50+ Best Aztec Tattoos For Girls (2024) Symbols With Meanings

Aztec civilization is the most popular ancient civilization. It was known for its expertise in art and architecture. No wonder Aztec tattoos are very popular among both male and female tattoo lovers. Today Aztec art is considered to be limited to modern-day Mexico. Here we present you 50 best Aztec tattoos for females (men can try them too) –

Aztec Girls Tattoos

1. It was a common tradition to wear the skin of dead animals such as leopard, eagles, serpents, lion or tiger during the Aztec era. You can show that in your Aztec tattoo design.
Aztec goddess Tattoos

2. In this Aztec warrior tattoo design, you can see two different variants. One is the hand design and another is a face hiding behind.
3D Aztec Tattoos Design On Biceps

3. The 3D art tattoo designs have found popularity only recently but they were a trend during the Aztec civilization too.
3D Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Evolution changes the shape and size of different animals. You can have an animal tattoo design inspired by the Aztec culture.
Amazing Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

5. Ancient civilizations have their own weird interpretations of gods and demons. You can see this clearly in their arts. Here is an aztec goddess tattoo that will suit girls.
Awesome Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

6. Aztec civilization just like Mayan civilization (and other civilization) had weird structures and symbols as an important part of their culture. You can choose any symbol or tribal design as your tattoo.
Aztec Calender Tattoos Design On Shoulder

7. Aztec civilization was proud of their beautiful women. You can have a tattoo of Aztec women on your body.
Aztec Girl Tattoos Design On Hands

8. Face paint and piercing was common in the Aztec era. If you opt for a portrait tattoo you can include these two traits. Here is a beautiful Aztec skull tattoo on the shoulder of this girl.
Aztec Girls Tattoos Design For Women

9. This animated Aztec tattoo design looks more inspired from DC comics interpretation of Aztec civilization. Still one would admire it.
Aztec Indian Warrior Tattoos Design For Men

10. Even though the face of this leopard tattoo could be adjusted and improved yet I have to admit that this is one impressive Aztec style tattoo design. I will suggest you to read more about aztec civilizationbefore selecting your tattoo design.
Aztec Inspired Tattoo Designs For Men

small aztec tattoos for females

11. There are lot of drawings and paintings available online from the Aztec era. You can choose any one from them and have it inked on your body.
Aztec Man Tattoos Design On Chest

12. Most people prefer to have Aztec tattoo sleeves but an Aztec chest tattoo would look equally good. See it for yourself.
Aztec Piece Chest Tattoos Design

13. This Aztec style skull tattoo design is small in size and it can be moved from chest to shoulder or thigh.
Aztec Skull Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. There are many Aztec tattoo designs that can be used for the cover-up. Here is one such design that can cover up any birthmark or tattoo gone wrong.
Aztec Sleeve Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. Many people search for gang related Aztec tattoos and even prison related Aztec tattoos. Probably this one fits for them.
Aztec Symbol Tattoos Design On Back Neck

16. Aztec people used to perform several cult activities in groups and they often wore similar attires. Here is one tattoo design based on it.
Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. Just like Mayans, Aztec too used a special method known as the Sunstone method to record time and dates. Here is an Aztec sun calendar tattoo design.
Aztec Tattoos Design For Boys

18. Aztec used to wear eagle costume or Jaguar costume during battles. Here is a beautiful tattoo of Aztec women wearing the eagle costume.
Aztec Tattoos Design For Men

19. Here is another take (close up) of the sun dial tattoo inspired from Aztec civilization.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Arm

20. Aztec people were warriors and they lost many people to war. Therefore skull tattoo had special meaning to them.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Arms

aztec tattoos for females

21. The sun dial tattoo design of Aztec civilization is based on the sun clock which also predicted the end of the world.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Biceps

22. The Aztec stone aka Sunstone of the five eras had designs of Monkey, Jaguar, Wind, and Water in it along with the ruler’s glyph.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Calf

23. If you do not want to go by the traditional Aztec tattoo design you can opt for any design and modify it into Aztec style like this.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Chest

24. You can have the sun calendar tattoo design in any size. If you opt for small size then have it on the forearm.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Forearm

25. Here is a modern variation of the Aztec sun calendar in which the ruler’s face is made to look like President Donald Trump.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Hands

26. This Aztec sun calendar tattoo design is made from Henna and it is temporary. I liked the variation in it.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Legs

27. Eagle was considered as one of the most important living being in Aztec culture so you can try an eagle tattoo.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Shoulder

28. The tattoo artist beautifully inked an Aztec skull warrior in leopard skin on the ribcage of this boy.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Stomach

29. To protect themselves, Aztec warriors used to wear strong helmets and masks. Here is Aztec mask tattoo design.
Aztec Tattoos Design On Thigh

30. The Aztec civilization warriors were fierce and strong and you should show that in your tattoo design.
Aztec Tattoos Design Sleeve

aztec tattoos for women

31. This Aztec tattoo design looks awesome and unique because the tattoo artists used two skulls in it. Probably this is why it is attractive.
Aztec Tattoos History

32. The head of Aztec warrior must be decorated with feathers or else it will look unattractive or even ugly.
Aztec Warrior Tattoo On Pinterest

33. You can mix up portrait tattoo of two different cultures. Such as here is Japanese anime take on Aztec portrait tattoos.
Aztec Warrior Women Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. This is a realistic looking Aztec tattoo design of a warrior wearing eagle head.
Aztec Worrier Tattoos Design On Calf

35. I don’t Aztec tattoos are good ideas for couples or siblings but if you still insist then here is how it might look.
Colored Aztec Tattoos Design On Biceps

36. Usually portrait tattoos are face up but here is a view from the top. This one would look impressive on you. /strong>
Cool Aztec Tattoos Design For Men And Women

37. Although Christianity is not linked up with Aztec civilization but still many people love to have tattoos that denote both.
Custom Mini Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. If you do not want to pick up any portrait or animal from Aztec culture as your tattoo then here is an Aztec style tattoo that Aztec people used to have on their body.
Dark Aztec Tattoos Design Full Body Part

39. I do not understand why the Glyph is doing the Miley cyrus pose?
Fabulous And Stylish Aztec Tattoos Design

40. Here is a large size Aztec tattoo design on the shoulder of this boy.
Fantastic Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

small mexican tattoos for females

41. I think having an Aztec tattoo on full back would be a bad idea but if you are still considering it then here is a good design for you.
Full Back Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. The tattoo artist was surely smart as he perfectly used the elbow bent to ink a marvellous Aztec tattoo design.
Latest Aztec Tattoos Design On Biceps

43. This is not a pure Aztec tattoo design but as it is on full back so many will approve it and admire it.
Mexican And Aztec Tattoos Design On Full Back

44. This Aztec tattoo on the wrist is a bit too large but if you reduce its size then it looks perfectly fine on the wrist.
Nice Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. Dwayne The Rock Johnson popularized the idea of a shoulder plus chest tattoo. You can try an Aztec design on this position.
Oil Color Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. The front pose of Aztec chief will look average and that is why I preferred this Aztec chief tattoo with side pose.
Pretty Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. If you want a temporary Aztec tattoo design then here is one for you.
Simple Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. There are multiple faces in this Aztec tattoo and it includes almost all the important figures of Aztec civilization.
Simple Dark Line Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. I would not call it the best Aztec tattoo design but it surely is extraordinary and you will get mixed reviews for it.
Top Aztec Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

50. The Aztec Sun calendar tattoo design is the only style that will do justice to full back tattoos.
Unique Aztec Tattoo Designs

Which Aztec Tattoo design you liked the most and why?

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