.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 16

16. Another good place to try a panther tattoo is the neck. Here is an amazing black panther tattoo on the neck of this guy.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 20

17. This Panther and Python tattoo design is inspired by the famous fight scene between Baghira and Ka in the movie The Jungle Book.
Panther Tattoo On Neck

18. You can try matching panther tattoos with your sister or brother. A cool idea for this would be to try half face panther tattoo where half of the face of Panther would be tattooed on you and the other half would be tattooed on your sibling.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 25

19. Most traditional panther tattoos pose either on the left side or right side. You can try a front facing traditional panther tattoo like this.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 32

20. Native tribal people used to wear the head of the panther as a crown. You can opt for a tattoo design that shows a Native Indian chief wearing a panther head.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 34

21. This panther tattoo design surely needs improvement but otherwise it’s a cool idea to show the panther coming out of the skin.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 38

22. You can opt for neo tribal panther tattoo design which will be made using thick solid black ink.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 40

23. If you want to make your panther tattoo even more attractive then add scratch marks right near the paws of a panther to make it look realistic.
Panther Tattoo On Arm 41

24. A cool panther tattoo idea would be to try the animal tattooed simply using geometric shapes and symbols as shown in this picture.
Panther Tattoo On Arm

25. Girls can opt for a girl portrait tattoo along with a panther tattoo design but you have to try it on a larger part of the bodies such as back or stomach.
Panther Tattoo On Back 1

26. Panther tattoo can be really good cover up tattoos and this is mainly because they are made using black ink.
Panther Tattoo On Body 1

27. Honestly, this looks less like a panther tattoo and more like a werewolf tattoo. You can try it if you are getting bored with traditional panther tattoo.
Panther Tattoo On Neck 1

28. Panther tattoo will look genuinely awesome if they are paired with another beautiful big cat tattoo such as tiger or lion.
Panther Tattoo On Body 4

29. Panther tattoos were in tradition since the tribal Native American era. This is because Panther was considered a sacred animal in many cultures.
Panther Tattoo On Chest 1

30. There is some fault in the eyes of this panther tattoo design but otherwise this panther tattoo on foot is good.
Panther Tattoo On Foot

31. You can add flames in the background of your panther tattoo design to add to the anger of the panther.
Panther Tattoo On Hand 1

32. Minimal panther tattoo will look amazingly beautiful and they are good option for those who cannot have large tattoos due to job.
Panther Tattoo On Leg 2

33. You can add a motivational quote to your panther tattoo design but please do not mix up the girl and panther tattoo design like this.
Panther Tattoo On Leg 3

34. Panther sleeve tattoos are also possible but you have to add a whole scene to such tattoos.
Panther Tattoo On Leg

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