50+ Compass Tattoos For Men (2024) Designs & Meanings

Compass tattoos are extremely popular among navy seals and sailors. Not only the men in the navy like nautical compass tattoos but they are also opted by their wives and girlfriends to show their love to their significant other. Mandala Compass tattoos have a special meaning as compasses are used to show directions.

Similarly, Viking compass tattoos will represent the right path and hope. If you wish to have an old compass tattoo then we have got several beautiful ideas and designs for you. Here are 50 amazing compass tattoos for men and women-

Compass Rose Tattoos

1. You can have a realistic mandala compass tattoo too. Here is a real looking nautical compass tattoo on the hand of this guy. It seems to be inspired by the famous compass of Captain Jack Sparrow.
Compass Tattoos

2. The tattoo artist cleverly added watercolor tattoo designs to this rose compass tattoo on the forearm that was fading away. You can do the same if your old school compass tattoo has started fading.
3d Compass Tattoos

3. You can opt for a 3D traditional compass tattoo design but I don’t think the foot is a good part to have such tattoo design.
Amazing Compass Tattoos

4. You can opt for a nautical compass tattoo design too. Here is a nautical viking compass tattoo that is mixed up with an arrow tattoo design on the bicep of this boy.
Anchor And Compass Tattoo Meaning

5. You don’t necessarily need to add North East West South Directions to your nautical compass designs as people who know about it will understand it without them.
Arrow With Compass Tattoo On Biceps

6. You can opt for a temporary feminine compass tattoo design too. Here is a pastel Celtic compass tattoo made using pastel colors. You can have a watercolor star compass tattoo too.
Beautiful Compass Tattoos

7. You can have a mix-up tattoo design where the small compass tattoo is added to the mixture. For example here is a compass tattoo design added to a clock and a flower along with the quote ‘Sapientia’ which means wisdom.
Best Compass Tattoos

8. Instead of going for a large size compass device tattoo design you can also try just a direction tattoo design like this.
Black Compass Tattoos

9. If you want to have an impressive compass tattoo design then I would recommend checking old compass tattoos that are inspired by compasses of the 15th century.
Butterfly Compass Tattoos

10. Many people like to add quotes to their compass tattoos and if you wish to do the same then I would suggest you have it inked in this style. Do You Want to make compass at home? Here is how you can do it.
Compass Tattoo Ideas
dibujos de samurais japoneses para tatuajes

compass tattoo meaning in the bible

11. A cool compass tattoo idea would be to add an arrow tattoo design to it and then add directions or location (longitude, latitude) of home.
Compass Tattoo Meaning

12. In my opinion, those wives or girlfriends who have their husbands or boyfriends in navy must try a compass tattoo design and the best place for it is rib cage.
Compass Tattoo On Arm

13. As a compass tattoo and an anchor tattoo, both are related to sailing and navy so it will be very meaningful to have a combo tattoo of both. Here is a beautiful tribal compass and anchor tattoo design on the forearm of this guy.
Compass Tattoo On Rib

14. You can do a little modification in your compass tattoo design. Instead of adding direction names you can add name initials of your loved ones. It would be even better if you add a heart tattoo design to it just like this.
Compass Tattoos Designs

15. This impressive 3D compass tattoo design is inspired from old compasses and It is made even more attractive by giving a shadowing of world map.
Compass Tattoos For Boys

16. If you are a traveler and you wish to have a compass tattoo design then I would advise you to make the dial of the compass look like the globe of the earth.
Compass Tattoos For Men

17. Usually, the artist won’t advise you to play with the design of nautical tattoos but one thing that you can do is make the pointed ends equal in length and add a double circle on the external boundary like this.
Compass Tattoos For Women

18. This is a memorial compass tattoo design where the artist added the date of death of the loved ones along with a quote that asks angels to bless their souls.
Compass Tattoos On Back

19. Another simple compass tattoo idea would be to add an arrow tattoo passing through it but it should be long and have pointy end.
Compass Tattoos On Chest

20. Compass tattoos have rarely used a cover up tattoos. If you wish to use them as a cover up tattoos then you shoulder consider adding other designs like flower tattoos.
Compass Tattoos On Half Sleeve
date of birth tattoos designs

compass hand tattoo designs

21. I don’t know why the artist added two compass tattoo designs in this tattoo but overall it is a pretty design which is made even more beautiful by the flower tattoo.
Compass Tattoos On Leg

