50+ Lace Belt Garter Tattoos Designs (2024) Gun, Bow on Thigh, Leg

Garters were considered a fashion statement in the Victorian era and they were popular till the early 1900s. Today they are replaced by garter tattoos. You will be surprised to know that tattoos of garter belts are much more popular than many feminine tattoo designs.

This is not just because garters are considered cool and $exy but also because the tattoo design looks even better than real garters. Here we present you 50 must-try garter tattoos for women –
garter tattoo

1. This garter belt tattoo design is inspired from the Indian rangoli designs and that is why it is looking unique.
Garter Tattoos

2. The thickness of ribbon also matters a lot in garter tattoo design. Here is a loosely tied garter tattoo design with thin pink ribbon.
Black And Red Color Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. The ribbon on the garter tattoos really makes the look of the design. For example, this garter tattoo on the thigh is looking beautiful due to the ribbon.
Amazing Garter Belt Tattoo Designs

4. You can add subtle designs to your garter tattoos because, why not? Here is a subtle lipstick tattoo added to the garter tattoo.
Awesome Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. Instead of going with the traditional garter tattoo designs you can opt for garter tattoos inspired from tribal designs like this.
Beautiful Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas
feather with birds tattoo meaning

6. You can also opt for symmetrical garter tattoo design on both thighs but honestly it will look weird to have garter tattoos on both thighs.
Black Color Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

7. Garter belt tattoos with guns are also popular among girls but in such designs you have to choose above average garter belt design.
Black Color Garter Tattoos Design

8. Garter couple tattoos are rarely used but believe it or not few men too try garter tattoos. If you are looking for a matching garter tattoo for a couple then I would advise using a diamond tattoo inside it.
Blue Color Diamond Garter Tattoos Design

9. A garter tattoo design will not fade away easily because of its positioning on the thigh and even if it fades away yet it will look cute like this.
Celtic Garter Tattoo

10. You can also try black and grey garter tattoo design. It will not look as pretty and neat as its colorful counterpart but still, it will have its own aura. You might want toread traditions of wearing garter belt during wedding.
Chain Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas
double exposure tattoo designs

garter belt tattoo

11. Again Garter tattoo design on both thighs will not be a cool idea but it will surely look better if it is a matching design on two sisters.
Cool And Lovely Garter Tattoos Design

12. A 3D garter tattoo design will not look as pleasing as 2D garter tattoo but if you wish to try one then let the lace of garter belt fall down to knees.
Cute Garter Tattoo

13. You might get confused on which thigh you should opt for garter tattoo? I would suggest trying the right thigh as it is considered stronger than the left leg.
Fabulous And Cool Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. There are various designs of garter belt available but In my opinion, girls will always find those designs pleasing that has flowers in them like this.
Fantastic Black Color Garter Tattoos Design

15. If you opt for garter belt with gun tattoo design then you have to tell the artist about focusing on which design more? Most girls like to have a better-looking gun tattoo then a garter belt, like this.
Garter Belt Tattoo Ideas

16. Your garter belt tattoo design should not look like ribbons used in birthday party decorations. Here is a picture of the exact tattoo design I am talking about.
Garter Belt Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. Some girls like to have thin garter belt tattoos but big size laces like this.
Garter Belt Tattoos Design For Women

18. If you don’t want to try the gun with your garter tattoo then you should probably try a daisy flower design like this.
Garter Henna Tattoos Design

19. Most girls go for black and grey colored garter tattoo with colourful ribbon. You can also opt for a red or pink color garter belt with ribbon.
Garter Lace Tattoos Design And Ideas

20. A cool garter tattoo idea would be to make a tattoo just using popular quotes and that too in another language such as here Is one in the Urdu language.
Garter New Tattoos Design And Ideas

garter tattoo pictures

21. How about giving a true Victorian era look to your garter tattoo design? For example here is a realistic garter tattoo that is hard to ignore.
Garter Tattoo Images

22. Many artists make garter tattoo design with ribbon overlapping on belt. A $exy idea would be to hold the belt with a loose ribbon.
Garter Tattoo Instagram

23. If you are dedicating your garter tattoo design to your lover then I would suggest you use a heart tattoo along with it.
Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

