50+ Japanese Geisha Tattoos For Women (2023)

Honestly, people around the globe are fond of Japanese culture and the popularity of Geisha tattoos is proof to it. Japanese anime movies are already loved globally but in the tattoo world, there is more than one reason to love Japanese culture. Geisha tattoo is one among them. Geisha are entertainers and hosts who are generous to their guests. Here we have chosen 50 amazing Geisha tattoos for female and male –

Chinese Geisha Tattoos

1. An elegant geisha head tattoo idea would be to show the geisha beautifully hiding behind a sense (Japanese foldable hand fan).
geisha tattoo

2. Some artist might get confused with a Japan Geisha Girl tattoo design and will end up an anime girl tattoo like this.
Awesome Geisha Tattoos

3. You can opt for a realistic Geisha tattoo design that is inspired from the original looks of the Geishas as shown here.
Beautiful Geisha Tattoos

4. Boys would like to have beautiful geisha girl tattoos but a girl could try any type geisha design like here is a geisha shown with octopus legs.
Black Ink Geisha Tattoos

5. Geisha are part of traditional Japanese cultures but this style was adopted by other countries too. You can try Geisha designs of other countries like here is a European geisha girl tattoo.
Cherry Blossoms Geisha Tattoos
small mexican tattoos for females

6. Geisha have to stay happy all the time but in reality, they have a very stressful life. You can opt for a geisha tattoo with stress and pain in her eyes.
Chinese Geisha Tattoos

7. People like to add various objects to their tattoos but I don’t think you should add any distracting object in your geisha tattoo design.
Colorful Geisha Tattoos

8. A full back geisha tattoo design is advised only to those who fully understand the Geisha culture and respect it from the bottom of their heart.
Cool Geisha Tattoos Full Back

9. Showing a Geisha tattoo in full attire is hard but still you can try to add maximum attire to your geisha tattoo design.
Cool Geisha Tattoos

10. You can also give a gothic look to your geisha tattoo design. For example here is a mix up of Geisha tattoo and a Skelton tattoo.
Devil Geisha Tattoos
simple upper arm tattoo designs

11. Geisha were warriors too and they used to fight in the medieval era. You can try a Geisha tattoo with a sword.
Fabulous Geisha Tattoos

12. You can have a watercolor geisha tattoo design and it will look even more amazing if you add a rain scene to it.
Fine Geisha Tattoos

13. Mostly people consider Geisha to be $eductive and $exy. You can try a Geisha tattoo that looks $eductive, temp+ing and $exy.
Flower With Geisha Tattoos

14. If you use colors in your geisha tattoo design then keep in mind that you have to give it extra care or otherwise it will fade away quickly.
Geisha Angel Tattoos

15. You should know the name of the clothing items worn by a geisha because it would be shameful if someone asks you about it and you are not able to name them.
Geisha Cartoon Tattoos

16. Girls can also opt for a geisha tattoo design which have lots of flowers added to its dress just like this.
Geisha Girl Tattoos Designs

17. Even though I would not advise you to add a Japanese style home to your geisha tattoo but still many people like this idea.
Geisha Hannya Tattoos

18. You should know the difference between a Geisha, an 0iran and a maik0 before getting a tattoo because might end up with a wrong tattoo design.
Geisha Tattoo Background

19. A Geisha sleeve tattoo design is not so popular but if you still wish to have one then here is a design for you.
Geisha Tattoo Black And Gray

20. You can also base your Geisha tattoo design on a famous celebrity. For example, this geisha tattoo seems to be inspired by Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.
Geisha Tattoos And Meanings

21. A geisha outline tattoo will fade away more easily and quickly then its colored counterpart but it will surely be a good temporary tattoo idea.
Geisha Tattoos Black And White

22. This geisha tattoo design seems to be inspired from the X-men Character Mystique that was made even more popular by Jennifer Lawrence.
Geisha Tattoos Design

23. Here is another Geisha tattoo design that is less inspired by the Japanese culture and more inspired from Disney animated movies.
Geisha Tattoos Designs

24. Hairstyle of geisha tattoo should be given a lot more importance because geisha have neatly combed and tied hairs.
Geisha Tattoos For Boys

