50+ Crow Raven Tattoo Designs For Men (2023) With Meaning

Raven tattoo designs hold a special meaning as they represent mystic and death. They hold huge cultural importance. You will find raven featured in almost all spooky mythical stories.

If you are going for a raven tattoo then depending on your design it could hold different meanings. For example, it could represent courage, death, fear, bad omen and danger.

Raven Tattoo Meaning

Raven Bird Holds special symbolism in different cultures. Therefore a crow tattoo has different meanings which vary according to contexts.

Raven is known to feast on dead bodies. Whenever Celtic or Viking tribes fought war in ancient times they saw hundreds of ravens flying over the battlefield. Those ravens will feed upon the dead bodies of fallen soldiers. Thus, these two cultures considered Raven as a symbol of War and death.

Native Americans on the other hand considered Raven as a bird that brings knowledge and light to people. Norse God Odin has two huge raven tattoos on his chest. These are known as hugging and Muninn tattoo. The Huginn raven represents the thought whereas the Muninn raven represents the memory. Therefore many people choose the huginn and Muninn tattoo design to represent knowledge, power, memory and thoughts.

Raven forms a very special friendship with wolves. These predatory birds often lead wolves to dead animal carcasses while the wolf let them eat their fresh kill. In Greek and Roman culture they are called as the birds of Athena and Apollo (sun and wisdom).

Here are 50+ amazing raven tattoos that you can choose from for your next design –

Traditional Raven Tattoo

1. Ravens are more mysterious than beautiful. However, trying raven bird tattoos design with a beautiful background would be a cool idea. Here is a raven with cherry blossom tattoo designs.
Raven Tattoo

2. A pair of raven tattoos is advised for those who are seeking revenge. The front-facing raven will signify your positive attitude toward the future while the back facing raven will show that you remember the wounds you got in the past.
Awesome Crow Tattoos

3. A flying raven with feathers falling is another common design but you can make it better by adding glyph designs to it. This will look like as if the raven is carrying a secret message with it.
Best Crow Tattoos On Leg

4. Another unique idea would be to try a raven feather tattoo. Raven feathers were used to write novels and letters in the medieval era. Therefore a raven feather tattoo will show your interest in literature.
Black And Grey Crow Tattoos

5. Ravens were considered bad omen in many cultures. Therefore many people like to try a dying crow tattoo to show that they have killed their bad luck.
Black Crow Tattoos On Thigh
leo zodiac sign tattoo

6. As ravens are considered mysterious and mythical therefore an incomplete Celtic raven tattoo will further mystify the tattoo.
Amazing Crow Tattoos

7. In ancient ages, tribal people used to follow ravens to find food and water. You can try a tattoo that shows something similar.
Blue Flower With Crow Tattoos

8. An ugly looking tattoo of Celtic Raven will have its own meaning. It will show that even though you might not be good looking but you are a very helpful person.
Celtic Crow Tattoo

9. One common mix of tattoo tried by people is the raven and clock tattoo. Ravens were used to send messages, therefore, time played a vital role in the exchange for important information. After all, Jon snow used a *PRIME* raven to send a message to Khaleesi that he is stuck beyond the wall. Time played a vital role there.
Compass With Crow Tattoos

10. One combination that you can try is the raven and skull tattoo. Both represent evil but also show how one can overcome his/her fears. Beside playing an important role in Game of thrones, Ravens also play an important role in balancing the food chain.
Cool Crow Tattoos
latest maggam work blouse designs 2020

minimalist raven tattoo

11. It is commonly mentioned throughout history that how ravens eat or destroy eggs of other birds and plant their eggs. Such a tattoo will show that you have a cunning nature. It is inspired by Viking art.
Crow And Nest Tattoos

12. Many novels based the appearance of scary monsters on ravens. You too can try a scary ravens tattoo like this which have three legs.
Crow Bird Tattoos

13. A raven outline tattoo may or may not look good. It totally depends on the tattoo artist inking it.
Crow Raven Tattoos

14. A realistic tattoo of raven bird will surely look amazing. If you opt for one then I will suggest you go for the three-eyed ravens of the game of thrones.
Crow Tattoo Designs

15. If you opt for Viking raven tattoo on hand then make it look like sigil or logo of something important.
Crow Tattoo Meaning

16. They say that ravens are not faithful birds and they are not monogamous. So if you were cheated by someone then this is a perfect tattoo for them. You can try it in white ink too.
Crow Tattoos Designs

17. Almost all cultures link ravens to death. Adding a flower to their tattoo will signify that you see positivism even in the most negative circumstances.
Crow Tattoos Ideas

18. A tribal tattoo of this bird will look great but you know what will look amazing – A mix up of tribal and watercolour design like this.
Crow Tattoos Images

