50+ Bear Tattoos For Men (2024)

Animal tattoos are very popular among the masses. Bear tattoos have their own fan following because many sports teams, states, schools, colleges, and universities have a bear as their logo. So people opt for the bear logo tattoo. Many other options for bear tattoos because of their love and attraction for the animal. Bear tattoos have a really good meaning. They represent a fighting spirit, an attitude of never backing down, and a desire to come out as a winner in any circumstance. Bear tattoos are considered manly but girls too opt for them. Here are 50 bear tattoos designs for men and women-

Cute Bear Tattoos

1. This bear tattoo has the face of a bear but the body of a masculine ape or human. Such a tattoo design will perfectly suit girls.
Bear Tattoos

2. It is hard to show an angry grizzly bear tattoo on body parts like the calf or forearm but if you have thick forearms or calves then go for it and choose the golden color for it.
Awesome Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. Here the artist beautifully inked a polar bear tattoo design on the back shoulder of this girl. The artist added a flower vine and nut too which is one of the favorite food of bear cubs.
Amazing Black Bear Tattoos Design On Women Upper Backside

4. Even though people prefer to bear face tattoos on forearms but a good option can be full bear tattoos. If you wish to show an angry bear then you can add red color in the background to add a strong effect to it.
Bear Cub Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. Lion Is the King of the Jungle but if the bear is your spirit animal then why not place the king’s crown on his head? Here is a King Bear tattoo design on the forearm of this guy that seems to be inspired by Disney cartoons.
Bear Head Tattoos Design On Forearm
meaningful legend of zelda tattoos

Grizzly Bear Tattoos

6. Bear is the official logo of the State of California. If you wish to spread a social awareness message then this double-exposure bear tattoo s perfect for. It shows trees that give the impression of a walking bear thus suggesting wildlife conservation.
Bear Tattoo On Instagram

7. You can base your bear tattoo on ancient cave paintings and drawings. This tattoo design perfectly shows how ancient cave paintings of the bear were.
Bear Tattoo Traditional

8. If you wish to have a small-size bear tattoo then one of the best designs you can opt for is the Studio Ghibli logo. There is many Japanese anime that have bears; you can try them as tattoos.
Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas On Legs

9. Girls can have bear tattoos with flower tattoos too but do not opt for such designs where the flower tattoos confuse as parts of the bear’s body. Like, are those petals of flowers or the Legs of a bear?
Bear Tattoos Design On Calf

10. When you opt for angry bear tattoos then do remember that most angry bear tattoos are facing upwards and it is not necessary to show both of their eyes. There are many bear species that you may not know about.
Bear Tattoos Design On Chest
garter belt tattoo meaning

Polar Bear Tattoos

11. I don’t know why the artist added a longitude-latitude location in this tattoo but I liked the way the artist used the negative shades to ink out a white bear with a jungle in the background.
Bear Tattoos Design On Legs

12. You can also try a bear tattoo design inked using geometrical shapes and figures. Such tattoos always stand out from other tattoos. But there is no need to add a deer stag to the head of a bear.
Bear Tattoos Design On Men Upper Backside

13. Many times cartoons show a resemblance between bears and mice. If you try a small size animated bear tattoo then make it different from a mouse tattoo.
Bear Tattoos Design On Ribcage

14. One problem with bear outline tattoos is that you cannot show a hairy bear easily. If the tattoo artist is not experienced then you might end up with a poor bear tattoo that looks more like a dog.
Bear And Forest Tattoos Design On Legs

15. This is a brilliant bear tattoo design on the wrist of this guy that is inked using the dot work art of tattoo. It is surely very painful but the result is amazingly beautiful.
Bear Tattoos For Boys

Baby Bear Tattoos

16. You can also opt for a traditional bear tattoo design which will use solid colors. Also, you have to show a huge mustache of the bear in such tattoos.
Bear Tattoos For Girls

17. Here is another interesting state of California bear tattoo design that also shows pine trees and birds. What impresses me more is that it is done using the dot work technique.
Bear Tattoos For Men

18. . Many people opt for large-size grizzly bear or polar bear tattoos but Asian black bear or moon bear tattoos will be a good option too. Here is an Asian bear tattoo made using geometric shapes.
Bear Tattoos For Women

19. Men who are in the navy should opt for old bear tattoos. Here is an old-looking angry bear tattoo on the bicep of this guy.
Bear Tattoos On Biceps

20. If you wish to make your bear tattoo design cute then you have to focus on the eyes of the bear. For example, this tattoo of the bear is looking adorable and pretty due to the eyes.
Bear Tattoos On Pinterest

