60+ Scenic Landscape Tattoos For Guys (2024)

Landscapes have always amused people. Be it in reality or an the art form. Landscape tattoos are not alarmingly popular but such tattoo designs have their own decent fan following.

These tattoos not only showcase the beauty of the natural world but also hold deep personal significance for those who choose to adorn their skin with them.

Landscape tattoos can hold a variety of symbolic meanings, often representing a deep connection with nature, a love for adventure, or a cherished memory associated with a particular location.

For many, these tattoos serve as a reminder to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and to remain grounded amidst the chaos of daily life. Landscape tattoos can also symbolize personal growth, resilience, and the journey through life’s ups and downs, much like the ever-changing landscapes depicted in the artwork.

Usually, people opt for small size landscape tattoos but it’s up to you if you want to have a large size tattoo or not. Here we picked up 50 beautiful and scenic landscape tattoos for men and women –

Landscape Tattoos

1. You can also opt for a snowy landscape tattoo design where you can add snowy mountains and pine trees to your tattoo design.

Landscape Tattoos

Men often choose landscape tattoos that evoke a sense of strength, adventure, and masculinity. Popular choices include rugged mountain scenes, dense forests, or crashing ocean waves. These tattoos can be designed with bold lines and striking shading, creating a powerful and impactful visual representation of the natural world.

Minimalist Landscape Tattoos

Awesome Landscape Tattoos Design For Men

2. Forearm does not provide enough space for landscape tattoos. However you can opt for small size landscape tattoos like this on forearm.

Amazing Landscape Tattoos Design On Thigh

3. I don’t think Thigh is an ideal place to have landscape tattoos but this tattoo is so scenic that I was not able to ignore it.

Best Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Landscape tattoos need not look pleasing and beautiful. You can opt for scary landscape tattoos like this. It seems to be inspired by the mansion of Batman.

Black Work Landscape Tattoos Design

5. You can also show night scene in your landscape tattoo design. For example here are various constellation added to landscape tattoo design.

cheshire cat tattoo designs

Landscape Tattoos Ideas

Bus And Mountain Tattoos Design On Arms

6. If you opt for colored landscape tattoo design then make sure it is on a body part that is not much exposed or otherwise it will fade away soon.

Coloful Landscape Tattoos Design On Calf

7. Another popular option is watercolour landscape tattoos where you can use watercolours to ink beautiful landscape tattoos.

Colored Landscape Tattoos Design On Leg

8. Mountain, rivers and forest makes a beautiful landscape tattoo and it will look even more amazing if they are colored perfectly.

Beautiful Landscape Tattoos Design On Legs

9. Many people like to add fictional characters to their landscape tattoos. Here is a mermaid tattoo inked with a landscape tattoo.

Easy Landscape Tattoos Maker

10. Small details make landscape tattoos even more interesting. For example this landscape tattoo is looking attractive due to small pebbles. You can add these most beautiful places in the world to your bucket list.

pocket watch memorial tattoo

Fabulous Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

11. If you go for small size landscape tattoos then you should have it in a geometrical shape such as square or diamond or circle.

Fantastic Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

12. It is hard to make small size landscape tattoos so ask the artist to show only major elements such as mountains and rivers for it.

Flower And Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

13. It is not necessary to have a fantasy landscape tattoo design you can try a realistic landscape tattoo such as this one is inspired from Hawaiian beach.

Full Back Landscpe Tattoos Design For Men

14. This landscape tattoo design pays homage to latest advancement of human in the fields of infrastructure.

Full Women Backside Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. Do not add another tattoo design along with your landscape tattoo because it will ruin the beauty of both tattoos.

Holding Mountain Tattoos Design On Hands

16. You can opt for surreal landscape tattoo design but they might not look good on every one and to everyone.

Horror Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

17. Your landscape tattoo does not have to have pleasant weather all the time. You can show a stormy night like this in your tattoo design.

Landscape Biceps Tattoos Design For Men

18. There are two versions of landscape tattoos – one that shows the daytime beauty and another that shows the night-time mystic. Here is an all starry night time landscape tattoo design.

Landscape Tattoo Artist

19. Most landscape tattoo design are close up versions but you can also show a faraway look of a landscape tattoo such as this.

Landscape Tattoo On Pinterest

20. Do not use dark thick ink for landscape tattoos because it will leave less space of improvisation. A thin pin will make the tattoo look better.

