50+ Celtic Irish Tattoos For Men (2023) Designs With Meanings

The fandom of Irish tattoos has increased to millions due to the popularity of Celtic art. You will see a lot of Celtic tattoos (including the cross and the tribal signs) but most people are not able to distinguish between Celtic and Irish art.

The Irish culture is a descendant of Celtic culture. Ireland is believed to be the home of the Celtic culture. Here we have chosen 50 amazing Irish tattoos for men and women –

Irish Celtic Tattoos

1. You can opt for the shamrock flower tattoo design with an Irish quote inked into it just like this.
Irish Tattoos

2. As Irish culture is a descendant of Celtic culture so one thing that you can do is try a Celtic tribal tattoo design like this.
Celtic Cross Irish Tattoo Design On Thigh

3. If you opt for the shamrock tattoo design then please keep in mind that Shamrock has three leaves and not four.
Anchor And Irish Tattoo Design

4. Irish flag tattoo design can be the most patriotic tattoo that you can have. Try it on your forearm.
Awesome Irish Flag Tattoo Design On Arms

5. Irish history is rich of legendary king and queen tattoos. So a cool king crown tattoo would be great.
Beautiful Irish Tattoo Design On Leg
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6. Here is another Irish Celtic tattoo design that will suit people who want to have matching Irish tattoos.
Celtic Irish Tattoo Design For Girl

7. Is this a barcode tattoo design or the counting of number beers an Irish man drank? You judge yourself.
Celtic Irish Tattoo On Forearm

8. No other tattoo design can beat the evergreen Irish cross tattoos. They look good on chest or biceps.
Cross With Irish Tattoo Design On Bicep

9. Leprechaun is popular in Irish folklore so if you want Irish mythology tattoos then Leprechaun is best choices for it.
Fightin Green Hat Men Irish Tattoo Design On Thigh

10. There are many Irish symbols with deep meanings that could be adapted for tattoos. You should read and learn more about Irish culture for this.
Four Leaf Clover With Watercolor Irish Tattoo Design And Ideas
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irish sayings tattoos and meanings

11. Full Back cross tattoos would suit devoted Christians. Here is a Celtic full back cross tattoo design.
Full Back Irish Tattoo Design And Ideas

12. Of all the Irish tattoos designs the Irish shamrock is one of the most popular. Men who love drinking often have this tattoo.
Green Clover Irish Tattoo Design On Arms

13. You can try an Irish portrait tattoo. It could be of your partner or your own self but it needs to be in Irish attire.
Green Hat Men Face Tattoo Design On Calf

14. Here the shamrock flower tattoo has four leaves and it is inked in small size on the ankle of this beautiful woman.
Green Irish Tattoo Design On Ankle

15. Have you ever tried Irish necklace tattoos? They are not your typical necklace tattoos, in fact, they have a unique pattern like this.
Henna Irish Tattoo Design On Neck

16. Green color matters a lot in Irish tattoos so make sure you add a pigment of green ink in your Irish tattoo design or you can have a full green tattoo like this.
Inspiration Irish Tattoo Design

17. Irish people have milky white skin so it is often seen that their skin gets red during the healing phase of the tattoo. If you are Irish then please take care of your new tattoo design unless it is completely healed.
Irish 3D Tattoo Design On Chest

18. You can try an Irish tattoo design that is inspired from the emblem of United States marine Services.
Irish Bird Tattoo Design On Chest

19. 3D cross tattoos can look really amazing especially if they are inspired from the Celtic art.
Irish Cross Tattoo Design On Inner Forearm

20. The Irish elk or Irish giant deer is also a popular choice for tattoos. Here is an Irish deer tattoo on the thigh of this woman.
Irish Dragon Tattoo Design For Girl On Thigh

irish tattoos for men

21. Here is an animated Irish flag tattoo. It would look even better on chest.
Irish Flag Ripped Skin Shoulder Tattoo Design And Ideas

22. The four leaf clover tattoo has a very deep meaning. It look better with flag of ireland but don’t have it on foot.
Irish Flag Tattoo Design On Foot

23. St. Patrick spread Christianity throughout Ireland and therefore many people love to have a Saint Patrick themes Irish tattoo.
Irish Harley Tattoo Design On Forerm

