50+ Bow and Arrow Tattoos For Men (2024) *Unique Designs With Meanings*

One of the most meaningful tattoo designs is of arrow tattoos. Artist often recommends tattoos of arrow and bow to young people because these tattoos have deep meaning. Arrows are a pointed weapon whose only aim is to tear through the target. Thus arrow tattoos will suit people who only focus on their aim and believe in themselves to achieve it.

Here we chose 50 unique arrow tattoo designs for men and women. Please note that there are tattoo designs of the famous weapon and not of the DC superhero The Arrow who also appears in a TV show. So here are 50 arrow tattoo ideas for you-

Arrow Tattoos Meaning

1. What does an arrow tattoo mean? Ampersand tattoos have decent popularity and if you wish to have a mix-up tattoo then try ampersand and arrow tattoo design like this.
Arrow Tattoos

2. I don’t know what these number represents in the arrow tattoo but yes many people opt for arrow tattoo with a number. The number could be their birth year or date of birth or any important number.
Arrow Tattoos For Couples

3. If you opt for a medium or large size arrow tattoo then you should divide it into multiple sections with each section giving its own unique look like this.
3d Arrow Tattoos

4. Arrow sleeve tattoo is impossible but you can try a unique design where you opt for a long (but slim and pointy) arrow tattoo that is followed by a good quote. It is also an interesting quote tattoo idea.
Arrow Tattoos For Friends

5. Various parts of the arrow are made of various popular geometrical shapes such as triangle and circle. So you can try an arrow tattoo that is geometrical and symmetrical.
Arrow Tattoos For Girls
dövme modelleri 2020 erkek

6. Siblings often opt for matching tattoos and if you wish to do the same then the number of arrows tattooed on your body should be equal to the number of siblings you have (including yourself).
Arrow Tattoos For Guys

7. Another cool tribal arrow tattoo idea would be to get the arrow tattoo done with tattoo ink and then the tail be followed by a watercolor tattoo design like this.
Arrow Tattoos For Women

8. As arrow tattoos are usually small in size so a good addition that you can do in them is to add a micro yin yang tattoo that represents the balance of good and evil in life.
Arrow Tattoos On Ankle

9. Couples can try pretty sun and moon tattoos within an arrow tattoo design. The sun and moon should be at the center of the arrow and also the arrow should point towards their better half.
Arrow Tattoos On Arm

10. Instead of adding different geometrical symbols to your arrow tattoo I would recommend you to follow the pattern of just one symbol to create an illusion tattoo. Here is an arrow tattoo with square designs.You can also make them at home easily.
Arrow Tattoos On Biceps
california state tattoo outline

arrow tattoos for guys

11. Even though many people opt for just one arrow tattoo but you can also try a double arrow tattoo that are placed like an X sign.
Arrow Tattoos On Chest

12. Tribal Arrow tattoos perfectly suit fingers and you should definitely opt for them if you wish to have a matching tattoo with your husband or boyfriend.
Arrow Tattoos On Fingers

13. Usually, the shaft of the arrow is made like a thin line in many tattoos but you can have a detailed and realistic arrow tattoo which will show a thick shaft.
Arrow Tattoos On Leg

14. You can add a strong word in place of the shaft in your arrow tattoo design. Some examples of such words are – FAMILY, LOVE, HOPE, FRIENDS, FAITH. Such tattoos will look good in large size.
Arrow Tattoos On Rib Cage

15. Instead of adding geometrical shapes in your arrow tattoos you can add stars tattoo design to it as such tattoos will represent nuclear weapons.
Arrow Tattoos On Rib

16. Broken arrow tattoos are rarely suggested but in my opinion, they could act as a really good memorial tattoo especially if you wish to have one dedicated to your brother or sister.
Arrow Tattoos On Sleeve

17. One advantage of arrow tattoos is that they can really go well with other tattoos but if you opt for large size arrow tattoos then have them away from other tattoo designs.
Arrow Tattoos On Stomach

18. If you are not sure what to do with the geometrical shape designs on arrow tattoo then you should try adding small mountain tattoo designs to it like this.
Arrow Tattoos On Thigh

19. As the shaft is usually ignored in arrow tattoos so I would advise you to opt for a designer arrowhead and fletching in the tattoo design.
Awesome Arrow Tattoos Designs

20. If you make an X sign with your arrow tattoo design then you can make it even more unique by trying dotwork in between the empty areas like this.
Beautiful Arrow Tattoos

arrow tattoo designs for guys

21. You can add a bow to your arrow tattoo design but make sure the size and length of the bow perfectly matches the size and length of arrow.
Bow Arrow Tattoos On Wrist

22. Instead of trying simple fletching in your arrow tattoo you can also try fletching made of feather. This way you can have an arrow tattoo and a feather tattoo too.
Colorful Arrow Tattoos

