50+ Really Cool Tattoos For Guys (2024) Small, Simple Ideas

Let me clear down one thing first that this list of cool tattoos is not universal as many people might find the tattoo designs shown in this image gallery to be uncool. To be honest you will find no true list or collection of cool tattoos because there is no universal definition of coolness. However, one thing that everyone agrees on is that if you do not hurt the feelings of other people then you are surely cool or at least not uncool.

Here we picked up 50 tattoo designs that we found cool and recommend to our male and female readers. You can try them on hand, arm, wrist, forearm, shoulder, chest, leg and back –

Cool First Tattoos

1. Instead of opting for traditional dreamcatcher tattoos you can play with the design a little bit. Here is a modified dreamcatcher tattoo with a quote on the thigh of this lady.
cool tattoos

2. Most searched body part for cool tattoos is behind the year. I would suggest you try a unique symbol or sign tattoo behind the ear like this ampersand tattoo design.
Cool Small Tattoos 1

3. At first, this might not strike you as one of the coolest tattoo design but surely if you try a more realistic version of this crocodile tattoo then people will surely fall for it.
Cool Tattoos Tumblr

4. Religious tattoos usually revolve around symbols and signs but one thing that every tattoo artist forgets to add is the surrealism behind such tattoos. Here is a cool Buddha tattoo that shows a planet in the background.
Cool Sleeve Tattoos

5. Another cool tattoo idea is to try a divider tattoo where a tattoo is divided into two parts as if to tell a story or a short tale. Like this tattoo on calf has unique design and charm.
Cool Anime Tattoos
carpe diem tattoo female

Cool Small Tattoos For Men

6. One cool small tattoo idea would be to add any design with a small globe tattoo. For example, the artist added an arrow, nautical star and a compass tattoo design in this globe tattoo.
Cool Compass Tattoos

7. Instead of following universal tradition you can have a tattoo design inspired you’re your favorite movie or book character that you particularly find very cool. Here is a Cheshire cat tattoo design on the back of this girl.
Cool Back Tattoos

8. Another cool tattoo idea is to reimagine a normal person, animal or insect in a unique style. For example, the artist here reimagined a normal bug into a mechanical bug with enormous wings and the result was an awesome wrist tattoo design.
Cool Forearm Tattoos

9. It is not about the size of the tattoo but about the message of the tattoo. Here is a meaningful small size dove tattoo design that is unique and cool in its own style.
Cool Half Sleeve Tattoos

10. If you go for a really meaningful tattoo design then surely it will look cool on you. This rose tattoo design is looking attractive because the artist showed thorns and blood drops with it thereby suggesting that beauty comes at a price. This guide tells how you can be insanely cool without trying hard.
Cool Rose Tattoos
best arrow tattoos for guys

Cool Simple Tattoos

11. This cat and lady face tattoo design is not exactly cool but it can be improved by making the face of the girl smiley or at least by removing its tears.
Cool Face Tattoos

12. One popularly tried and universally admired cool tattoo idea is to have a whole tattoo design that is separated by different body parts. You can have a tattoo that completes when you join your forearms or your feet like this.
Cool Foot Tattoos

13. If you wish to have a cool tattoo design on the stomach then I would recommend you to try a bald eagle tattoo design. This will look amazing particularly on girls.
Cool Stomach Tattoos

14. Who says that romantic tattoos are not cool? If they are carried out in right with proper approach then they can be the coolest tattoo on your body. Look at this beautiful flower tattoo design with a quote on it.
Cool Flower Tattoos

15. This cool tribal tattoo design on the back of this girl looks very symbolic. It represents a shape that all men are fond of. Can you guess?
Cool Tribal Tattoos

Cool Neck Tattoos

16. Double exposure tattoos are always cool but they require a lot of imagination from the artist. Here is a cool double exposure tattoo design that shows a guitar and a landscape of river and trees.
Cool Music Tattoos

17. Hamsa tattoos are considered lucky and good omen. However, they have a fixed pattern which is tried many times. Here is a cooler version of a hamsa tattoo that shows a realistic eye.
Cool Hand Tattoos

18. Some tattoos become cool among a particular group or among family. If you get a matching tattoo design with your brother or sister then surely it will be really cool to both of you.
Cool Couple Tattoos

19. Many artists often recommend trying a pair of flying birds tattoo on both shoulders or collar bone. Here is a cool design for you to consider.
Cool Bird Tattoos

20. Are they lots of Homer Simpsons’ heads gathered in a circle or am I just overthinking about a really cool tattoo pattern on the thigh?
Cool Thigh Tattoos

Cool Small Tattoos

21. This cute simple tattoo design is made attractive due to its unique placement. This is the quality of word tattoos that you can get them on any part of body even on the side of the palm.
Cool Fonts For Tattoos

22. The proper color combination and use of right color can also make a tattoo design cooler. For example, this phoenix tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl is looking attractive due to its coloring and placement.
Cool Phoenix Tattoos

23. I bet that you won’t find any cooler pineapple tattoo design than this. You should try this tattoo design if you love the fruit or if you are a huge fan of SpongeBob.
Cool Geometric Tattoos 1

