130+ Lotus Mandala Tattoos Designs For Men (2024) With Meanings

Mandala tattoos are related to Hinduism and Buddhism but lately, they have gained popularity worldwide. They are among the most popular tattoo designs inspired by Asian culture. The meaning of mandala tattoos is very deep and psychological.

Mandala is the word used to describe the whole universe and cosmos in Hinduism. These cosmos can be as big as our whole universe or as small as the mitochondria of a cell. They represent life in the cosmos and how we all are connected to one superpower.

This makes mandala tattoo so much meaning. Many people like mandala tattoos because they are a perfect choice for sleeve tattoos or cover up tattoos. Here we have chosen 130 incredible mandala tattoos that will suit men and women –

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Mandala Wrist Tattoo Ideas

1. Geometric mandala tattoos are my favorite because they show geometrical symmetry all around like this.
Mandala Neck Tattoos

2. Many artist suggest to add flower to mandala tattoos and the most commonly suggested flower is of lotus.
Sun And Moon Mandala Tattoo

3. Mandala sleeve tattoos are very much popular among men and women. They are called as one of the best tattoos for girls. I have seen a variation where one arm is inked with mandala sleeve and another arm is inked with a Maori sleeve tattoo.
Mandala Tattoo 0

4. You don’t have to try mandala full sleeve tattoos as mandala half sleeve tattoo designs looks equally gorgeous.
Mandala Cover Up Tattoos

5. If you want to give a mystical touch to your mandala tattoo then have it on backbone or spine just like this.
Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala Back Tattoo

6. Mandala tattoos are inspired by the mandalas depicted in Hinduism. So it Is only meaningful to add Hindu deities or statues to your mandala tattoo.
Mandala Tattoos And Their Meanings

7. If you are self-centric person then a good idea would be add your name initial in between the mandala tattoo showing you consider yourself your own universe.
Mandala Designs For Tattoos

8. Many guys and girls like to have matching mandala tattoos. A cool idea is to represent the mandala in two different forms like this.
Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoos

9. You can mix two different cultures and have a unique mandala tattoo. Like here this lady have a mandala tattoo in the style of a dreamcatcher tattoo.
Mandala Dreamcatcher Tattoo

10. You can have temporary mandala tattoo with the use of henna. The mehandi aka henna is used by married indian women. You should read about the history and symbolism of mandala.
Mandala Designs Tattoos

Geometric Mandala Tattoos

11. If you wish to show mandala tattoo in the shape of a flower then add some leaves too to it and make it full sleeve. If you are in marine corps then must know their tattoo policy.
Mandala Tattoos For Women

12. I would not recommend you to try mandala tattoo on calf or leg because it would be disrespectful.
Mandala Sunflower Tattoo

13. Try mandala tattoo design in the shape of moon cycle and you won’t be disappointed by the result. This mandala tattoo can also be moved to forearm.
Mandala Moon Tattoo

14. Do you have a spirit animal? Mine is a wolf. Mix your mandala tattoo and your favorite animal tattoo and the result would be awesome. Here is a wolf mandala tattoo design.
Wolf Mandala Tattoos

15. If you want to give girly touch to your mandala tattoo then have it inked in a feminine character.
Mandala Tattoo 13

Mandala Flower Tattoo

16. Indian art is full of mandala patterns and you can choose the base of your tattoo design from these patterns.
Mandala Tattoos

17. If you decide to have mandala tattoo on back then push to upper back (starting from neck to half spine) instead of lower back.
Mandala Flower Tattoo Meaning

18. You can add a yin yang symbol to your mandala tattoo design it will show your faith in Asian cultures.
Mandala Tattoo Forearm

19. Many people do not understand the importance of white spaces in tattoos. Here this mandala bracelet tattoo is looking impressive due to the spaces left in between.
Girly Mandala Tattoos

20. Instead of keeping your mandala tattoo just on your spine you can expand it on whole back like this.
Mandala Tattoo Back

Mandala Tattoo Shoulder

21. The meaning of mandala is universe in Hinduism so why not a show planet and stars in your mandala tattoo. They are also good choice for heart touching memorial tattoos (because many ancient tribes considered stars as deceased people).
Mandala Elbow Tattoo

22. You can try a 3d mandala tattoo but let me warn you that It would be painful.
Mandala Flower Tattoos

23. Girls can try mandala tattoo on their hand as it would look more meaningful on their hand.
Mandala Hand Tattoo

24. Try a mandala tattoo enclosed in a geometrical shape for example in a square or rectangle.
Geometric Mandala Tattoo

25. As Mandala tattoo is inspired from Hinduism so why not add some hindu symbols to it like the word OM (in Sanskrit).
Buddhist Mandala Tattoos