22. You can also add religious symbols to your compass tattoo design. One popular choice is adding the star of David tattoo or a cross tattoo to it.
Compass Tattoos On Neck Back

23. Many people like to add flying bird tattoos too to their compass tattoo design as it is meaningful and will represent endless voyage.
Compass Tattoos On Right Shoulder Front

24. If you want to add flower tattoo to your compass tattoo design then the very best option is to add rose flower tattoo.
Compass Tattoos On Shoulder Back

25. Here is a beautiful and unique nautical compass tattoos where the artist smartly placed a globe in between the tattoo design.
Compass Tattoos On Stomach

26. This nautical compass tattoo design on the thigh of this girl is done in the style of rangoli designs.
Compass Tattoos On Thigh

27. Another good idea for compass tattoo is to add map of your own country in the background just like this.
Compass Tattoos With Quotes

28. You can also add initials of directions in your mother language. For example hlanguages like Hindi and urdu have different names for directions.
Compass Tattoos

29. If you are looking for dangerous and gothic compass tattoos then one thing you can do is to add skull tattoos in them just like this.
Cool Compass Tattoos

30. Make sure that the size of the compass tattoo perfectly suits the size of your forearm or hand. If you opt for a large tattoo on forearm then here is how it will look.
Cute Compass Tattoos

nautical compass tattoo meaning

31. If you do not add boundaries to your compass tattoo design along with direction names then your tattoo design might look like a star tattoo.
Cute Girls Compass Tattoos On Thigh

32. You can also add Illuminati eye to your compass tattoo design and it will be suitable if you believe that God is watching everything.
Eye With Compass Tattoos

33. Couples can have a matching tattoo design and they can add the initials of their s.o. along with an arrow tattoo that points to the name (in the heart) in a compass tattoo.
Feather With Compass Tattoos

34. Which direction you want to show in your compass tattoo also matters a lot. Most people choose to show the direction of their home in compass tattoos.
Flower With Compass Tattoos

35. Font selection will matter a lot in compass quote tattoos because you do not want the font to fall out of the look of the overall tattoo design.
Grey Compass Tattoos

36. This compass tattoo design looks like leaves opening and I do not understand why the initials are same on the opposite directions.
Mandala Compass Tattoos

37. Compass sleeve tattoos are rarely chosen because of their small size but if you wish to have a compass sleeve tattoo then I would recommend you adding a sea scene or a beach scene to it.
Nautical Compass Tattoos

38. Colorful compass tattoo will fade away more quickly than black and grey compass tattoos so be sure you have them on right place.
New Compass Tattoos

39. If you are obsessed with perfection then I would suggest you add an equatorial line in your compass and map tattoo design just like this.
Outstanding Compass Tattoos

40. Compass and owl tattoos are also recommended a lot because this combination is considered lucky for sailors and navy men.
Owl With Compass Tattoos

viking compass tattoo meaning

41. This beautiful rose flower and compass tattoo design would have looked even more attractive if it was tattooed on the back or rib cage instead of wrist.
Rose With Compass Tattoos

42. Small compass tattoos will suit body parts like ankle and wrist. For this, you have to use a simple compass design that shows directions only.
Simple Compass Tattoos

43. It is hard to imagine a detailed compass tattoo design on fingers but here it is A beautiful and tiny compass tattoo design on the finger of this lady.
Small Compass Tattoos On Finger

44. If you have seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean then you might have wished to get the same compass tattoo as Jack Sparrow had. Remember to add a sparrow tattoo in that design to make it look more meaningful.
Swallow With Compass Tattoos

45. One thing that you can do in your compass tattoo designs is that you can ask the artist to color the dial in different colors and the pointers in a different color like this.
Temporary Compass Tattoos

46. Here is another cute and small compass tattoo design that represents a globe with equator line and all the major directions.
Tiny Compass Tattoos

47. I don’t understand the logic of adding tree tattoo design to a compass tattoo but still many people admire such designs.
Tree With Compass Tattoos

48. The artist beautifully used the negative shading to bring out the pointers of this compass tattoo design.
Unique Compass Tattoos

49. You can also try to mix up the ship wheel in the compass tattoo design and it will match with the pointers.
Watercolor Compass Tattoos

50. You will find a lot of drawings and sketches of compass on sites like tumblr, pinterest and deviantart.
Wonderful Compass Tattoos

Which Compass tattoo design you would like to have?

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