24. If you want to have a cool planet tattoo design on your body then, in my opinion, Saturn is the perfect candidate for it due to its cool rings.
Cool Small Tattoos For Men

25. Do you like any fruit very much? Why not get it tattooed on your body in small size. Look how attractive this small grapes tattoo design is looking.
Cool Small Tattoos For Guys 1

Cool Hand Tattoos

26. Ship tattoos are usually opted by boys but it will be interesting if a girl opt for a large size ship tattoo design like this.
Cool Tattoos For Girls

27. You might have seen many sparrows or bird tattoo designs but this amazing tattoo is first outlined with black ink and then was given amazing shades of color.
Cool Sparrow Tattoos

28. The beauty of this nautical star tattoo design on the forearm of this guy lies in the fact that the lines (supposed rays) are perfectly and symmetrically lined out.
Cool Tattoos For Men

29. A tattoo design gets way cooler if it is shared with your family or friends. Like these guys here have a Rock paper scissor tattoo and it makes the tattoo way cooler.
Cool Tattoos For Guys

30. Dandelion tattoos are usually inked using light ink but you can opt for a neo-tribal dandelion tattoo which will make the design impressive.
Cool Simple Tattoos

Cool Arm Tattoos

31. If you ever opt for an umbrella tattoo then be sure that you add a watercolour rain design over it. Look at this tattoo – isn’t it pretty?
Cool First Tattoos

32. I am not sure what the artist was trying to do here. Probably he wanted to show a rat face on dragon body but ended up with a sea horse Skelton topped with a rat face.
Cool Traditional Tattoos

33. I always admire tree tattoos because they have a unique appeal that attracts every viewer toward itself. In this design, the artist beautiful inked a green tree and even showed raindrops.
Cool Tattoos For Guys With Meaning

34. Alone triangle tattoo or a lone pyramid tattoo design might not look cool but if you have a triple triangle tattoo design in different shades like this then surely you will get lots of attention.
Cool Male Tattoos

35. It is not necessary to have large size tattoos to attract people. Small tattoos have their own charm. Here is a cool tiny lightning bolt tattoo on the forearm of this woman.
Cool Wrist Tattoos

Cool Chest Tattoos

36. If you ever wished to have a cool toe tattoo then I would highly recommend you to try an eye tattoo on it. The eye tattoo perfectly blends with the shape and size of the toe and gives a realistic look.
Cool Little Tattoos

37. A behind the ear tattoo would look cool and impressive if it is tried along the length of the ear. Here is an interesting tattoo design of a leaf that perfectly matches with the thickness of the ear.
Cool Behind The Ear Tattoos

38. The beauty of this colourful flower tattoo design is increased by the addition of a unique tribal flower tattoo design in the background.
Cool Girl Tattoos

39. Most girls opt for colorful butterfly tattoos but they are not much really. If you want a butterfly tattoo then opt for a realistic design like this.
Cool Butterflies Tattoos

40. When people opt for owl tattoos they mostly try a sitting owl tattoo but here is a unique design where the owl is shown spreading wings just like an eagle.
Cool Sharpie Tattoos

Cool Wrist Tattoos

41. One interesting suggestion to you would be to add a subtle unnatural design to your tattoo. For example the artist added a tribal feather hat to this bird tattoo design and it is hardly noticeable.
Cool Tattoos Drawings

42. If you are thinking of getting a word tattoo then make sure that you choose a cool font tattoo design. There are many websites online where you can find a stylish font for your word tattoo.
Cool Name Tattoos

43. I always admire sun and moon tattoos because they are probably the best tattoo idea for the couple behind the king and queen tattoo. Here is a cool variation of sun and moon tattoo design. Can you find the moon?
Cool Shoulder Tattoos

44. Instead of opting for detailed and realistic tattoo design you can always try childish and animated tattoos just like this crane tattoo on the ankle of this man.
Cool Ankle Tattoos

45. If you have won a medal or a trophy in your life then feel proud to get it tattooed on your body. I would recommend you to try the small design of your trophy.
Cool Finger Tattoos

Cool Back Tattoos

46. Siblings can have a matching and cool tattoo design. There are many ideas but my favorite is the triangle tattoo that perfectly suits siblings.
Cool Arm Tattoos

47. Another cool variation of tribal tattoo is to pick up your favorite design and get inked just with the outline of that design. Here is a cool tribal pattern on the back of this lady.
Really Cool Tattoos

48. Blackwork tattoos can leave a long-lasting impression on the mind. My suggestion would be to compliment a blackwork tattoo with an outline or dotwork tattoo design like this.
Cool Tattoos Designs

49. If your old tattoo design starts fading away then you can restyle it by adding watercolor design to it. Here is a feather tattoo on the forearm that is brought back to life by the addition of vibrant watercolors.
Cool Leg Tattoos

50. Wing tattoos are always pleasing to eyes but their placement matters a lot. Here are a unique wing tattoo designs on the forearm that looks cool.
Cool Arm Tattoos For Guys

Which cool tattoos from the above image gallery you would recommend to your friends?

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