Sun Mandala Tattoo

26. Do not ruin the beauty of your mandala tattoo with flower tattoos around it.
Mandala Rose Tattoo

27. You can have a mandala tattoo in the style of a clock and you can call it the circle of life.
Mandala Tattoo Ideas

28. Many artist ink the mandala tattoo in style of pointed flowers but forget to add stem to it.
Mandala Compass Tattoos

29. Instead of adding geometrical shapes to your mandala tattoo you can add diamond in the centre like this.
Mandala Tattoos For Guys

30. There would be no better mandala tattoo than the small and simple tattoo like this.
Small Mandala Tattoos

Sunflower Mandala Tattoo

31. The use of ink can really make or break a tattoo. For example this mandala tattoo is looking so expressive due to the use of thick ink. I would love to have a mermaid tattoo in such style.
Mandala Leg Tattoo

32. On the other hand this tattoo is made using light ink but is still impressive due to perfect gaping in the design.
Mandala Sun Tattoos

33. Even though I would not suggest mandala tattoos on the full back but still many people ask for it and here is how it would look like.
Mandala Tattoo On Back

34. Many women ask for perfect tattoo design for upper shoulder. I think mandala tattoo are perfect choice as upper shoulder tattoo.
Mandala Tattoos For Girls

35. Do you love Hinduism? Do you have faith in this beautiful religion? Try a mandala tattoo in the shape of Hindu deity or god. Here is a mandala tattoo inked in Lord Ganesha.
Mandala Elephant Tattoos

Mandala Rose Tattoo Designs

36. Mandala tattoo usually have circles in it. Instead of trying full circle mandala tattoos try half circle mandala tattoos like this.
Cool Mandala Tattoos

37. Why not try a mandala tattoos that looks like an optical illusion. But it can only be tattooed by an experienced artist.
Mandala Tattoo On Shoulder

38. If you desperately want to add a flower to your mandala tattoo then add it on the lower side like this.
Mandala Back Tattoo

39. Many guys and girls think that mandala tattoos will only suit on full sleeves. Here take a look on inner sleeve mandala tattoo. How is it?
Mandala Flower Tattoo

40. If you have thin arms and calves then do not try mandala tattoos on them because the tattoo would look stretched and confusing like this.
Mandala Cover Up Tattoo

Simple Mandala Tattoo

41. Here this guy came up with a unique idea and tried mandala tattoo design just around the knee. Surely it is painful but amusing at the same time. If you do not want it in such large style then try micro size tattoo of mandala.
Half Mandala Tattoo

42. Here is another version of an upper shoulder mandala tattoo design that is left incomplete due to no coloring in it.
Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

43. Small mandala tattoos have their own aura. Look at this beautiful small size mandala tattoo on the forearm of this guy. Isn’t it marvellous?
Mandala Forearm Tattoo

44. Give a feminine look to your mandala tattoo design by adding girly tattoos like butterfly or ladybug. You can even color it in glittering shades.
Mandala Tattoo Color

45. Triangle is an important shape in the whole world. It is considered mystical due to pyramids. So why not add a triangle shape to the mystical mandala tattoo?
Geometric Mandala Tattoos

Meaning of Mandala Tattoos

46. You can have a matching mandala tattoo with your sibling (brother or sister). But don’t have the complete design. Try something like this.
Mandala Wrist Tattoo

47. Now here is one dedicated man who sit for hours to have the perfect mandala tattoo but sadly he cannot admire it with his own eyes.
Mandala Tattoo 44

48. Mandala tattoos on the side would look stupid. Don’t try them on side wrist or side forearm or even on rib cage.
Meaning Of Mandala Tattoo

49. Men and women might ask for mandala tattoo on foot and ankle. Ask them to consider the tattoo on upper body part like chest or back.
Rose Mandala Tattoo

50. Are you looking for mandala cover up tattoo? Here this mandala sleeve tattoo is perfect design for cover up.
Mandala Tattoos For Men

Mandala Elephant Tattoos

51. Adding some flower leaves to your mandala tattoo can make it look more elegant.
Tattoos Mandala

52. There are many small things that you can do to make your mandala tattoo stand out of crowd. One is to add geometrical symmetrical lines to it.
Mandala Arm Tattoo

53. Try a mandala tattoos made using blackwork tattoos art. They are also called neo tribal tattoos and are made using solid black ink.
Mandala Tattoos Men