24. Irish people are known for their joyful nature. They love partying and dancing. So a musical note tattoo or a musical instrument tattoo will be a great choice.
Irish Harp Tattoo Design On Leg

25. The four leaves of the Clover flower represent faith, love, luck, and hope. So if you want a positive Irish tattoo design then try this.
Irish Leaf Skull Tattoo Design On Calf

26. Add a Meaningful tribal design to your tattoo and make it look even more meaningful.
Irish Men's Stomach Tattoo

27. The Irish clover tattoo design can be accompanied by any other tribal tattoo design but do not try it around navel as it will be very painful.
Irish Spine Tattoo Design For Girl

28. A Beautiful Irish tribal tattoo design on the spine of this lady. It signifies the circle of life.
Irish Tattii Design On Upper Back Shoulder For Men

29. There is a unique tribal pattern to represent the clover flower and the shamrock flower. Here is that Irish tribal tattoo.
Irish Tattoo Design And Ideas Hand

30. Hand is rarely opted by people for a tattoo design but if you want one then it must define your patriotic roots.
Irish Tattoo Design On Behind Ear

irish tattoos and meanings

31. The Shamrock and the clover tattoos are much more popular among women than men in Ireland.
Irish Tattoo Design On Foot

32. Irish tattoos can be given a patriotic look by adding the colors of flag to the tattoo design like this.
Irish Tattoo Design On Hand

33. You can have your name initial or name initial of your loved one inked on your body in the Irish flag color.
Irish Tattoo Design On Shoulder

34. The Irish Claddagh tattoo is a symbol of love. So if you want a matching tattoo design with your wife or husband then this is the best choice.
Irish Tattoo Design On Stomach

35. Couples should opt for the beautiful Claddagh Irish tattoo that is inspired by the romantic story of a fisherman who got lost in the sea and his fiancé never married anyone else.
Irish Tattoo Design On Thigh

36. The Claddagh Irish tattoos can be made even more beautiful by adding the world map in the heart denoting that your s.o. is your world.
Irish Tattoo Design With Green Hat Men In Upper Arm

37. As Leprechaun are cited as protector of gold and treasure so a cool Irish tattoos idea would be to try a Leprechaun tattoo with gold pots.
Irish Tattoo With Skull

38. The clover flower tattoo can also be edited and here is cool version. It shows a skull tattoo with in clover flower.
Latest Irish Tattoo Design On Leg

39. You can have Irish quotes inked along with your Irish tattoos. It would be better if you add Irish blessings to your tattoo design.
Latest Tiny Irish Tattoo Design And Ideas

40. Irish tattoos do not have to be large in size. Small and tiny Irish tattoos like this will also look beautiful.
Little Bee Irish Tattoos

irish tattoos for females

41. Ireland has a rich biodiversity and the common bee plays a vital role in it. So try a native Irish bee tattoo design like this.
Little Four Leaf Clover Irish Tattoo Design

42. While many people love to have the clover flower tattoo in green color yet it is not necessary. You can have a black and grey Irish clover tattoo like this.
Old School Haro Irish Tattoo Design On Forearm

43. The bagpipes are associated with Scotland while the Celtic harp is associated with Ireland. A cool idea would be to try Celtic harp tattoo design.
One Liner Irish Tattoo Design On Wrist

44. The shamrock flower tattoo has an even deeper meaning if the petals of the flower are shown in the shape of a heart like this.
Simple And Cute Irish Tattoo Design And Ideas

45. Wrist is a better place for claddagh tattoo design but the tattoo must match with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Small Irish Tattoo Design On Hand

46. Remember that your Irish clover tattoo design will need a special aftercare so that it heals properly.
Small Irish Tattoo Design On Wrist

47. You can have a clover tattoo design in such style that It shows cross in the centre just like this.
Tiny Irish Tattoo Design On Lower Back

48. I don’t think stomach or rib cage is a good place to try matching couple tattoos. Wrist and fingers are much better choices for claddagh tattoo.
Tribal Irish Tattoo Design On Bicep

49. This impressive Irish tattoo design on the shoulder of this guy can only be pulled off by an experienced tattoo artist.
Unique Irish Tattoo Design And Ideas

50. You don’t have to opt for a simple Irish tattoo. They can be modified and made even more beautiful like this.
Watercolor Irish Clover Tattoo

Which Irish tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?