120+ Outlaw Biker Tattoos For Guys (2024) Motorcycle Designs Harley Davidson

Biker tattoos do not hold any special meaning but they are very popular among bikers. Many motorcycle clubs have their own unique tattoo styles that are required to be inked by each member. Bikes wear their tattoos with pride and do not shy away from showing them. We picked 50 amazing Biker tattoo designs that are immensely popular among men and women –

harley davidson tattoo designs

skull with bandana tattoo

1. One thing that I admired about this biker tattoo on the chest is that the artist tried to use the curves of the body as the road.

harley davidson forearm tattoos

Biker Tattoos

skull with bandana tattoos

harley davidson skull tattoos

harley davidson tattoo ideas

harley davidson sleeve tattoo

2. The placement, the size and the coloring of this biker tattoo design is almost perfect.
Biker Tattoo 00

3. Die-hard biker fans would love to have their whole body inked with biker tattoos. Here is one biker tattoo design on the back of the male.
Biker Tattoo 0

4. Instead of showing complete motorcycle you can just opt for the helmet and the face (skull) of biker.
Biker Tattoo 1

5. Biker and Pirates are two different personalities but people have affection for both. How about a Biker-Pirate mix up tattoo.
Biker Tattoo 02

6. The helmet of this biker tattoo is perfect but the scarf make it look like an airplane pilot.
Biker Tattoo 2

7. This biker looks like Baymax from Disney movie Big Hero 6.
Biker Tattoo 3

8. Here is another biker tattoo design with a different style. In this biker tattoo a mouse is riding motorcycle.
Biker Tattoo 4

9. How about a biker tattoo that shows how the view looks from Biker’s eyes?
Biker Tattoo 5

10. The most popular brand among bikers is Harley Davidson and one is not biker if he/she doesn’t have a motorcycle of this brand. Before opting for this tattoo you should read about subculture of bikers and what it stands for.
Biker Tattoo 6

11. The design of this biker tattoo is cool but the placement of this biker tattoo is wrong.
Biker Tattoo 7

12. Biker tattoos are rarely black and white so you should color your biker tattoo with your favourite colors.
Biker Tattoo 8

13. Most people look for memorial tattoo design but do not get a unique tattoo idea. If your father or grandfather was a biker then there would be no better choice other than a biker tattoo.
Biker Tattoo 9

14. Biker word and quote tattoos are not common but if you want one then there is no better word other than ‘Biker’ itself.
Biker Tattoo 10

15. Here is a realistic looking motorcycle tyre tattoo design on the calf of this guy.
Biker Tattoo 11

16. This biker tattoo design seems to be torn out directly from a drawing. It looks so beautiful.
Biker Tattoo 12

17. Although I would not advise such biker tattoo design but many of my friends liked this particular design.
Biker Tattoo 13

18. If you want a biker quote tattoo then make sure you opt for a short yet quirky quote.
Biker Tattoo 14

19. You can have a biker tattoo design of the most famous route of your country. Here is popular route 66 of USA.
Biker Tattoo 15

20. Bikers are known for their own unique lifestyle where they often cheat death.
Biker Tattoo 16

21. Here is a perfect biker tattoo that sums up the exact lifestyle of a biker.
Biker Tattoo 17

22. Engine is the main power source of a bike so how about a roaring engine tattoo design?
Biker Tattoo 18

23. If you are a biker who loves moto racing and bike racing then this unique tattoo design will perfectly suit you.
Biker Tattoo 19

24. Who says that biker life and biker tattoos are just for men? Here is a beautiful biker tattoo for girls.
Biker Tattoo 20

25. I won’t recommend on getting motorcycle tattoo on both legs. It will look way more attractive on just one leg.
Biker Tattoo 21

26. If you want a temporary biker tattoo design then you should try flash art biker tattoos like this.
Biker Tattoo 22

27. It is hard to understand this biker tattoo design but as it is on the arm of a girl so I won’t mind it.
Biker Tattoo 23

28. Motorcycle wheels and wings is a unique idea for a tattoo and it might raise question among the viewers.
Biker Tattoo 24

29. I have seen many biker tattoos and in my opinion, this is one of the finest biker tattoo design of all time.
Biker Tattoo 25

30. Race and clutch are two important parts of a bike. You can try tattoo of either.
Biker Tattoo 26

31. I don’t know why the biker picked Angelina Jolie’s portrait for the tattoo but the bike inked in the front is a real beauty.
Biker Tattoo 27

32. Biker chicks are very few in population but so are lioness. Here is a gorgeous female biker tattoo design.
Biker Tattoo 28

33. This biker tattoo design is a mix up of two separate designs. I think to make the biker a native American really make this tattoo stand out of crowd.
Biker Tattoo 29

34. Most people opt for Harley Davidson tattoos but I think a chopper tattoo design will work well too.
Biker Tattoo 30

35. Here is a mix up tattoo of a skull and engine tattoo. It looks like the engine of Devil’s bike.
Biker Tattoo 31

36. Can you guess the body part and who is this biker? Is he Nicolas Cage?
Biker Tattoo 32

37. Do you know that Bikers and many motorcycle clubs have skull as their logo.
Biker Tattoo 33

38. Here is a biker chic tattoo design. The girl looks like Scarlett Johansson.
Biker Tattoo 34

39. If you want to focus on the bike design of your biker tattoo then I would advise you to opt for a vintage bike as it will look amazing.
Biker Tattoo 35

40. Biomechanical tattoo designs are common and if you want one then here is a mash-up of biker and biomechanical tattoo.
Biker Tattoo 36

41. Biker gang tattoo designs are weird but hold special meaning among the club members.
Biker Tattoo 37

42. This biker tattoo design seems to be inspired form the Ghost rider film because Johnny blaze left her gf crying.
Biker Tattoo 38

43. Biker itself is a religion and yes if there is biker god then this is how he/she will look.
Biker Tattoo 40

44. Is it Frankenstein riding a bike or the tattoo artist tried to ink popular actor James Dean.
Biker Tattoo 41

45. If you are looking for tattoo cover up designs then here is one to consider.
Biker Tattoo 42

46. This biker tattoo would have looked way better on chest or on back but the wearer preferred it on calf.
Biker Tattoo 43

47. Here is one cool biker tattoo idea for forearm.
Biker Tattoo 44

48. This is a weird biker tattoo design of a worm riding a bike but it would be loved by young bikers.
Biker Tattoo 01

49. Most outlaw motorcycle clubs have gang tattoos that are required to be worn by every biker member.
Biker Tattoo 46

Biker Tattoos

50. Here is the ultimate biker tattoo design of a skeleton biker riding a chopper in speed.
Biker Tattoo 47

So which Biker tattoos design you liked the most and why?

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