270+ Unique Small Tattoos Designs For Girls With Deep Meaning (2024)

Small tattoos are way more popular than large size tattoos. People might not opt for full back or full chest or full sleeve tattoos but there are good chances that even those people who are not amused by tattoos would consider trying a small or tiny tattoo. People prefer small tattoos because they could be easily hidden and usually, they do not turn out to be a disappointment.

You will not regret having a small tattoo.However, there is always confusion on which small tattoo design one should opt for. Worry not as we present you unique and meaningful small tattoos that can easily describe your personality. Here are 60+ cute small tattoo designs for men and women with meaning –

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small feminine tattoos with meaning

small simple tattoo designs

1. Why not try a small size sea horse tattoo design? Sea horse tattoos are considered lucky among many cultures because they are symbolic to the god of sea Neptune (or Poseidon)
small tattoos

small tattoo designs for woman

small meaningful tattoos for women

cute little tattoo ideas

2. Superhero logos are not usually opted for tattoos. If you wish to have a superhero logo as a tattoo then avoid it in large size. They will look superb in small size like this Batman logo tattoo on the thigh of this woman.
Small Thigh Tattoos

small tattoo designs for women

small and meaningful tattoos

small meaningful tattoos for girls

3. There are many regular and popular tattoos that can be done in a small size. Arrow tattoos are one such tattoo design that will look elegant and attractive in small size too. Look at this small arrow tattoo design on the index finger of this man.
Small Finger Tattoos

small and simple tattoos

simple tattoos for women

small simple tattoo ideas

4. One good thing about small tattoos is that they often go unnoticed but if you wish to have a small tattoo that quickly attracts other than having modified tattoos. For example here is a seashell tattoo design in unusual shape.
Cool Small Tattoos

you are art tattoo

small unique tattoo ideas

small and cute tattoos

5. If you are worried about how your small tattoo will look then I would suggest you opt for a small size watercolor tattoo. Here is a small sparrow watercolor tattoo design.
Small Bird Tattoos

tattoo artist specializing in small tattoos

small first tattoo ideas

cute small tattoo ideas

6. If you wish to have a matching brother or sister tattoo then instead of opting for a large (loud) tattoo I would recommend you to try small and more appealing tattoos like this one on the back arm.
Small Hand Tattoos

minimalist tattoos and meanings

i got this tattoo

cute small tattoos with meaning

7. One very cute small tattoo idea is to express your favorite hobby through them. If you like dancing then opt for a female silhouette tattoo where the lady is shown dancing like this.
Small Inspiring Tattoos

tiny tattoos for women

simple but meaningful tattoos

palm sized tattoo ideas

8. If you support wildlife protection then you can try a small animal tattoo design. All you have to do is pick up the animal that you wish to be protected from hunting. Here is a stag deer tattoo on foot.
Small Foot Tattoos

3 by 3 tattoo designs

boyfriend name tattoos ideas

sun tattoo behind ear

9. How about trying a small subtle tattoo design that is dedicated to your pet? Here is a cute little and small dog face tattoo design on the elbow of this guy.
Small Girl Tattoos

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10. Imaging a large or huge animal in just a small tiny style is fascinating itself. You can opt for a small whale tattoo design or a small dinosaur tattoo or even a small elephant tattoo like this. There are many beautiful insects that can be used as tattoo designs.
Small Elephant Tattoos

Small Cross Tattoos

11. Many people opt for small number tattoos but the numbers obviously need to be meaningful and special to you. Here is a small number tattoo on the finger of this girl and if probably indicate the birth year of the girl.
Best Small Tattoos

12. If you wish to confuse people then opt for a complicated tattoo design in small size. For example here the artist showed a small pyramid tattoo with various small scriptures.
Small Geometric Tattoos 1

13. Small and tiny religious tattoos are way more impressive than large size religious tattoos. You can get your religious symbol inked on your wrist or forearm. Here this girl got the OM word tattooed on her collar bone.
Small Chest Tattoos

