50+ Best Lavender Tattoo Designs (2024) Flower, Sprig

Lavenders are one of the most popular flowers in the world. This is the reason why people often ask for lavender tattoo designs. A lavender tattoo can hold multiple meanings depending upon the color and the design. Not only lavenders are beautiful flowers but they also have medicinal importance. This is the reason why lavenders are considered an all-rounder flower.

Here we have chosen 50+ lavender flower tattoos for men and women with meaning –

lavender tattoo

1. A lavender bundle with one long leaf and one short will suggest that you have high hopes but limited resources. However, you are one day going to achieve your goals.
Lavender Tattoo

2. While lavender itself is a beautiful flower, yet using it with another flower is a common practice. One popular combination is rose and lavender. Here is a Lavender rose tattoo design that you might like.
Allosaurus With Lavender Tattoos

3. One beautiful thing about lavender is that they can be so subtle design that they can completely go unnoticed. Therefore they make perfect flower tattoo choice for people with blue collar jobs.
Amazing Lavender Tattoos

4. Three lavender flowers in your tattoo design can represent love, peace and purity. They can also be used as a matching tattoo among siblings.
Beautiful Small Lavender Tattoos

5. Bees love lavenders. Lavender is good source of nectar. Many organization who support bee protection and conservation has used this design as their logo.
Bee With Lavender Tattoos

6. Several ancient tribes used lavender for peace and love offerings. Here is a traditional lavenders tattoo on the forearm that suggests the same meaning.
3d Lavender Tattoos

7. As lavender represent peace so what could be more peaceful than a sleeping cat. It would be perfect portrait tattoo choice for you.
Cat With Lavender Flower Tattoos

8. Another popular flower combination that you can try is the Tulip and Lavender. One represent determination and other represent devotion.
Cool Lavender Tattoos

9. As lavender has long stem so a cool idea would be to wear the tattoo like a bracelet as shown in this picture.
Cool Lavender Wrist Band Tattoos

10. You can dedicate your lavender bundle tattoos to the person you love the most along with their name inked. Lavender has many benefits and uses . You can grow them at your home garden too.
Cute Lavender Tattoos

lavender sprig tattoo

11. If you wish to have a spine tattoo then one interesting choice would be lavender rose tattoos as they sit perfectly on spine.
Easy Lavender Tattoos On Back

12. A bundle of lavenders would represent unity among the family. The artist added circles to this design to indicate that even though each one has a unique personality yet they stand together.
Good Lavender Tattoos

13. You can have two lavenders in your tattoo design. It would be a perfect couple tattoo. The two lavenders would represent the undying love that you two share.
Latest Lavender Flower Tattoos

14. Using the lavenders in C shape in your tattoo design will represent that you are a peace loving person who wish everyone lives a happy life.
Lavender Band Tattoos

15. Both Lavender and sunflower provide an oil that is healthy for us. A combination tattoo of these two will show that you are health conscious and thankful.
Lavender Dried Flowers Tattoos

16. Lavender watercolor tattoos on foot will hold a unique meaning. They will show that you wish to touch the height of sky but you will never forget where you came from.
Lavender Flower Tattoos On Ankle

17. Here is another beautiful combination of lavender and sunflower tattoos which is done using watercolour ink.
Lavender Flower Tattoos On Wrist

18. This tribal lavender and sunflower tattoo is a bit large in size. You can shrink it to 20% and then you will get a perfect design.
Lavender Flower Tattoos

19. A Sprig of Lavender that is shown blowing in the wind will represent you’re going with the flow attitude and how you believe in letting it go. They make a good break up tattoo.
Lavender Leaf Tattoos

20. Another meaning of lavender and sunflower tattoo is that you and your partner both have different personalities yet you love each other the most.
Lavender Plant Meaning Tattoos

lavender flower tattoo

21. As I said lavender plant looks perfect on spine. Have a look at this image which shows how beautiful they look.
Lavender Tattoo Pinterest

22. Thigh is not an unusual place to try flower tattoos. Lavender flowers tattoos on side thigh will look awesome.
Lavender Tattoos For Female

