50+ Best BlackWork Tattoos for Men (2023) Unique Designs

Blackwork Tattoos are made using thick ink and they are also known as neo-tribal tattoos. This is because they are inspired by the oldest method of tattoo making – the tribal tattoo art. Blackwork tattoos are of thick black color and may also call them solid black tattoos. They are especially popular among people who are looking for a cover-up tattoos. Here we present you 50 solid black and amazing blackwork tattoos for men and women –

Blackwork tattoo Ideas

1. You can try a tattoo design of medieval or ancient weapons. The blackwork look of weapon tattoos would be mesmerizing and jaw-dropping.
blackwork tattoos

2. You can opt for any kind of animal blackwork tattoo design and it will look beautiful. Here is a beautiful koi fish blackwork tattoo on the back of this girl.
Black Tattoo On Back 1

3. Even though artists use thick and dark ink for blackwork tattoos yet these types of tattoos can fade away if you don’t take proper care of them.
Black Tattoo 1

4. The most beautiful kind of blackwork tattoos would be those that are inspired from natural black colors for example this beautiful black raven tattoo.
Black Tattoo On Arm 1

5. There are often tattoos of certain objects and accessories that are left with just outlines. You can try them in blackwork style. For example here is a knife tattoo in blackwork style.
Black Tattoo On Arm 2

6. Blackwork skull tattoos are even more beautiful and attractive than normal skull tattoos because the artist can give realistic look to the holes of skull.
Black Tattoo On Arm 3

7. Girls can opt for a designer black work tattoo design that looks like jewellery. The best place for this is hand or wrist.
Black Work Tattoo On Wrist

8. A really impressive blackwork tattoo idea would be to opt for your zodiac sign as a tattoo. Zodiac sign tattoos using blackwork turns out to be really impressive.
Black Tattoo On Arm 5

9. If any of your tattoo design starts fading away then you can ask the artist to redesign it using the blackwork or neo-tribal tattoo art.
Black Tattoo 3

10. As blackwork tattoos use thick ink so you should choose a body part that is less hairy for example forearm or shoulder. You can find inspiration for embroidery designshere.
Black Tattoo 4

blackwork tattoo designs

11. Flower tattoos are very popular among girls. You can have black work flower tattoos as they will look attractive.
Black Tattoo On Back

12. Do not opt for too many blackwork tattoos on your body as it will lead to confusion. Have just one or two blackwork tattoos and they will be admired by almost everyone.
Black Tattoo On Body

13. As blackwork art is inspired from tribal tattoo art. You can opt for any tribal design and give it a blackwork style like this.
Black Tattoo On Feet

14. Even quotes look beautiful with blackwork style. Here is a blackwork snake tattoo design with a quote.
Black Work Tattoo On Leg 2

15. Blackwork tattoos are known to give gothic look to any design. Here is a simple bottle opener tattoo design in gothic look.
Black Tattoo On Leg 1

16. Music note tattoos can look amazingly good in blackwork style. Here is a blackwork music note tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
Black Tattoo On Leg

17. Blackwork portrait tattoos are also a hit among tattoo lovers because they give long lasting impression in the minds of viewers.
Black Work Tattoo On Body 1

18. As blackwork tattoos give gothic looks to any design then why not pick up a goth tattoo and style it using blackwork art.
Black Work Tattoo 1

19. The immense popularity of blackwork tattoos is giving rise to neo-tribal sleeve tattoos. Here is a neo tribal sleeve tattoo for you to consider.
Black Work Tattoo On Leg 1

20. The hand is also a good place to try blackwork tattoo design because they are visible most of the time and you can admire their beauty always.
Black Work Tattoo 3

bodysuit tattoos midwest

21. While the tattoo artist might suggest you to try blackwork sleeve tattoos on both arms I would say that it totally depends on you. One side blackwork sleeve tattoo also looks good.
Black Work Tattoo 4

22. Landscape tattoos look wonderful using blackwork style. It is easy to give an evening view or night view using blackwork tattoo art.
Black Work Tattoo 5

23. People who support wildlife conservation and conservation of trees and forests should try conveying their message using blackwork tattoos. The ill effects of deforestation could be easily shown by blackwork tattoo art.
Black Work Tattoo 6

24. If you opt for skull tattoo then one thing that you can try is adding the flesh of the skull using blackwork tattoo art.
Black Work Tattoo 7

25. Blackwork tattoo art can also be used to show dystopian future or high tech gadgets. For example here is a tattoo of a submarine.
Black Work Tattoo 8

26. Blackwork tattoos can easily make any design look scary and horrifying. You might want to try this for a Halloween get up.
Black Work Tattoo 9

27. Large and fierce animals can also be inked using blackwork tattoo art. The best looking would be a black panther blackwork tattoo.
Black Work Tattoo 10

28. Girls should try neo tribal tattoos for a gothic makeup. Here is a blackwork tattoo design on the forearm of this girl.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 1

29. Even though small blackwork tattoo design looks beautiful and impressive yet I would suggest you to opt for large size blackwork tattoo designs.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 2

30. Many people opt for outline tattoos and if they want to make it look better than they should ask the artist to follow the blackwork method.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 3

blackwork tattoo meaning

31. If you opt for a blackwork bird tattoo design then I would suggest you to either try blackwork eagle tattoo or balckwork hawk tattoo design.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 4

32. A good tattoo artist can bring realism even to a simple tattoo design using the blackwork tattoo art.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 5

33. Blackwork graphic tattoos are more in demand than normal kind tattoos. This is because many people like to have violent looking tattoos.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 6

34. There are two patterns followed in blackwork tattoo art. One is to ink the whole part and other is to just follow the dotted method like this.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 7

35. One very beautiful blackwork tattoo idea is to leave some space in the tattoo so that it brings out the negative shade and perfectly blend with the blackwork design.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 8

36. Blackwork tattoos can be an excellent cover up tattoos. You just have to make a huge neo-tribal tattoo on the body part that you wish to cover up like this.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 28

37. Instead of going for all black tattoo design you can leave some spaces in between as it will give a new look to the tattoo.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 25

38. Many people opt for hot air balloon tattoos. Here is how a blackwork hot air balloon tattoo design would look like.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 11

39. Religious symbols are not opted by people of all religions. But if you wish to have religious tattoos then opt for the blackwork style.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 12

40. Not many people go for a war tattoo design but if any medieval war story attracted you then you can showcase it on your body with blackwork tattoo art.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 13

blackwork tattoo styles

41. Many people call blackwork tattoos as solid black tattoos but this is not entirely correct. You can opt for solid black outlines and it will also be cited as blackwork tattoo.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 14

42. Solid line tattoos do not have a specific meaning but the tattoo that you choose in a solid black color will surely have a unique meaning.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 15

43. Blackwork flower tattoos look way more elegant than any other blackwork tattoo design especially on girls.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 16

44. Here is a balckwork realism tattoo design where the artist inked portrait of a girl along with a picturesque view of forest.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 17

45. Blackwork embroidery tattoo design are also in trend but they look beautiful on girls and nor on boys.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 18

46. There are many tattoo artists in New York and new jersey who are specialist in blackwork tattoo art and can pull off a beautiful design like this.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 19

47. Apart from shoulder girl can also try blackwork tattoo design on elbow as it will look unique.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 20

48. There are many solid black paintings and drawings available on sites like tumblr, pinterest and deviant art.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 21

49. You can choose your blackwork tattoo design from solid black drawings found on these sites.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 22

50. This blackwork tattoo design was inspired from a solid black painting submitted on popular social networking site Tumblr.
Black Work Tattoo On Arm 23

So which blackwork tattoo design you loved the most?