25+ State of California Tattoos Designs (2023) – Bear, Flowers

The popularity of the state of California tattoos is growing. It is common among people to have patriotic tattoos that are dedicated to their country. However many people also like to have state-oriented tattoos. California is the most populated state in the United States and it is the sixth-largest economy in the world.

You will be amazed to see the popularity of the State of California tattoos. If you are a proud citizen of California State then you might wish to have a tattoo design for it. Here are 25 amazing states of California tattoos for men and women –

California State Tattoos

1. No tattoo design would suit better than a real looking bear flag tattoo design with the word ‘California Republic’ inked just below it.
California Tattoos

2. If you do not want to try Bear tattoos then a cool idea for a tattoo is to get inked with the word ‘California’. There are many styles that you can choose from but my favorite is to get it tattooed across the forearm like this.
California Font Tattoos

3. Bear is the state animal of California and it is preserved by the government of the state. You can support this cause by opting for a bear tattoo design on your arm.
Amazing California Tattoos

4. The bear flag is also very popular tattoo design in California. You can try a silhouette bear flag tattoo along with the star tattoo in background.
Bear And Star California Tattoos

california themed tattoos

5. Instead of trying a normal bear tattoo you can show a grizzly bear roaming free in Californian jungles just like this.
Bear California Tattoos Ideas

6. One beautiful tattoo art introduced by the tattoo artists of California was the double exposure tattoos where the artist shows two different designs in one tattoo. Here is a double exposure bear tattoo.
Bear California Tattoos

7. Las Vegas is the hub of casino clubs, therefore, it would be suitable to show it in your tattoo design. Here is a state of California map tattoo design with a skull (inspired from spades of playing cards) in the background.
Beautiful California Tattoos

8. Instead of trying the usual bear flag tattoo design you can also opt for a differently styled bear such as one inspired from teddy bear or from the movie TED.
California Bear Jew Tattoos

9. Dwarf Desert Poppy is common flower of state of California so it is obvious choice if you are looking for a flower tattoo. I bet you will feel proud of these interesting California facts and stats.
California Poppy Flower Tattoos

california state tattoo outline

10. One tattoo idea that your artist might suggest you is to try a double exposure tattoo of state of California map. I would suggest trying the combo of flowers and map like this.
California Quotes Tattoos

11. A realistic bear tattoo design is always hard to ink especially on body part like forearm or bicep. However if you find an experienced artist then I would highly recommend it.
California Tattoo On Arm

12. The Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco is one of the most popular bridges in the world and is often shown in movies. If you are from San Francisco then you should opt for this design.
California Tattoo On Chest

13. California is very popular for its west coast and beaches. You can show all the beauty of California in a map tattoo design like this.
California Tattoos For Men

14. You don’t have to opt for a large size California tattoo to show your love for the state. A small size tattoo on wrist or hand would also be good.
California Tattoos On Hand

state of california tattoos designs

15. You are not a true Californian if you haven’t traveled on Route 101. You can honor the longest and last remaining route of California by getting it tattooed on your body.
California Tattoos On Rib

16. If you live in the coastal areas of California then there would be no better tattoo design than beach tattoo.
California Tattoos On Upper Shoulder

17. While many people opt for bridge tattoos on the chest here is a better and smart choice. You can try the golden gate bridge tattoo across the forearm.
California Tattoos Pictures

18. As California is the center of Hollywood, so one cool idea would be to try a portrait tattoo of any of your favorite actress or actor.
Cigna California Tattoos

19. You can try a full sleeve California tattoo design. Even though not everyone would like it but you would not mind if you love your state madly.
Colorful California Tattoos

20. You can show your patriotic side by opting for a national flag and bald eagle tattoo in the shape of map of California.
Eagle California Tattoos

21. Here another beautiful ‘California’ tattoo design on the forearm of this guy. Flower California Tattoos

22. If you are from Los Angeles then you would surely love this LA tattoo design inked in the map of California. Los Angeles California Tattoos

23. In this traditional California tattoo design the artist showed the flora and fauna in the map of California. Map California Tattoos

24. The Golden gate bridge tattoo design might fade away very quickly so it is necessary that you take good care of it. San Francisco California Tattoos

California Tattoos

25. You can have a fantasy California tattoo design for example in this traditional tattoo design the artist showed city of agrabah with bald eagle. Skull California Tattoos

Which California tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?