50+ Cute Collar Bone Tattoos For Women (2024)

Collar bone tattoos cause more pain than chest tattoos but still, people get tattooed on their collar bone. This is because there is a wide range of tattoos that can be inked on the collar bone and will look meaningful. Collar bone tattoos do not hurt as much as ear tattoos so don’t be afraid of them.

If you wish to have collar bone tattoos then we have some brilliant ideas for you. Here are 50+ cute and small collar bone tattoos for females and men –

Collar Bone Tattoos Ideas

1. If you opt for a quote tattoo on collar bone then make sure it is readable when you are wearing low neck tees.
Collar Bone Tattoos

2. Shoulder Collar bone tattoos can be really painful so it will be good idea to try a small tattoo design just like this arrow tattoo.
Arrow Collar Bone Tattoos

3. The collar bone is a perfect place to try a 3D tattoo design and one very popular suggestion is to try nail tattoo like this.
3d Collar Bone Tattoos

4. You can try two separate flower tattoos on both your collar bone and it will be amazingly attractive.
Beautiful Collar Bone Tattoos

5. Another cool feminine collar bone tattoo idea is to try flying birds tattoo. You have to be careful about the number of flying birds that you want to show in your tattoo.
Best Collar Bone Tattoos
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6. Here is an impressive tribal tattoo design on the collarbone of this girl. The artist chose perfect ink color for this tattoo.
Bird Collar Bone Tattoos

7. Avoid getting your collarbone pierced. You should try getting butterfly tattoos on your collarbone and they will perfectly suit girls.
Black And Grey Collar Bone Tattoos

8. If you have a pet then you should try collarbone tattoo of that pet. Here is a minimal cat tattoo design on collar bone along with cat paw tattoo.
Butterfly Collar Bone Tattoos

9. An interesting collarbone tattoo idea would be to try a tree tattoo design on back with its branch extending up to the collar bone.
Cat Collar Bone Tattoos

10. Girls can also opt for dandelion tattoo on their collar bone as it will look very attractive and meaningful.You can try these collarbone quotes for your tattoo design.
Cherry Blossom Collar Bone Tattoos
chest tattoos wings designs men

collarbone tattoo ideas for females

11. Either have quote tattoos on both collar bone or a heartbeat tattoo on them both. Don’t mix up both design or it will look dull.
Collar Bone Tattoo Gallery

12. You can have a motivational quote tattooed on your collar bone. Collarbone provides enough space that you can try long quotes or even bible verses too.
Collar Bone Tattoos For Guys

13. This tattoo could have looked better if it was of praying hands. Collarbone is perfect site for praying hand tattoos.
Collar Bone Tattoos For Sisters

14. Instead of trying quote tattoos on both collarbone you can have a meaningful quote tattoo on just one collarbone like this.
Collar Bone Tattoos Girl

15. Instead of branching out a tree from the back you can have a tree branch tattoo or a flower vine tattoo extending from chest to collarbone too.
Collar Bone Tattoos On Females

16. Here is a unique collar bone tattoo idea where the artist tattooed a flower vine starting from the back neck and ending up to the collarbone.
Collar Bone Tattoos Pictures

17. You can opt for temporary collar bone tattoos made using watercolours or pastel colors. Here is a watercolour elephant tattoo on collar bone.
Collar Bone Tattoos With Meaning

18. If you own a small dog breed as a pet then it would be easy and meaningful for you to get it tattooed on your collarbone.
Collar Bone Tattoos

19. Couples can try heart and lock key tattoos on their collarbone and it will look perfectly well on them both.
Collarbone Chest Tattoos

20. If you have selected a short quote (two or three words) for your collar bone tattoo then I would advise you to choose a large font for it.
Collarbone Tattoo Designs

girl collar bone tattoos

21. Instead of trying small bird tattoos you can try medium or large size sparrow tattoo design and it will look amazing if tried on both collarbones.
Collarbone Tattoo Ideas

22. If your collar bone tattoo design starts fading away then I would advise you to restyle it using watercolors. Here is how a restyled watercolor tattoo on collar bone would look like.
Collarbone Tattoo Instagram

23. This is a heartbeat tattoo design on both collar bone of this guy but I am unable to understand the micro tattoos added to it. Are they pokemon?
Collarbone Tattoos For Guys

24. If you ever wish to have a compass tattoo with a quote then a great idea would be to get the compass tattooed on the shoulder and the quote inked on the collar bone like this.
Compass Collarbone Tattoos

