50+ Cool Quarter Sleeve Tattoos For Women (2024)

Quarter sleeve tattoos are not a common choice this is because people either opt for full sleeve tattoos or half sleeve tattoos. There is no in-between point among these two. However, few people still like to choose quarter sleeve tattoos as they do not want large size tattoos on their bodies. Here are 31 amazing quarter sleeve tattoos for men and women –

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos Ideas

1. It is common to get tattooed with your pet portrait. Most artists suggest pet portraits on the forearm but it doesn’t provide enough space. So you can try a pet portrait tattoo on the upper quarter sleeve.
Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

2. The best position for angel wings is on the back shoulder but they are successfully tried on various other body parts as well. Here is a beautiful picture of angel wings on the lower sleeves.
Cool Wing Tattoos On Sleeve For Men

3. Tree Tattoos look very symbolic on the upper arm. Firstly they convey a good message of spreading greenery and secondly they suit the upper arm. Here is a tree tattoo design on the upper quarter sleeve of this guy.
Anatomical Heart Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

4. Angel tattoos also look very good on sleeves. This beautiful angel tattoo design is inked perfectly with black and grey ink.
Angle Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

5. Many girls like to have honeybee tattoos on their body. I would suggest trying a honey bee tattoo on quarter sleeve along with honeycomb design in the background.
Bee Quarter Sleeve Tattoos
latest kurti design 2020

6. Have you ever thought of trying a neo-tribal tattoo? Such tattoos are made using solid black ink and are also known as blackwork tattoos. Even though blackwork bracelet tattoos are more popular but you can also try this amazing neo-tribal tattoo design on quarter sleeves.
Black Ink Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

churidar neck designs patterns images

7. If you have broad biceps then you can easily afford detailed landscape tattoos. Here is a forest tattoo design on the upper quarter sleeve of this boy.
Creepy Forest Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

8. Memorial tattoos are best suited on the chest but if for some reason you can’t have them on the chest then you should try it on your quarter sleeves just like this.
Dad Memorial Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

9. Here is a picture perfect statue of liberty tattoo that seems to be inspired by the poster of Planet of the Apes. Interestingly the artist also showed a skull.
Double Exposure Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

10. When people opt for elephant tattoos they usually go for full body elephant tattoos. However, if you want elephant face tattoo design then the upper quarter sleeve is the best place for it. You can follow some cool fashion tips to improve your personality and looks.
Elephant Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

female quarter sleeve tattoos

11. Not many people go for lamppost or simple lamp tattoo designs but they are very meaningful. You can try a lamp tattoo design on quarter sleeve.
Flame Fire Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

12. Geometrical shapes and symbols also perfectly blend with sleeves. A unique idea would be to try Geometrical flower tattoos on the upper sleeve. It will look good on girls.
Flower With Quote Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

13. People often get confused with the size of portrait tattoos. Opt portrait tattoo for the quarter sleeve and the artist will have an exact idea regarding the shape and size of the portrait tattoo.
Greek Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

14. If you are a religious person then you should go for a cross tattoo or for praying hand tattoo design. But remember the praying hand tattoo design should not be huge.
Jesus Hand Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

15. Quarter sleeve tattoos don’t have to spread on the whole curve. You can try an amusing design that just occupies medium space on the quarter sleeve.
Mandala Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

16. Of all the beautiful tribal patterns available online I will highly recommend those that are inked using blackwork tattoo art. Here is a beautiful example of it.
Maori Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

17. Music lover often gets confused to pick up the right place for music-related tattoos. In my opinion, a mic and headphone tattoo on bicep would be impressive.
Microphone Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

18. Music sheet tattoos will look good either on the back or on the chest but if you are looking for another option then I would suggest to try them either o upper sleeve or on the forearm.
Mountain Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

19. Landscape tattoos are also amazing but they need a larger space. However, you can have a medium size landscape tattoo on the quarter sleeve.
Music Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

20. My favorite kinds of snake tattoos are those that are inspired by Lord Shiva. In this design, the artist inks a snake that constricts either a leg or an arm.
Ouroboros Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

womens quarter sleeve tattoo

21. Owl tattoos are often opted by nerds who are fondly in love with mathematics. If you are one among them then here is a cool design for you.
Owl Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

22. This tribal tattoo pattern inked on the upper sleeve of this guy is actually inspired from Mayan sun calendars.
Polynesian Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

23. Not only the tattoo artist gave a beautiful 3D impression of a tribal tattoo but also perfectly used the black, grey and white ink to give the tattoo a more realistic look.
Quarter Sleeve Tattoos For Boys

24. Here is another beautiful flower tattoo design that seems to be inspired by the rangoli designs. It can also be made using henna or Mehandi.
Quarter Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

25. If you are in navy or any of your family members is in navy then a meaningful quarter sleeve tattoo would be to try a ship tattoo design just like this.
Ship Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

26. Usually, I suggest danger skull tattoos to boys and sugar candy skull tattoos to the girl but this skull tattoo that seems to be inspired by 1930s art is also a perfect choice.
Skull Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

27. Personally, I admire small size star tattoos or cluster of stars tattoos but this design of star tattoo with the quote in the middle is very popular online.
Star Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

28. You can opt for temporary quarter sleeve tattoos and they can be any design of your choice. You can try watercolor or pastel color tattoos for this.
The Jungle Book Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

29. Small size tattoos can also be very meaningful if made carefully. This small size tree and triangle tattoo on the quarter sleeve are way better than many trashy tattoos out there.
Traditional Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

30. If you are looking for a cover up tattoo on quarter sleeve then I guess this design will perfectly suit many people.
Tribal Quarter Sleeve Tattoos For Men

women’s quarter sleeve tattoo ideas

31. Quarter sleeve is perfect place to show off patriotic tattoos. Here is a patriotic tattoo on upper sleeve of this guy.
Turtle Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

Which quarter sleeve tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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