Panda Bear Tattoos

21. Even though a full-size geometrical bear tattoo will look confusing to many yet it is worth trying for those who are looking for unique tattoos.
Bear Tattoos On Women Upper Backside

22. Another cool bear tattoo design would be to opt for a blackwork bear tattoo where the whole tattoo is inked using solid black and thick ink.
Beautiful Bear Tattoos On Calf

23. If you are from the state of California then a very suitable bear tattoo for you would be to show the beautiful landscapes of California in the bear logo tattoo.
Best Bear Tattoos Design On Forearms

24. This bear and mountain tattoo is smartly done because it shows the white bear in it. Polar bear exists on the north pole only but such tattoos are worth trying.
Best Bear Tattoos Design On Legs

25. Before there were double exposure tattoos people used to opt for traditional bear tattoos that used the old-school formula of showing landscapes inside a mirror like this.
Colored Full Size Bear Tattoos Design On Arms

Bear Paw Tattoos

26. This jaw-dropping double-exposure bear tattoo is one in a million. The artist cleverly showed wolves, mountains, and even planets and stars inside this bear tattoo.
Cool Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. A unique bear tattoo idea would be to show the bear in a traditional warrior uniform. Here is a bear tattoo holding shield and wearing a bow and arrows.
Cute Black Color Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

28. This amazing tribal bear tattoo gives two wonderful ideas. You can either opt for a tribal bear claw tattoo design or a bear head tattoo or maybe both like this.
Fabulous Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. Girls can opt for female bear tattoos and for this they have to show the bear with beautiful brown eyes just like this.
Geometric Bear Tattoos Design

30. The shape of this minimal bear tattoo can be improved a lot but otherwise, it is a good small-size bear tattoo idea.
Glamorous Bear Tattoos Design On Legs

31. Personally I would not recommend you show a running bear as it will not give a good impression to viewers.
Good Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

32. If you opt for a double exposure bear tattoo and wish to show the mountain inside it then please don’t make it to the mount of the hill to go outside the bear tattoo.
Great Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. The anger of this bear tattoo is brilliantly shown as the artist showed the flames of fire inside its eyes. You can look closer at the design.
Latest Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. Here is an origami bear tattoo on the forearm of this lady. Sisters can have matching animal tattoos and it is best if they are done in origami style.
Little Bear Tattoos Design For Girls

35. If any of your nature-related tattoos starts fading away then you can add a small animal tattoo such as a bear tattoo to it to give it a new and fresh look.
Lovely And Cute Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

36. Bears can be a really good cover-up tattoo and for this, you have to opt for either a large-size grizzly bear tattoo or a black bear tattoo.
Most Popular Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

37. Instead of trying a geometrical bear tattoo you can try the old-school method of adding an animal tattoo inside a geometrical shape like this.
New Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. Bears do not howl like wolves but it is fun to play with the mind of people. You can have a howling bear tattoo and let people keep guessing about its meaning.
Nice Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

39. I would recommend a large-size colorful bear face tattoo but if you opt for a black and grey bear outline tattoo then make the bear hairy.
Simple Draw Bear Tattoo Design On Chest

40. If you wish to have a bear tattoo on your stomach or rib cage then a standing bear tattoo would look better than a bear face tattoo.
Simple Lined Bear Tattoos Design On Stomach

41. Skull tattoos are often added to other boys’ tattoos to give the tattoo a manly look. You can have a combo of bear and skull tattoo designs like this.
Skull And Bear Tattoos Design For Men

42. You can have a temporary watercolor bear tattoo design like this. It will fade away within a week.
Sleeve Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. This neo-tribal bear tattoo design on the ankle of this boy surely has a deep meaning that I am unable to understand.
Small Baby Bear Tattoos Design On Legs

44. Instead of trying a real bear tattoo design you can also opt for a teddy bear tattoo design. It is the perfect choice for young girls.
Teddy Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. Here is another neo-tribal bear tattoo design which is made unique by adding a flying bird to its head.
Temporary Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. You can opt for a bear family tattoo design where the mummy bear and papa bear are shown with their bear cubs.
Top Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. If you ever opted for a geometrical bear face tattoo then you can restyle it by adding a real-looking bear body just below it.
Top Geometric Bear Tattoos Design For Men

48. You can base you bear tattoo design on famous bear characters in movies and TV shows. One very popular idea is the Baloo Bear tattoo from The Jungle Book series.
Very Beautiful Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. This blue bear tattoo design seems to be inspired from the famous animated cartoon The Pink panther.
Water Color Bear Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. You will find many interesting bear sketches on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Deviantart so don’t forget to check them out too.
Wonderful Bear Tattoos Design

Which bear tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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