24. You can also opt for a very thin garter belt tattoo design that is barely visible from distance.
Garter Tattoos Design For Girls

25. Using a flower pattern in your garter tattoo will give it a truly feminine look and you will be proud to show it every now and then.
Garter Tattoos Design For Women

26. Garter tattoos are mostly on thighs but few girls try it on arms and shoulders as well.
Garter Tattoos Design On Biceps

27. The type of gun you wish to have with your garter tattoo also matters a lot. If you want to show yourself as fierce and aggressive then use a shotgun.
Garter Tattoos Design With Gun

28. Here the artist tried to give a 3D look to the gun and garter belt tattoo design. You can easily see the gun parts behind the garter belt.
Garter Tattoos Design With Quotes

29. If you have a thin thigh then you should probably avoid getting garter tattoo because chances are you will like it much.
Garter Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

30. If you have thick thighs then it would be a great idea to have large size garter tattoos with lace and that too on the right thigh.
Garter Tattoos Meaning

thigh garter tattoo

31. Most thigh band tattoo for females are inspired from garter designs but you can also opt for a style that is mix up of both.
Garter Tattoos On Tumblr

32. Lace garter designs will look even more meaningful if they are added up with a ‘lucky ‘design like dreamcatcher or horse shoe.
Garter Thigh Tattoos For Girls

33. If you are not interested in a garter belt tattoo but still want a design inspired from it then you should probably try this idea shown in the picture.
Gorgeous Garter Tattoos

34. Ever heard of half garter tattoos? They do not wrap the whole thigh. Here is half garter tattoo design with a gun tattoo.
Half Garter Tattoos Design With Girls

35. This garter tattoo design is inspired from the chandelier tattoos that are not so much popular.
Intricate Black And Grey Designs Garter Tattoos

36. You can also opt for a garter tattoo design that is inspired from a thigh holster.
Lace Garter Tattoo Images

37. Garter tattoos are not very good option for cover up tattoos because they do not occupy much space and do not give much freedom to artist in designs.
Latest Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. This real looking garter tattoo design has a huge ribbon and this is the reason why I admired it so much.
Leg Garter Tattoo Images

39. You can also opt for a front facing garter tattoos in which the garter is not wrapping the thigh but just the front portion of the thigh.
Liga Mandala Garter Tattoos Desig On Thigh

40. Another impressive and cute garter tattoo idea would to have garter belt tattoo made up entirely of flowers or a flower vine.
Little Flower Garter Tattoos Design On Thigh

lace garter tattoo designs

41. Garter tattoos will look good exactly on the middle portion of the thigh a little bit above or a little bit below can give the tattoo an odd look.
Little Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. Websites like Pinterest, Tumblr and DeviantArt have many paintings and drawings of the garter. You can choose your favorite design from there too.
Mandala Garter Tattoos Design

43. You can also have a temporary garter tattoo design made up using watercolours or pastel colors.
Nice Garter Tattood Design And Ideas

44. If you want to have a long-lasting garter tattoo design then you should probably try the blackwork technique in which the design is made using thick solid black ink.
Pink Color Color Garter Tattoo

45. Double exposure garter tattoos are not much used but trust me such tattoos have the potential of winning hearts all over the globe.
Pretty Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. Never ever try religious symbols or flag designs in your garter tattoo design because it will be disrespecting and you might face criticism after that.
Simple Flower Garter Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. Garter belt with a gun is a common tattoo design. Instead of this, you can try a garter belt with a sword or knife or dagger as shown here.
Simple Garter Tattoos Design On Thigh

48. You can also have a garter tattoo entirely made of outlines and without any coloring just like this.
Simple Lining Garter Tattoos Design

49. If you add a flower to your garter tattoo then I would advise you to use the real color of the flower so that the tattoo gives a real look.
Sun Flower And Garter Tattoos Design

50. Sisters rarely try garter tattoo design but if they are into fashion then I guess it’s a cool idea to have a matching garter tattoo.
Wonderful Garter Tattoos Design And IDeas

Of all the garter tattoo shown in this photo gallery which one you liked the most and why?

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