19. One unique trend often followed among tattoo artists is to ink tattoo pieces of two different animals in one. Here is a mix of White raven, phoenix and peacock design.
Crow Tattoos On Back

20. There is one slight mistake in this otherwise awesome Viking inspired tattoo and that is the paw of the crow which is pointed backwards.
Crow Tattoos On Biceps

traditional raven tattoo

21. If you don’t mind a full size black tattoo on chest then here is an awesome design for you.
Crow Tattoos On Chest

22. Pencil sketch tattoos have their own tattoos but what makes this pencil sketch tattoo amazing is its unique (and perfect) placement.
Crow Tattoos On Claf

23. You would be surprised to know but many cultures said that ravens are the most useless birds. This is not true. Here is a tattoo that proves otherwise.
Crow Tattoos On Full Sleeve

24. If you are a Canadian then a perfect combination tattoo for you would be to try a raven and moose tattoo.
Crow Tattoos On Half Sleeve

25. A raven head tattoo has its own meaning. It means that you can farsee the future and you are prepared for it.
Crow Tattoos On Knee

26. Using the red color along with dark black raven will signify your belief in ultimate death and how you are not attracted to worldly possessions.
Crow Tattoos On Leg

27. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series then you can try the tattoo of Ravenclaw logo which In my opinion is the least favorite house.
Crow Tattoos On Neck Back

28. A triangle represents three different things that makeup something important. Such as, the three sides may represent mind, body, and soul. Adding a raven will make it even more meaningful.
Trangle With Crow Tattoos

29. Back is good choice for Nordic raven tattoos. In fact a flying raven on back would always look great.
Crow Tattoos On Rib

30. An all dark black raven wing tattoo would symbolize your mysterious nature. It would surely be an eye catching.
Crow Tattoos On Shoulder

crow wings spread tattoo

31. This tattoo shows how one should see beauty in death. The artist added flowers to raven and skull tattoos elegantly.
Crow Tattoos On Stomach

32. Thigh is an unusual body part to try tattoo of raven but it will look extremely beautiful on girls. See for yourself.
Crow Tattoos On Thigh

33. If you want to try old school tattoo design of raven then here is one design for you to consider.
Crow Tattoos On Upper Shoulder

34. You can also go for raven sleeve tattoo but remember that it will not cover up your whole arm unless you add another design to it.
Crow Tattoos Pictures

35. Here is another stylish raven feather tattoo which is inspired from pastel and dotwork tattoo art.
Crow Tattoos Tumblr

36. Illuminati and raven both are mysterious. Adding these two designs in one would be great idea. This is inspired from three eyed raven.
Crow With Eye Tattoos

37. If you are looking for american traditional raven pair tattoos for couples then this might suit you. The artist can also modify them like Odin’s ravens tattoos.
Crow With Flower Tattoos

38. Does two bad omens add up for a good omen? A raven and half moon tattoo in geometric style is another cool combination to try.
Crow With Moon Tattoos

39. A cluster of ravens represent that you believe a natural calamity is overdue and one day it will come. This is adapted from Odin’s ravens.
Crows Tattoos

40. I have no words to explain how beautiful this tattoo is looking. I bet she is a really beautiful indian girl in saree.
Forest Crow Tattoos

raven feather tattoo meaning

41. While black is traditional color for Native American raven tattoos but it is not the only color that should be tried. Here is a green colored crow tattoo that is even better.
Good Crow Tattoos

42. Another cool tattoo idea for harry potter fans would be add a raven along with the deathly hallows symbol.
Latest Crow Tattoos

43. If you go for a raven head tattoo then don’t forget to add arrows to it as they signify your attitude toward your goals.
Lovely Crow Tattoos On Neck

44. Ravens were kept in cages as they were domesticated for several purposes. Therefore a crow tattoo with such quote can greatly signify how important freedom is.
Neo Traditional Crow Tattoos On Chest

45. If you look at this closely you will see that the heart of this raven is easily visible.
New Crow Tattoos

46. Ravens are not considered love birds but it could be our pure misunderstanding. They have a close friendship with Wolves. A Raven and Wolf Tattoo would represent that two people share a good bond of friendship on mutual benefits.
Rose And Crow Tattoos

47. If you are fan of Japanese tattoo art then you will surely love this raven head tattoo in Japanese style.
Rose With Crow Tattoos

48. Here is one scary raven bird tattoo that will suit perfectly on both men and women.
Skull With Crow Tattoos

49. How about getting inked up with a raven that looks as if it came out from Tim burton movies’? Here is one for consideration.
Small Crow Tattoos

50. This tattoo design of crow looks like owl from certain angels.
Tiny Crow Tattoos

Top Class Crow Tattoos

Traditional Crow Tattoo

So which raven tattoos designs impressed you the most?