50+ Best Double Exposure Tattoo Designs (2024)

Double exposure tattoos have taken the tattoo industry by storm in recent years. They are the latest trends and are inspired by double exposure photography. In double exposure photography, the photographers mix up two separate digital photographs to make one image.

In double exposure tattoo, the artist adds two different tattoos in one design. Here are 50+ jaw-dropping cool double exposure tattoos and photography tattoo ideas for men and women –

Double Exposure Wolf Tattoos

1. Remember that double image tattoo designs will fail to cover up your tattoos that went wrong or birthmarks. This is because the artist has to give a realistic look and will need a clean space for that.
clean double exposure tattoos

2. Girls can have double exposure tattoo where there is one tattoo of an animal and other of a flower. Here is a deer and flower double exposure tattoo design on the chest of this boy.
Double Exposure Tattoo 2

3. This beautiful bug double exposure tattoo design seems to be inspired by the Transformers world because on one side you see a Wolf and on the bigger side, you see optimus prime tattoo design.
Double Exposure Tattoo 1

4. Most cool double exposure tattoos are surreal but you also opt for animated tattoos like this. You can try double meaning tattoos.
Double Exposure Tattoo 3

5. How can you ignore such beautiful double exposure tattoo that features Yin and Yang tattoo design along with flower vines?
Double Exposure Tattoo 5

6. Never have double exposure tattoo on the lower part of the body because firstly there won’t be much space and secondly they will be less visible.
Double Exposure Tattoo 6

7. Here is a double exposure tattoo design of a fly and a boy. It seems to be inspired by the movies of David Cronenberg and Steven Spielberg.
Double Exposure Tattoo 7

8. The most common kind of double exposure tattoo includes a bee or a beetle added with a scenic flower vine or any other design.
Double Exposure Tattoo 8

9. Double exposure tattoo is usually colorful and therefore they will require a lot of extra aftercare. You should not let them fade away easily.
Double Exposure Tattoo 9

10. If you opt for black and grey or even black and white double exposure tattoo then search for an experienced artist because only an experienced artist can bring out the surreal look of such tattoos. You can create a double exposure effect
Double Exposure Tattoo 10

double exposure tattoo ideas

11. This brilliant double exposure bear tattoo. The Mountain View is inspired from a high quality photograph. I really liked the detailed design of bear.
Double Exposure Tattoo 11

12. You also can go for a clean abstract double exposure sleeve tattoo design but there will hardly be any full sleeve double exposure tattoo design available.
Double Exposure Tattoo 12

13. Double exposure tattoo in black and gray style is hard to carry out so ask your artist to first try it on a piece of paper or otherwise you might become a victim of a tattoo fail.
Double Exposure Tattoo 33

14. Most double exposure artists first outline an animal and then ink a scenic view inside it like this.
Double Exposure Tattoo 14

15. You can also have a double exposure tattoo that will give optical illusion just like this.
Double Exposure Tattoo 15

16. Instead of opting for an animal double exposure tattoo you can opt for an alphabet or a mathematical symbol like this.
Double Exposure Tattoo 16

17. Coloring is an important aspect of double exposure tattoo so make sure your artist uses vibrant colors to give the tattoo a unique look.
Double Exposure Tattoo 17

18. A tattoo artist can also try geometric double exposure tattoo using watercolours. This could be a good idea for temporary tattoos. You can use google images for such tattoos.
Double Exposure Tattoo 18

19. Double exposure looks best on chest or on back. A boy should opt for animals like wolf or lion for such tattoos.
Double Exposure Tattoo 19

20. This brilliant gothic double exposure tattoo design is made using solid thick black color. This art is called blackwork and usually, such tattoos do not fade away quickly.
Double Exposure Tattoo 20

double exposure tattoo designs

21. The more realistic the double exposure tattoo would be the more jaw dropping expressions you will get from people.
Double Exposure Tattoo 21

22. It is hard to get matching double exposure tattoo so better have one dedicated to your loved ones.
Double Exposure Tattoo 22

23. This amazing double exposure tattoo design has two parts- one shows the trees and other shows a girl’s face. Instead of Tree you can try two flower tattoos also.
Double Exposure Tattoo 23

24. You can either make a human figure, silhouette double exposure out of landscapes or an easier way is to make landscapes inside human silhouettes in a double exposure tattoo.
Double Exposure Tattoo 24

double helix tattoo meaning

25. Even though double exposure animal tattoo look cool and good too but they do not look as brilliant as human double exposure tattoos.
Double Exposure Tattoo 25

26. You can also have a double exposure tattoo inspired by your favorite superheroes. For this consider the Batman villain Two –face, one side showed humane and other as evil or heroic.
Double Exposure Tattoo 26

27. If you use pastel colors for double exposure tattoo ideas then focus on the negative shading because this is what will bring out the realistic look of the tattoo.
Double Exposure Tattoo 27

28. One can also opt for religious double exposure tattoos where the artist will show praying hands or cross inside other design.
Double Exposure Tattoo 28

29. Girls should opt for butterflies instead of bees in their double exposure nature tattoos because it will look way more attractive.
Double Exposure Tattoo 29

30. This double exposure tattoo design can be improved by changing the shape of the dog but the inside version is just above beautiful.
Double Exposure Tattoo 30

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31. The shape of the outer part in double exposure matters a lot so be sure your artist give a good outline before starting real work.
Double Exposure Tattoo 31

32. Here is a brilliant double exposure tattoo design to consider to consider.
Double Exposure Tattoo 32

Which double exposure tattoo design you liked the most?