50+ Best Watercolor Flower Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2024)

My clients often ask me for unique designs and one idea that I often give them is to try watercolor flower tattoo. Why? Because not only they turn out to be beautiful but also there are so many options that you can personalize the tattoo according to your needs.

Here we have chosen 50+ watercolor flower tattoos that will look great on both men and women –

watercolor flower tattoo

1. Orchids are often considered as memorial flowers. So if you wish to have a memorial tattoo then try Orchid flower tattoo.

watercolor tattoo flower

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

2. If you are a person who has a calm and composed nature then I would suggest you go for daffodil flower tattoo which represents faith and forgiveness.
Abstract Flower Watercolor Lily Tattoos

3. Different colored tulip tattoo would give different meanings. For example black tulip would represent resurrection where as a purple or red tulip would represent lu$t above love.
Amazing Watercolor Flower Tattoos

4. I will never recommend a large size watercolor tattoo because it might not heal in a good way. Here is how a properly healed large size watercolor flower tattoo would look like.
Beautiful Watercolor Flower Tattoos

5. If you want to have a tattoo dedicated to your pet then how beautiful idea it would be to show them in a garden playing with flowers.
Cat With Watercolor Flower Tattoos
blouse designs for backside

6. This sunflower watercolor tattoo is about to wear off and blur but you can bet it looked great when it was fresh. I am showing you this to aware you of how watercolor tattoo fades away quickly than black ink tattoos.
Cool Watercolor Daisy Tattoos

7. If you are a fan of Japanese tattoo art and want a colorful watercolor tattoo then go for cherry blossom tattoos. Be aware that a cherry blossom tattoo would require even more care as the colors inked might not hold onto your skin pigments.
Cool Watercolor Flower Tattoos

8. One of the most beautiful watercolor tattoo ideas is to have a minimal design along with the name of your loved one. It will represent your love for them.
Cute Watercolor Flower Tattoos

9. Chrysanthemum flower tattoo is not easy to ink because of their perfectly aligned petals but you can try one with fewer petals like this.
Gorgeous Watercolor Lily Tattoos

10. How about trying a simple lavender tattoo design. In my opinion, they sit perfectly in the watercolor style too because they occupy less space and require less care. They represent hope and love. You can learn more about health benefits of flowers here.
Lavender Watercolor Flower Tattoos
best one word tattoos for guys

small watercolor flower tattoo

11. If you want a really simple flower tattoo design then go for pansy flowers. They represent loyalty and passion. Google pansy flower images and you will find even better designs.
Lilac Watercolor Flower Tattoos

12. One of the most meaningful flower tattoos is the lotus flower. It represents struggle and hardship in life.
Little Watercolor Flower Tattoos

13. If you want to go for a unique flower then try Gerbera flower tattoo. They represent youth, purity and innocence.
Lovely Watercolor Flower Tattoos

14. Here is an abstract sunflower tattoo design that will last longer than many watercolour tattoos listed here.
Mini Watercolor Flower Tattoos

15. How about a combination tattoo? Here is one of flower vine and moon. It represents peace and prosperity.
Moon With Watercolor Flower Tattoos

16. The sunflower tattoo represents positivity and therefore they make a good tattoo especially if you are going through a tough phase of life.
Perfect Watercolor Flower Tattoos

17. I don’t think anyone would reject a beautiful rose tattoo. Here is a watercolour rose tattoo that is too beautiful to ignore.
Rose Watercolor Flower Tattoos

18. Iris flower tattoo is rarely tried. It represents wisdom and passion.
Simple Watercolor Flower Tattoos

19. Have you ever smelled apple blossoms? You will fall in love with their smell. They represent success and longevity.
Small Watercolor Flower Tattoos

20. As rose comes in many different colors so how about a watercolour rose tattoo that has all different colors of roses?
Small Watercolor Rose Tattoos

water color flower tattoo

21. What would be a better idea than a rose watercolour tattoo for women? It represents beauty and grace.
Tiny Watercolor Flower Tattoos

