50+ Traditional Maori Tattoos Designs & Meanings (2024)

Maori tattoos are not just popular among the native countries of Australia and New Zealand. Maori art was loved and praised by many art scholars around the globe in the 19th and 20th centuries. There are around 750 thousand native Maori people in Australia and New Zealand.

Here we have selected 50 amazing Maori tattoos that are inspired by Maori culture-

Ta Moko Tattoos

1. Just like many medieval culture Maori people too considered sun as god. It is visible from many ancient maori sun tattoo designs.
Maori Tattoos

2. As Maori were geographically isolated from the rest of the world so an anchor tattoo and a star of David tattoo will be really meaningful tattoo design which shows how far they traveled across the world.
Anchor Maori Tattoos

3. Ta Moko is usually different from tattoos and was inked on the face of Maori people. You might not want a face tattoo but you can have the patterns inked on another part of the body.
Amazing Maori Tattoos

4. How much ink would be used in tattoo defined the importance of tattoo in maori culture. Try blackwork maori tattoo if you have deep roots in maori civilization.
Animal Maori Tattoos

5. Like many Polynesian subcultures, Maori warriors too were fond of chest-shoulder armour tattoo. Here is one unique design.
Best Maori Tattoos
bicep tattoo ideas for guys

6. Maori loved their weapons so one thing you can try is a shield like tattoo on your body like this.
Bruno Maori Tattoos

7. Maori tattoos are very unique in style. Check out this maori tattoo yourself which shows how a anklet band tattoo is stretched up to the toes.
Colored Maori Tattoos

8. New Zealand inhabited unique animal species during the 1200s. You can get tribal tattoos in maori style of such animals.
Cool Maori Tattoos On Leg

9. While I think trying ancient maori tattoos is better idea yet many people like to try normal tattoo design in maori style.
Dog Maori Tattoos

10. Elephants were limited just to the European culture but it would be a nice idea to try an elephant tattoo in maori style. You can read a lot about the Maori culture and their traditions that are very beautiful.
Elephant Maori Tattoos
palm size tattoo designs

Maori Tattoos Designs

11. If you have any old tattoo design then you can restyle with a maori pattern. Like this guy got tattooed with a maori tattoo around an eye tattoo.
Eye Maori Tattoos

12. Maori tattoos need to be in thick black ink so that they don’t fade away quickly or otherwise it would be disrespectful if some portion of tattoo fades away.
Fish Maori Tattoos

13. Make sure that you do not offend the Maori culture and get a tattoo that is more like a Maori inspired tattoo rather than claiming it a Maori tattoo.
Flower With Maori Tattoos

14. You should know that maori style tattoos are better known as Kirituhi and they are not considered cultural appropriation by maori people.
Full Back Maori Tattoos For Men

15. Maori people were born warriors so it is obvious that many men and women get attracted to maori warrior tattoos.
Full Sleeve Maori Tattoos

16. Another unique pattern that can be tried is to ink a silhouette around a maori style tattoo.
Geometric Maori Tattoos On Forearm

17. Most people try full sleeve maori tattoos but in my opinion maori half sleeve tattoos look as much beautiful.
Half Sleeve Maori Tattoos

18. Here is a mixup tattoo of two different cultures. One is inspired from the maori culture and other is inspired from the Egyptian culture.
Illuminati Symbol Maori Tattoos

19. If you can spend a good amount of money then I will highly recommend you this stylish Maori tattoo design of sun on the shoulder of this man.
Latest Maori Tattoos

20. Silver fern tattoos is one of the most common tattoo inspired from new Zealand culture and most people relate it to the maori culture.
Leaf Maori Tattoos

Simple Maori Tattoos ideas

21. Maori band tattoos are very popular world wide. I would suggest you to try maori arm band tattoos but most men love to have them on calf as well.
Leg Band Maori Tattoos

22. As Maori people were located to New Zealand (and Australia) so it will be a cool idea to try a new Zealand map tattoo in the maori style.
Lion Maori Tattoos