25. You can try a simple one-word tattoo on your collarbone and various words that you can try are – Family, Friends, Hope, Strength, Faith.
Cool Collar Bone Tattoos

26. Couples can also try king and queen crown tattoos on their collar bone. Here is a queen crown tattoo design along with a quote in the style of infinity.
Crown Collar Bone Tattoos

27. If you do not want to try traditional collarbone tattoos then you should opt for some offbeat tattoos like this dragonfly tattoo design.
Cute Collar Bone Tattoos

28. You can also have a memorial tattoo design on your collar bone. Like here this guy dedicated a memorial tattoo to his dad on his collar bone.
Family Collar Bone Tattoos

29. Feather tattoos are among obvious choices for collarbone tattoos. Here is a colourful feather tattoo design in large size on the collar bone of this girl.
Feather Collar Bone Tattoos

30. If you wish to have a flower tattoo design on your collarbone then you must decide the type of flower you want to get tattooed. On most girls rose and chrysanthemum flower tattoos look good.
Floral Collar Bone Tattoos

double collar bone tattoos

31. You also have to decide whether you wish to have a colourful flower tattoo or a black and grey flower tattoo like this.
Flower Collar Bone Tattoos

32. If you wish to have collarbone tattoos on just one side then opt the right side because your heart will be less affected by it.
Geometric Lion Collarbone Tattoos

33. Don’t think that small size tattoos won’t look meaningful on the collarbone. Here is a small size heart tattoo design with a heartbeat and it is way more gorgeous than most large size tattoos.
Heart Collar Bone Tattoos

34. If you get your collarbone tattooed with quotes or words in another language then you must know the true meaning of that word or otherwise, you will be bu++ of jokes.
Kanji Collar Bone Tattoos

35. Long tattoos like this will not look good on just one collarbone so if you opt for them then try them on both sides.
Lavender Collar Bone Tattoos Female

36. As collarbone tattoos are visible most of the time so one playful thing that you can do is to get tattooed with a unique and tough word. This will leave people guessing about its meaning.
Lettering Collar Bone Tattoos

37. If you are a mother then you can have a meaningful collarbone tattoo dedicated to your child. Here is a beautiful and heart touching example.
Mother And Baby Collar Bone Tattoos

38. Tiny and subtle tattoos like this surely win the hearts of every person who sees them. These tiny mountains will not be very painful to get tattooed.
Mountain Collar Bone Tattoos

39. If you have interest in space and science then you can get tattooed with a planet tattoo on your collarbone like this.
Planet Collarbone Tattoos

40. A popular collar bone tattoo idea is to get tattooed with your date of birth and that too in roman numerals.
Roman Numerals Collar Bone Tattoos

feminine collar bone tattoos

41. If you want to have a tattoo on your collarbone or chest then please get your chest shaved before it or otherwise no one will understand your tattoo.
Rose Collar Bone Tattoos

42. Most collar bone tattoos are visible from the top so you can have a tattoo in the style that it looks real from top view just like this spider tattoo.
Spider Collar Bone Tattoos

43. The artist smartly used the negative shading of the black color to ink a brilliant star cluster tattoo.
Star Collar Bone Tattoos

44. You can have a realistic collar bone flower tattoo and trust me it would be one of the best tattoos you ever had. Take a look yourself on this yellow chrysanthemum tattoo.
Sunflower Collar Bone Tattoos

45. Collar bone tattoo design usually fade away quickly then chest or back tattoos. So you must take good aftercare of collarbone tattoos.
Swallow Collarbone Tattoos

46. Instead of getting separate collar bone tattoos girls can opt for a long tattoo design that starts from one shoulder and ends to the other. Here is a heart necklace tattoo design that gives an idea of such tattoos.
Traditional Collar Bone Tattoos

47. Is it a bone tattoo design? This guy opted to get tattooed with a bone tattoo exactly over his collar bone.
Under Collar Bone Tattoos

48. This subtle arrow tattoo design on the collar bone of this girl is looking amazing. It is mix up of three tattoos – arrow, word, and feather.
Watercolor Feather Collar Bone Tattoos

49. Wave tattoos are mostly recommended on forearm but collar bone is also a good place for them.
Wave Collar Bone Tattoos

50. Now here is a brilliant collar bone tattoo where the artist inked the name of the wearer using sign language. This design got viral on Tumblr and DeviantArt.
White Collar Bone Tattoos

Which collar bone tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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