54. Trying a mandala tattoos in the style of a chandelier and that to on sleeve could be painful for both men and women but the end result is worth it.
Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

55. You can have small mandala tattoo behind the ear. Try mandala sun tattoos or mandala compass tattoos.
Mandala Tattoo 53

56. Mandala tattoos have their own versions in Buddhism and Christianity. Try mandala Buddhist tattoos or mandala Christian tattoos and you will love them.
Mandala Thigh Tattoo

57. There are many mandala style tattoos and among the Europeans most popular are celtic mandala tattoos.
Mandala Style Tattoos

58. The meaning of mandala tattoo can be changed by you if you add some particular design to it.
Simple Mandala Tattoos

59. But let me clear you one thing that mandala tattoos are not cultural appropriation. Instead you are accepting other people culture with warm open heart.
Mandala Tattoo Shoulder

create your own reality tattoo

Buddhist Mandala Tattoo

father daughter symbols tattoos

Celtic Mandala Tattoos

father daughter tattoos symbols

Chakra Mandala Tattoo

native american symbol for sister

Colored Mandala Tattoo

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Compass Mandala Tattoo

stained in pain tattoos

Floral Mandala Tattoo

water tribe symbol tattoo

Forearm Mandala Tattoos

lotus flower hip tattoo

Half Mandala Tattoo

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Lace Mandala Tattoo

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Lotus Mandala Tattoo Meaning

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Lotus Mandala Tattoo

tree of life dreamcatcher tattoo

Mandala And Flower Tattoo

egyptian lotus flower tattoo

Mandala Animal Tattoo

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Mandala Ankle Tattoo (1)

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Mandala Ankle Tattoo

stained in pain tattoo

Mandala Armband Tattoo

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Mandala Chandelier Tattoo

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Mandala Chest Tattoo

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Mandala Color Tattoo

mandala yin yang tattoo

Mandala Cover Up Tattoo

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Mandala Cuff Tattoo

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Mandala Design Tattoo

third eye mandala tattoo

Mandala Dreamcatcher Tattoo

mandala shoulder cap tattoo

Mandala Elbow Tattoo

sunflower yin yang tattoo

Mandala Flower Tattoo Meaning

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Mandala Foot Tattoo

lotus flower tattoo on thigh

Mandala Girl Tattoos

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Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo

behind the circle tattoo

Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoos

mandala tattoo on elbow

Mandala Head Tattoo

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Mandala Henna Tattoo

mandala lower back tattoo

Mandala Henna Tattoos

small water lily tattoo

Mandala Lace Tattoo

mandala wrist cuff tattoo

Mandala Leg Tattoo

wheel of life tattoo

Mandala Neck Tattoo

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Mandala Owl Tattoo

father and son fishing tattoo

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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Mandala Spine Tattoo

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Mandala Style Tattoo

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Mandala Sunflower Tattoo

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Mandala Tattoo Arm

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Mandala Tattoo Design Meaning

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Mandala Tattoo Dotwork

lotus and butterfly tattoo

Mandala Tattoo Flash

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Mandala Tattoo For Guys

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Mandala Tattoo For Men

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Mandala Tattoo Forearm

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Mandala Tattoo Idea

mandala flower tattoo sleeve

Mandala Tattoo Ideas

lotus flower with om tattoo designs

Mandala Tattoo Meanings

good vibes wrist tattoo

Mandala Tattoo On Back

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Mandala Tattoo On Shoulder

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Mandala Tattoo Women

lotus flower stained glass pattern

Mandala Tattoo Wrist

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Mandala Temporary Tattoo (1)

neo traditional mandala tattoo

Mandala Temporary Tattoo

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Mandala Thigh Tattoos

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Mandala Tree Tattoo (1)

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Mandala Tree Tattoo

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Mandala Wolf Tattoo

mandala ankle bracelet tattoo

Meaning Of Mandala Tattoo

mandala sternum tattoo designs

Om Mandala Tattoo

white lotus tattoo & fine art

Skull Mandala Tattoo

native american compass tattoo

Sun And Moon Mandala Tattoo

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Sunflower Mandala Tattoo

black lotus actually additions

Traditional Mandala Flower Tattoo

tibetan skull tattoo meaning

Traditional Mandala Tattoo

buddhist wheel of life tattoo

Watercolor Mandala Tattoo (1)

native american medicine wheel tattoo

Watercolor Mandala Tattoo

lotus flower mandala drawing

White Mandala Tattoo

punk rock tattoo ideas

White Mandala Tattoos

So which of the mandala tattoos design you liked the most?