25. You can also try a double exposure geisha tattoo design in which the artist will try to show another image with your geisha tattoo.
Geisha Tattoos For Female

26. If you want to show a Geisha holding a sword in your tattoo design then I would advise you to show the geisha fierce and aggressive because that way it will look even more attractive.
Geisha Tattoos For Girls

27. Japanese horror stories are really scary in fact scarier than European or American horror stories. You can give your geisha tattoo a scary look and I bet it will be impressive.
Geisha Tattoos For Guys

28. Girls can have a geisha tattoo design styled using blackwork tattoo art. In this, the geisha tattoo will be made using solid thick black outlines.
Geisha Tattoos For Male

29. Geisha use to wear white makeup. It would be good to add white make up in your geisha tattoo to make it even more realistic.
Geisha Tattoos For Men

30. Even though I consider this geisha tattoo to be impressive yet I believe that it looks more like Goku (from Dragon Ball Z) in disguise.
Geisha Tattoos For Women

31. This geisha tattoo design can be improved a lot (from the face in particular) but I liked the detailed dress of this design.
Geisha Tattoos Gallery

32. Adding flowers and butterflies to your geisha tattoo will give it a feminine look which is admired by a lot of girls.
Geisha Tattoos Ideas For Girls

33. A Geisha face portrait tattoo is way more attractive than a normal geisha tattoo because geisha have deep and hypnotising eyes.
Geisha Tattoos Ideas

34. If you wish to have a colourful geisha tattoo then the most recommended colors are pink, sky blue and white.
Geisha Tattoos On Arm

35. I don’t understand the logic of adding a koi fish to a Geisha tattoo design but in Japanese culture, Koi fish are considered lucky. So maybe you too can give it a try.
Geisha Tattoos On Back

36. In my opinion a Black and Grey geisha tattoo design is hard to do as you have to show geisha in a traditional uniform.
Geisha Tattoos On Biceps

37. Eyes of Geisha tattoo needs to be expressive and they should not be hidden behind makeup. So ask your artist to keep that in mind.
Geisha Tattoos On Calf

38. Many Japanese stories and anime showed Geisha fighting various monsters and devils. You can have a geisha tattoo based on such stories.
Geisha Tattoos On Chest

39. Geisha tattoo is usually considered an average cover up tattoos. They will work well on a small portion and for that, you have to use vibrant colors too.
Geisha Tattoos On Full Back

40. The artist beautifully gave a neo-traditional look to this geisha tattoo. He/She designed the whole geisha tattoo using black ink while added the flowers designs using orange ink.
Geisha Tattoos On Half Sleeve

41. I would not advise you to have geisha girl tattoos on hands because the rough skin of hand will give an inappropriate facial structure to the geisha.
Geisha Tattoos On Hand

42. I don’t understand why the artist added green color to the face of this geisha tattoo? Was he trying a Hulk geisha?
Geisha Tattoos On Leg

43. You can also add a Japanese quote to your geisha tattoo design but make sure you know the meaning of the quote or otherwise it would be meaningless.
Geisha Tattoos On Shoulder Back

44. Instead of back or chest you can have a geisha tattoo on forearm or thighs but it should not be scary.
Geisha Tattoos On Sleeve

45. If somehow the artist messes up with the face of the geisha tattoo then ask him to focus on the dress as it will distract the viewers from the face.
Geisha Tattoos On Thigh

46. This geisha tattoo design seems to be inspired by an ancient Egyptian princess because the facial structure does not match a Japanese woman.
Geisha Tattoos Pinterest

47. You can pick up from thousands of geisha paintings and drawings on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and DeviantArt for your geisha tattoo design.
Geisha Tattoos Tumblr

48. A geisha face portrait tattoo will look better on chest or back because on hand or forearm it will not get enough space.
Geisha Tattoos

49. You can also opt for a Gasha girl tattoo design that also shows the symbols of Buddhism or Buddha because many geisha converted to Buddhism.
Gorgeous Geisha Tattoos

50. Japanese geisha tattoo design might be disliked on Non-Japanese so try them only if you know about Japanese culture and respect it.
Japanese Geisha Art Tattoos

Which Geisha tattoo design you found most attractive?

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