23. Here is a dark maori tattoo design that is inked on the forearm of this guy.
Maori Meanings Tattoos

24. Another impressive maori tribal tattoo with beautiful usage of gaping in between. It will suit on back of the neck too.
Maori Peace Tattoos

25. Try to show as various aspects of maori culture in your tribal tattoo design. Can you spot any unique maori culture speciality from this tattoo?
Maori Tattoos Designs

26. Spine tattoos are usually opted by women. So a maori tattoo will surely look great on backbone of woman.
Maori Tattoos For Female

27. The shoulder and chest tattoo design is very common. You can try a different version by opting a mix up of full sleeve and above chest tattoo.
Maori Tattoos For Guys

28. Maori tattoos will require a good amount of time for healing so better take care of them so they heal beautifully.
Maori Tattoos Ideas

29. Tribal wings tattoos are always popular. Try a maori inspired wing tattoo design like this on chest.
Maori Tattoos On Chest

30. Personally I love thigh tattoos on woman because they look so $exy. So why not try a maori style tattoo on thigh?
Maori Tattoos On Girls

Tribal Maori Tattoos

31. Unlike native American chiefs, the maori chiefs didn’t used to wear decorated hats. So keep that in mind if you opt for a maori portrait tattoo.
Maori Tattoos On Leg For Girls

32. Maori tattoos gave special importance to thick black lines in the tattoo. So if you opt a normal tribal tattoo you can give it a Maori style by using solid black ink on several lines.
Maori Tattoos On Leg

33. Clock tattoo is very popular tribal tattoo design. Thanks to the mayan and Aztec clocks. However Maori didn’t had such clock tattoos.
Maori Tattoos On Shoulder

34. This spine tattoo on the beautiful woman is given maori look by adding a star on top of it.
Maori Tattoos On Spine

35. I know many of you might think of it as a cringe-worthy tattoo but art knows no limits. Most of you still would love to try this Maori tattoo on stomach.
Maori Tattoos On Stomach

36. Many artist love to style moon and sun designs in cultural patterns. Here is a maori style moon tattoo design.
Moon Maori Tattoos For Girls

37. Okay this owl tattoo is not like your traditional maori tattoo but it still most of it is inspired from the maori art.
Owl Maori Tattoos

38. Manta ray and stingray is an inhabitant of the Pacific Ocean. Manta ray is good. Stingray killed Steve Irwin. They both have similar looks as shown in this picture.
Pacific Maori Tattoos

39. Polynesian turtle tattoos are very popular. In fact you can see this amazing maori turtle tattoo made better by another maori pattern.
Polunesian Maori Tattoos

40. Here is another maori tattoo that is mixed up with another culture (Indian/Hindus). It looks beautiful.
Religion Maori Tattoos

Unique Maori Tattoos

41. Sea horse was considered to bring good luck by maori people. Here is seahorse tattoo in maori style.
Seahorse Mandala Maori Tattoos

42. You should try small maori tattoos on wrist or forearm but not on calf or foot.
Small Maori Tattoos On Calf

43. Snakes have always been mysterious. Try a snake tattoo in maori style.
Snake Maori Tattoos

44. If you opt for a Maori tattoo on the wrist then make sure it gets enough space and you don’t have to move your arm to show the whole tattoo.
Star Maori Tattoos On Forearm

45. While I strongly suggest to try black and grey maori tattoos yet many people ask for maori tattoos with different colors such as red.
Sun Maori Tattoos

46. Always opt for permanent maori tattoos because they always look great and you won’t regret having them.
Tribal Maori Tattoos

47. Here is another maori sea turtle tattoo design on the thigh of this man.
Turtle Maori Tattoos On Thigh

48. Like all other people in the world, Maori too was fascinated by big fishes especially Blue whales. Here is a humpback whale tattoo in Maori pattern.
Whale Maori Tattoos

49. Wolves were associated with Vikings and celtic culture. But why not try a mix up tattoo after all it can turn out as beautiful as this.
Wolf Maori Tattoos

50. Here is a simple maori tattoo design around the forearm of this cute girl.
Wrap Around Maori Tattoos

Which Maori tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most and why?

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