50+ Watercolor Cat Tattoos Ideas & Designs (2023)

There are multiple reasons why cat tattoos are so popular. First of all, a cat is one of the most loved pet in the world. A cat may not be as obedient as a dog but it is equally adorable. The meaning of cat tattoos varies from design to design. For example, an Egyptian cat tattoo would represent royalty and fortune while a feral cat tattoo would represent loneliness.

Here we present you 50 adorable cute cat tattoo designs that both men and women can try –

Cheshire Cat Tattoos

1. While I like small tattoos of cat but there is also a reason to admire big cat tattoos. They turn out very realistic and better.
Big Cat Tattoos

2. Many cultures consider black cat as bad omen but they are used to ward off evil spirits. Here is a black cat tattoo that is perfect for this.
Black Cat Tattoo

3. Abstract tattoos always turn out beautiful. This abstract cat tattoo is surely one of the most beautiful tattoos you will see.
Abstract Cat Tattoos

4. You can try double exposure cat tattoos where the artist inks another tattoo inside a cat tattoo just like this.
Best Cat Tattoos

5. This is the exact representation of cat and dog friendship. A big dog will always adopt a small cat but same size might fight with each other.
Cat And Dog Tattoo
Maori Designs And Meanings

Black Cat Tattoos

6. Many cultures considered half-moon and black cat both as a sign of bad luck. Now, why would you like to try a cat and moon tattoo is up to you?
Cat And Moon Tattoo

7. Cat eyes are pointed and really beautiful. A cat eye tattoo might scare off kids but otherwise, it would be a really attractive design. It will show your ever watching nature.
Cat Eyes Tattoo

8. Instead of trying whole cat tattoo you can also opt for cat face tattoo that will require less space.
Cat Face Tattoo

9. If you wish to have a tiny cat tattoo on finger then this is the best design for it.
Cat Finger Tattoo

10. For Me Cats are love. A Cat person would understand why this cat heart tattoo is so adorable and meaningful. I love cats more than dogs and I have many reasons to tell you why they make better pets.
Cat Heart Tattoo
Grim Reaper Ripping Outta Skin Tattoo

Egyptian Cat Tattoos

11. If you are a cat lady then one of the best placement that you can try is on the back like this.
Cat Lady Tattoo

12. Cats are among the most loved pet in the world. If you are a cat lover too then try this cute tattoo design where the cat is shown in cute attire.
Cat Lover Tattoos

13. Unlike many other outline tattoos, the cat tattoos turn out way better and beautiful. Judge for yourself.
Cat Outline Tattoo

14. If you wish to try cat paw tattoos then try the design of both paws because just one paw will look incomplete.
Cat Paw Tattoo

15. A Cat portrait tattoo would be hard to do because cat won’t stay still. But you can get your favourite cat pic tattooed.
Cat Portrait Tattoo

Cat Cartoon tattoos

16. Semicolon tattoos are meaningful because they signify that the wearer did not give up on life. If the cat was the reason for turning your life into a happy world then try this cat semicolon tattoo.
Cat Semicolon Tattoo

17. Silhouette tattoos are rarely tried but trust me they turn out awesome. Look at this cat silhouette tattoo which is amazingly beautiful.
Cat Silhouette Tattoo

18. I don’t know why anyone would want a cat skeleton tattoo but if you still wish for it then here is a design.
Cat Skeleton Tattoo

19. Cat skull tattoos are meaningful as well. They represent your victory over fear.
Cat Skull Tattoo

20. A Cat sleeve tattoo would be hard to do. But one idea is to add multiple cat tattoos in it like this.
Cat Sleeve Tattoo

Minimalist Cat Tattoo

21. You can try a cat flower tattoo design as both represent beauty.
Cat Tattoo Design

22. Cat and half moon tattoos are also commonly tried. Here one unique design that you can try.
Cat Tattoo Designs

23. This double exposure cat tattoo can be tried on wrist and forearm as well.
Cat Tattoo Ideas

24. If you have multiple cats as pet in your house then you should get tattoos of all of them.
Cat Tattoo Meaning

25. In ancient Egypt people mourned death of cats. Here is an Egyptian cat tattoo in all its glory.
Cat Tattoo

Cat Outline Tattoo

26. This tattoo is inspired from disney cats and you can bet they are the cutest.
Cat Tattoos Pictures

27. Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire cat is very popular among cat tattoo lovers. Its tattoo will represent a mysterious personality.
Cheshire Cat Tattoo

28. If you go for a cat portrait tattoo then ask the artist to focus on eyes of cat because it can really make or break the tattoo.
Cool Cat Tattoos

29. You can try animated cat tattoos like this where the cat is based on web emoticons.
Cute Cat Tattoos

30. Can you get any better Egyptian cat tattoo then this?
Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Pet Cat Tattoos

31. Many people like to try funny cat tattoos. I would advise them to not make it weird or ugly. There are many fun design like the one shown in picture and you can try them.
Funny Cat Tattoos

32. Another unique idea would be to try galaxy cat tattoo where the cat face or cat body is inked and the whole galaxy is shown in it like this.
Galaxy Cat Tattoo

33. There are many cat geometric tattoo designs but my favorites are one that uses multiple geometric shapes from circle and triangles to squares and polygons.
Geometric Cat Tattoo

34. You can give your own pet cat a grumpy face and get it tattooed on your body.
Grumpy Cat Tattoos

35. Japanese have their own version of cat tattoos and they are beautiful as well.
Japanese Cat Tattoo

36. I think kitten tattoos turn out even more attractive than cat tattoos. What you think?
Lucky Cat Tattoo

37. Minimalist tattoos have their own charm and this minimal cat tattoo says it all.
Minimalist Cat Tattoo

38. Neo traditional cat tattoos would look incomplete without the addition of flowers to them.
Neo Traditional Cat Tattoo

39. A realistic cat tattoo would be way more better than cartoon cats but it can only be pulled off by an experienced designer.
Realistic Cat Tattoos

40. Siamese cats have their own fan following. If you love them too then here is a design for you.
Siamese Cat Tattoo

41. You can try a simple cat tattoo like this which has its own charm and everyone will admire it.
Simple Cat Tattoo

42. There are many body parts where you can try small cat tattoos. My pick would be behind the ear, on fingers or on the ankle like this.
Small Cat Tattoo

43. The sphinx of giza is also very popular choice for tattooing. You can try a more lively version like this.
Sphynx Cat Tattoo

44. Tabby cat is most common cat species and you will find them commonly in many households.
Tabby Cat Tattoo

45. Couples can try matching tiny cat tattoos. This is best idea for those who love cats a lot.
Tiny Cat Tattoo

46. If you wish to try traditional cat tattoos then I would advise you to give them a retro look (preferably from the 1930s gangster era).
Traditional Cat Tattoo

47. Tribal cat tattoos would look unbelievably beautiful. They can be as charming as dragon tattoos.
Tribal Cat Tattoo

48. Tuxedo cat or bicolor cat is also very popular cat breed. You can try their tattoo design as well.
Tuxedo Cat Tattoo

49. Watercolor cat tattoo will fade away very easily but they will look great for the time being.
Watercolor Cat Tattoo

50. You can try a variation of yin yang tattoos in the style of cats as shown here.
Yin Yang Cat Tattoo

So which cat tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?