Landscape Tattoos Design Barcelona And Greece With Star Signs

21. If your landscape tattoo design starts fading away then you can use watercolours to make it lively again.

Landscape Tattoos Design For Boys

22. While many landscape tattoos show clear weather with the river, sun, and mountain. You can show clouds and even rain in your tattoo design.

Landscape Tattoos Design For Girls

23. There are many optical illusion landscapes images online where you can see two different images from two different angles. You can opt such images for your tattoo design.

Landscape Tattoos Design For Ladies

24. Girls can also try a landscape tattoo design entirely made of pastel colors. This way they can also add colorful creatures like butterflies to their tattoo.

Landscape Tattoos Design For Women

25. You can also add the portrait of young kids and children playing around in your landscape tattoo as it will give a pleasant feeling to the viewer.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Ankle

26. There are many beautiful beaches in the world that could be used to make a beautiful landscape tattoo. Here is one example.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Backside

27. This landscape tattoo design was ruined by the pink flower tattoo ended later on. However, I liked the heart shape of this design.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Behind Arm

28. Apart from arms, chest, and back, Many boys like to have landscape tattoos on calf too. Here is a beautiful landscape tattoo on the calf of a guy.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Biceps

29. Many landscape tattoos are inspired from real life infrastructure and architecture. For example this landscape tattoo beautifully shows the modern architecture of cities.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Chest

30. A landscape tattoo shown with sun is not only pleasant to eyes but also have agood meaning. It represents hope.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Ribcage

31. You can also show wild animals in your landscape tattoo design but make sure you show the right geographical landscape for that particular animal.

Landscape Tattoos Design On Shoulder

32. You can also have a landscape tattoo that shows all the necessary features – Mountain, river, tree, sun, clouds, bird and animals.

Landscape Tattoos Ideas For Boys

33. If you make a landscape tattoo using pastel colors then take good care of it or otherwise it will fade away within a month.

Landscape Tattoos Ideas For Men

34. Here is a beautiful illustration of a landscape tattoo design where the artist inked the landscape inside the silhouette of an owl.

Landscape Tattoos Ideas For Women

35.There is no point of getting a small size landscape tattoo on chest or stomach as these body parts can afford large tattoos.

Landscape Tattoos On Tumblr

36. This landscape tattoo design seems to be inspired by the ‘Stairway to heaven’ look. The sun is beautifully tattooed here.

Little Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

37. You can also add a hut to your landscape tattoo design and even better idea is to add light to the hut.

Mountain And Forest Tattoos Design On Biceps

38. I don’t think it is a good idea to write a word or quote with your landscape tattoo because such tattoos are meant to look beautiful should not be distracted from.

Mountain Landscape Tattoos Design On Forearm

39. The tattoo artist wisely sued the negative shades to show a beautiful mountain in this landscape tattoo design.

Mountain Tattoos Design On Biceps

40. Even though landscape tattoos are mainly inspired by hilly areas yet it does not mean that you cannot have tattoos inspired by your surroundings.

Nice Landscape Tattoos Design For Men

41. Landscape tattoos can be really good cover up tattoos as there are so many details in such tattoo designs that they can easily ide any mark.

Orignal Landscape Tattoos Design On Hands

42. Landscape tattoos can also have lighthouses to them if they are inspired from a secluded beach or island.

Realstic Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. Asian countries like Japan have many cities with scenic beauty. Here is a Japanese landscape tattoo design that shows mountain goat too.

Scary Landscape Tattoos Design For Men

44. Point of view matters a lot in landscape tattoos and you should clear your mind on whether you want to show positivity with your landscape tattoo or want to give depression.

Scenic Landscape Tattoos

45. You can also try temporary landscape tattoo designs like this. They will fade away with in weeks.

Sea Beach Tattoos Design On Hands

46. Many tattoo artists recommend having boats and ships included in landscape tattoos. If you agree they have a large boat in your tattoo design.

Small Landscape Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. Geometrical shapes give landscape tattoo a unique look. For example this landscape tattoo inside a diamond represents the balance of various things in life.

USA 395 Symbol Landscape Tattoos Design On Chest

48. You can also pick up your favourite route or road for your landscape tattoo and get it inked over your body.

Very Small Landscape Tattoo Design Foe Guys

49. If you want to show the moon in your landscape tattoo then you have to go for half moon or otherwise, people might confuse it with the sun.

Water Color Landscape Tattoos Design On Thigh

50. You can also show planets in your landscape tattoo design because on a clear night the whole galaxy is visible human eyes.

Which landscape tattoo touched your heart?

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