14. Why try simple small tattoos when you can go for some offbeat designs. Here is a small pastel hot air balloon tattoo on the forearm of this boy.
Small Traditional Tattoos

15. This small size infinity tattoo on the lower rib cage of this woman could be improved by tattooing It with the word LOVE on one side and ALWAYS on the other.
Small Rib Tattoos

Small Hand Tattoos

16. If you have huge biceps then small size tattoo will surely stand out on the peaks. How about getting them tattooed with one thing that you consider most important in your lifestyle – FOOD?
Small Arm Tattoos

17. You might get surprised by the popularity of small Japanese and Chinese quote tattoos. If you want them too then have them on parts like behind the ear or on the back of the neck.
Small Names Tattoos

18. If you are interested in cooking then a nice tattoo idea would be to try a small size knife tattoo on hand or arm.
Small Mens Tattoos

19. Word tattoos can be a really good option for small tattoos. Here is a small size Hindi word tattoo. The word is MAA which translates to Mother.
Small Tattoos With Meaning

20. If you opt for small mermaid tattoo design then it is best suited on the ankle. Imagine this design around the ankle and you will definitely be proud of this tattoo design.
Small Forearm Tattoos

Small Butterfly Tattoos

21. Bow tattoos alone might not look cool all the time but if they are added with another unique design such as a face outline then they will surely look impressive for a longer period of time. Here is a small size Minnie mouse outline tattoo with bow on head behind the ear of this woman.
Small Tattoos Behind Ears

22. Most people think that only large size tattoos are meaningful and closer to heart but that’s not true. I would not suggest tattoos to pregnant women. If you have a little kid and you want to dedicate a tattoo to him/her then here is a small mother-daughter angel tattoo for you to consider.
Mother Daughter Tattoos Small

23. As a music lover, I would highly recommend you to try at least one small size music note tattoo on your body. A small size music note tattoo behind the ear would be perfect.
Small Neck Tattoos

24. If you are a planet lover and wonder about space and universe then you should surely try a geek tattoo. I would recommend you to try small space and planet tattoo design in small size on the wrist. A Saturn tattoo or a Jupiter tattoo would be a perfect choice other than the obvious mars or earth tattoo.
Small Space Tattoos

25. Snake tattoo designs are usually neglected by people because in some culture these tattoos have the meaning of cunningness and venom. If you want one then try it in small size.
Cool Small Tattoos For Guys

Small Heart Tattoos

26. Butterfly tattoos are extremely popular among women and they are loved in all sizes. Here is a small size butterfly tattoo on wrist.
Small Butterfly Tattoos

27. People usually try ring tattoos or word tattoos on fingers but you can a small size tattoo of any particular design. For example, this guy opted for a small tiny chili tattoo design on the middle finger.
Small Tattoos For Men

28. Forearm tattoos are usually front facing but if you want a unique style then try a side forearm tattoo. Such tattoos will be long, thin and small. For this flower tattoos or quote, tattoos are perfect.
Small Rose Tattoos

29. One universal fact is that girls love fashion and there are like millions of girls in the fashion industry. Many of them are in the hairstyle industry. Here is a small size scissor tattoo for them.
Small Tattoos For Girls

30. One very meaningful small tattoo idea is to opt for flying birds. This tattoo design will send a strong message that you believe in freedom and respect the freedom of others too. Here this woman dedicated her small shoulder blade tattoo to her little sister.
Small Sister Tattoos 1

Small Bird Tattoos

31. Sailors and navy men have to follow tattoo policies and regulations of navy. For them small size tattoos and that too on the hidden part of the body are perfect. Here is a small ship tattoo design on the foot of this man.
Small Simple Tattoos

32. If you are a fitness trainer who is an expert in combat sports like Boxing, MMA or Wrestling then you must have a danger sign tattoo on your body to alert people. Here is a small size danger skull tattoo design on the calf of this boy that you can consider.
Small Skull Tattoos