23. As lavender occupies less space therefore they can be tried on several body parts that cannot afford large tattoos. One such part is the collar bone. Here is a simple and small lavender sprig tattoo that can be tried by women.
Lavender Tattoos For Girls

24. Lavender tattoos in black and white on inner bicep would represent strength within. It is not the physical strength but the mental strength that you have.
Lavender Tattoos For Guys

25. If you are having a flower tattoo design on your body then don’t forget to add sprig of lavenders to the mix.
Lavender Tattoos For Women

26. Most people don’t try for a fully bloomed lavender tattoo. Here is how fully bloomed lavenders look like.
Lavender Tattoos Ideas

27. The artist beautiful used the green,black and white ink to make this masterpiece lavender tattoo.
Lavender Tattoos Meaning

28. Many tribes also considered lavender as a symbol of freedom. You can try a design that represent the same.
Lavender Tattoos On Arm

29. A lavender tattoo on back neck is one of the best tattoo idea that you can come across.
Lavender Tattoos On Back Neck

30. Due to small size of lavender tattoos they can also be tried on fingers or behind the ear.
Lavender Tattoos On Behind Ear

lavender flowers tattoos

31. One of the most common color used in lavender tattoos is Purple. A Purple lavender tattoo holds a special meaning. It represent spiritual powers and control on mind.
Lavender Tattoos On Biceps

32. Lavender tattoos might not look good on back of the calf. But if you go for one then try tribal design instead of watercolour.
Lavender Tattoos On Calf

33. Here is another unique placement for lavender tattoos as you can see they can easily go unnoticed or can be covered whenever wished.
Lavender Tattoos On Foot

34. Here is a beautiful paid of lavender tattoo on inner forearm.
Lavender Tattoos On Forearm

35. You can add lavender tattoos to your already existing tattoo design but remember that it compliment the overall design instead of ruining it all.
Lavender Tattoos On Leg

36. Another unique placement for lavenders flowers tattoos would be the ribcage. It will look way gorgeous on women.
Lavender Tattoos On Rib

37. The artist added a glove in this lavender sprig design to indicate that the person wearing it is a gardener and he support lavender conservation.
Lavender Tattoos On Ribs

38. Shoulder is also an ideal place to try lavender flowers as they sit perfectly on shoulder blades.
Lavender Tattoos On Shoulder

39. Lavender do not make a good cover up or sleeve tattoo but they still look good if you want a spacious tattoo on sleeves. Many people opt for Lavender Cancer ribbon tattoo to symbolize their fight with the disease.
Lavender Tattoos On Sleeve

40. Here is a neatly done tribal lavender design on the thigh of this girl.
Lavender Tattoos On Thigh

traditional lavender flowers tattoos

41. If you are looking for a side wrist tattoo then lavender sprig tattoo design is perfect choice for you.
Lavender Tattoos On Wrist

42. You can add a quote to your lavender watercolor tattoos design. I will suggest to go for motivation quotes.
Lavender Tattoos

43. You can try your lavender plant tattoo design in medieval style but remember to hire an experienced tattoo artist for it.
Lovely Lavender Tattoos

44. This subtle lavender sprig tattoo can be a real conversation starter as you can tell how much meaningful it is to you.
Mini Lavender Tattoos

45. Alignment of tattoos of lavenders can change its meaning. For example this downward lavender flower design represent caution.
Minimalist Lavender Tattoos

46. Did you notice that the artist added a subtle white lily to this lavendar tattoo? This represents that the wearer is a mother and the white lily is her kid.
Purple Color Lavender Flower Tattoos

47. Here is how a tribal flower tattoo design would look like with lavenders in it.
Rose With Lavender Flower Tattoos

48. The hands were inked in such way that you have to look twice to actually notice them.
Simple Lavender Tattoos

49. Here is a tiny little lavender flowers design that will look great on fingers as well.
Small Lavender Tattoos

50. Here is lavender flower vine design which looks great on legs.
Tiny Lavender Tattoos

Which lavender tattoos design you liked the most?

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