23. Another cool mix up tattoo design is to ink a compass tattoo and use arrow instead of the needles in the compass. Here are an amazing compass pocket watch and arrow tattoo on the back of this girl.
Compass With Arrow Tattoos

24. If you are in the navy then you must have a navy related tattoo with your arrow tattoo. You can either try a combo of arrow or anchor tattoo or arrow and ship wheel tattoo.
Cool Arrow Tattoos

25. A rather out of league arrow tattoo design would be to have an arrow tattoo spearing the head of an animal. Not many will admire it though.
Cow Skull With Arrow Tattoos

26. An arrow tattoo design inked in the shape X has a deep meaning. It represents that you believe that Knowledge is power and you are ready to defend it.
Crossed Arrows Meaning Tattoos

27. If you opt for animated Arrow tattoo design then you can try a surreal design with it such as adding a mini globe tattoo to it like this.
Earth With Arrow Tattoos

28. Even though I won’t recommend arrow tattoos where the fletching of the tattoo is extra-large yet many people admire such designs so here is one for you to consider.
Feather With Arrown Tattoos

29. If you have read Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata then you probably know that there are many different types of arrows. Here is the design of one such arrow inspired from these epics.
Girly Arrow Tattoos

30. Not many would admire an arrow tattoo hurting someone but if you still wish to then you should probably consider this design.
Gorgeous Arrow Tattoos

cool arrow tattoos for guys

31. You can add tiny religious symbols or famous signs to your arrow tattoo thus subtly hinting your ideology and religious thoughts.
Hamsa Arrow Tattoos

32. If you opt for a tiny or small arrow tattoo design then you can make it even more meaningful and attractive by adding your own name initials.
Infinity With Arrow Tattoos

33. Biomechanical arrow tattoos are rarely tried but if you know any clever and experienced tattoo artist then I would highly recommend you to try a biomechanical arrow tattoo.
Lion With Arrow Tattoos

34. You can have a small matching arrow tattoo design with your significant other and to make it even more special you can get tattooed with a beautiful word like ‘LOVE’ or ‘HOPE’ just like this wrist tattoo.
Love Arrow Tattoos Ideas

35. Three arrow tattoos are not advised because they have a meaning that you are ready to fight for your ideology even if it means to degrade others.
Lovely Arrow Tattoos

36. If you wish to add a quote with your arrow tattoo then either have it just after the tail or another idea is to place the arrow tattoo in between the quote like this.
Medieval Arrow Tattoos

37. A simple arrow tattoo idea would be to try the neo tribal arrow tattoo where the blackwork tattoo art is used to make the tattoo.
Mini Arrow Tattoos

38. Girls can have a very beautiful arrow tattoo if they add a flower tattoo design in it. Here is a rose tattoo added in an arrow tattoo design.
Minimal Arrow Tattoos

39. You can add a realistic eye tattoo design to your arrow tattoo to make it more meaningful. It will represent that you have a sharp eye and you think ahead of time.
Native American Arrow Tattoos

40. If your quote is short and meaningful then one cool idea is to place the quote in place of the shaft in the arrow tattoo design like this.
Quotes Arrow Tattoos

best arrow tattoos for guys

41. Here is a brilliant arrow tattoo design that also has a micro design of sun tattoo, an eye tattoo and a really small flower tattoo in it.
Simple Arrow Tattoos On Leg

42. When it comes to two arrow tattoos then the most artist would suggest you make an X sign with it but you can have two arrow tattoos in parallel pointing in different directions.
Simple Arrow Tattoos

43. If you wish to have a skull tattoo design and an arrow tattoo design but don’t have enough space on your body then try this design.
Skull With Arrow Tattoos

44. Nothing will look as beautiful and meaningful as a simple arrow tattoo design. It should be tried either on wrist or forearm.
Small Arrow Tattoos

45. One not so popular idea is to add angel wings to the arrow tattoo design. It will be a unique one.
Star With Arrow Tattoos

46. You can have multiple arrow tattoos inked on your sleeve. It might not be much meaningful but it will be a really good half sleeve tattoo design.
Stylish Arrow Tattoos Designs

47. A nice combination tattoo for couples is to try arrow and heart tattoo either on the wrist or on foot. The arrow should point towards the heart of the lady.
Tiny Heart And Arrow Tattoos

48. Arrow tattoos fail to act as a cover-up tattoo but if the area you wish to cover is small then you should try adding an animated design to your arrow tattoo like this.
Traditional Arrow Tattoos

49. You can add watercolor or pastel color in the background of your arrow tattoo especially if it is fading away to give it a unique and refreshing look.
Water Color Arrow Tattoos

50. Another symbol popular used with the arrow tattoo is the sign of infinity. You can use drawings from Tumblr, Pinterest, and DeviantArt for your arrow tattoos.
Arrow Tattoos On Elbow

From the above photo gallery which arrow tattoo attracted you the most and why?

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