33. My favorite pick for angel tattoo would have a large size angel tattoo on the back. Even a small angel wing is best suited on the back shoulder. But if you for some reason do not want to try it then go for a small size angel tattoo on the wrist like this.
Small Cute Tattoos

34. Cats are sometimes very irritating but they are cute all the time. If you want to dedicate a tattoo to your pet cat then have in small size behind the ear. Make sure its paw is touching your ear.
Small Cat Tattoos

35. Hamsa tattoos are spiritual tattoos that are represented by a hand with an eye in it. Here is a small hamsa tattoo design on the forearm.
Small Tattoos On Wrists

Small Dragon Tattoos

36. Sisters must try small size matching tattoos and one perfect idea for them is to try a heart tattoo design on wrist.
Small Heart Tattoos

37. There is a theory that Jellyfish never dies. You can opt for a Jellyfish tattoo on thigh if you believe that the soul is eternal and never dies.
Small Coloured Tattoos

38. Ladybug tattoos became popular once again due to the success of the horror film ‘DON’T BREATHE’. The heroine of the film had ladybug tattoo in small size on her hand you can try it on toe too.
Small Tattoos Tumblr

39. Owl tattoos are considered symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. Try a small size owl tattoo design on knuckle if you consider that you have good IQ.
Small Owl Tattoos

40. Here is a beautiful small size monkey tattoo design that can give a different look from different angles. One of the best small size tattoo design I have ever come across.
Small Tribal Tattoos

Small Owl Tattoos

41. Parrots are known for mimicking others. Parrot tattoos are not so popular but one can still try them as they are very adorable.
Small Tattoos For Women

42. If you want to have a finger tattoo but are restricted due to your employer policies then I would recommend you to try this ribbon tattoo that will go unnoticed most of the times.
Cute Small Tattoos

43. Arrow tattoos are usually tried on hand or arm but they are also the perfect choice for the spine. Here is a small but impressive arrow tattoo on the backbone of this woman.
Small Back Tattoos

44. One very interesting and heart touching small tattoo idea is to have symbols of all major religions inked on your fingers.
Small Meaningful Tattoos

45. Anchor tattoos look better in small size. Here is a small size anchor tattoo with bow on the back of the neck of this lady.
Small Anchor Tattoos

Small Skull Tattoos

46. When people opt for star tattoos they usually go for shining star tattoo. I would suggest you try a small size shooting star tattoo which is considered very lucky.
Small Star Tattoos

47. If you have an attitude of finding positivity even in the negative situations (You know like Spongebob) then try a small size sunflower tattoo on your legs or hand.
Small Flower Tattoos

48. A rising sun tattoo will reflect your optimistic nature and by having it on the middle finger you will show that you do not care about the views of the world.
Couple Tattoos Small

49. Why not try an offbeat and unique tattoo design such as of a small cup of coffee tattoo on wrist like this?
Small Wrist Tattoos

50. You can try a small size tattoo design of your favorite musical instrument. This small size guitar tattoo design is perfectly tattooed but it would look way better on forearm instead of the calf.
Small Ankle Tattoos

Small Arm tattoos

51. Christian Cross tattoos are my favorites.You can try them in any size but small cross tattoo on wrist is attention stealer.
Small Cross Tattoos

52. Usually, I recommend my clients to have dragon tattoos in a large size but ever since the popularity of Dragon has risen (Dragon of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones), people are trying dragon tattoos of all sizes.
Small Dragon Tattoos

53. You can have a tiny tattoo dedicated to your favorite film. For example, this guy got inked with the station number where Harry enters the magical world in Harry Potter movies.
Small Harry Potter Tattoos

54. If you try a tiny moon tattoo then have a half moon instead of full moon as people might get confused and take it for sun.
Small Moon Tattoos

55. Want to keep memories of your beach holiday forever? How about trying a beach landscape tattoo. It doesn’t have to be large you can go for a small palm tree tattoo like this.
Small Tree Tattoos

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