22. One unique take that artists try for watercolor tattoos is that they give a solid outline and then use colorful ink over it just like this.
Tribal Watercolor Lily Tattoos

23. Another meaningful idea would be to try multiple different watercolor flowers inked on one vine. This would represent your family/friends who all have different personalities yet are close to your heart.
Watercolor Daisy Tattoos

24. Here is another unique take where the artist used the dandelion design along with watercolour flower tattoo.
Watercolor Dandelion Flower Tattoos

25. Go for aster flower tattoo if you are struggling hard in life but want to remind yourself that patience is the key.
Watercolor Flower Tattoo Ideas

26. I always like abstract art. Here is an abstract rose tattoo design that is perfectly placed on the shoulder of this woman.
Watercolor Flower Tattoo Sleeve

27. A unique style that you can go for is to have a simple outline watercolor flower tattoo and color the background with watercolor and pastel color like this.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos For Female

28. If you choose to get your name inked along with flower tattoo then make sure it is in a readable font.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos For Girls

29. You can dedicate your flower tattoo to your family members too. They makes perfect matching tattoos.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos For Sister

30. Watercolor flower sleeve tattoo might not be a good idea because when it fades away it looks totally confusing. However, a fresh tattoo would look great.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos For Women

flower watercolor tattoo

31. Couples can try matching watercolour rose tattoo but let me tell you that foot is not the best part for it.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Ankle

32. Purple watercolour flower tattoo looks really beautiful so if you want to try them then choose body part like back or rib cage.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Back

33. If you want to give realistic feel to your watercolour flower tattoo then hire an expert tattoo artist for this task.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Forearm

34. If you do not heal your watercolor tattoo properly then even the fresh design won’t look great. So always follow tattoo healing tips.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Half Sleeve

35. If you want a temporary design then try a watercolour flower tattoo on hand like this.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Hand

36. Hydrangea flower tattoo also makes a good choice. They represent introvert nature and shyness.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Neck Back

37. Lotus flower tattoo has a lot of importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. You can try art inspired by those religions for your tattoo design.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Neck

38. A flowering vine which faces downwards will represent that you are being pushed down by your responsibilities and your loved ones.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Rib

39. If your normal flower tattoo design fades away then you can give it a fresh look by adding watercolor design to it like this.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Shoulder Back

40. A unique placement for watercolor flower tattoo would be above the shoulder blade like this but remember that it might fade away sooner than later.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Shoulder

floral watercolor tattoo

41. Bourvardia is also a good choice for watercolour flower tattoo. It represent compromise in love.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Sleeve

42. Do not try tattoo on body part which have skin problems or otherwise even a beautiful tattoo design will look odd.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Thigh

43. Purple delphinium watercolour tattoo will not only look beautiful but also will be meaningful. It represent success and hard work.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos On Wrist

44. A cool idea for couples would be to try two different flower designs in the heart shape. Each flower would represent you and your loved one’s personality.
Watercolor Flower Tattoos

45. You can make your one word tattoo design even better by adding watercolour flower tattoo around it like this.
Watercolor Flowers Tattoos For Women

46. A detailed watercolour flower tattoo like this will not fade away easily and therefore you can go for it.
Watercolor Lily Tattoos For Women

47. If you want to give background color to your watercolour flower tattoo then choose color that compliments the flower too.
Watercolor Lily Tattoos

48. Land flowers are well known and popular but I would suggest you go to a marine flower. Here is one that you can try.
Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoos

49. You can add bee to your watercolour flower tattoo to make it more meaningful.
Watercolor Plum Blossoms Flower Tattoos

50. My favorite idea would be to add night sky (with stars and galaxies) behind a watercolor flower tattoo to give it a mystic look.
Watercolor Style Flower Tattoos

Which flower tattoo design you liked the most?

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