50+ Geometric Elephant Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2024) With Meaning

You might get surprised to know that elephant tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. The elephant is the largest land mammal. Not only this but they are also the longest surviving mammals in history. They carry a lot of wisdom with them. They are known to stick together in packs and take good care of each other.

There are multiple reasons to try an elephant tattoo design. Here we have shortened our list to 50 most meaningful elephant tattoos that can be tried by both men and women.

Elephant Mandala Tattoo

1. Elephants are wise animals. A tattoo like this would suggest that you have seen the world and you are disappointed in where the society is heading to.
Elephant Tattoo

2. Elephants play a vital role in Indian mythology. If you are attracted to Indian mythology then try Indian elephant tattoo. This will represent that you are a royal person with royal taste.
Adorable Elephant Tattoo Pictures

3. A paper elephant tattoo is a unique idea due to its deep meaning. If it’s simple design then it will represent that you might look weak physically but mentally you are a strong and stable person. An origami elephant like this will show that you are an artist too.
Abstract Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Elephant are nature loving mammals. Therefore an elephant and flower tattoo would represent your love for nature and environment.
African Elephant Tattoos

5. This elephant butterfly combo tattoo is very unique and interesting. It shows that you stand on your principles like an elephant but stay away from past like a butterfly.
Amazing Elephant Tattoos
biomechanical tattoo design

6. Elephant lives a long life. An old elephant design can hold multiple meanings but most importantly it can be tried as a memorial tattoo. You can dedicate it to your parents.
Angry Elephant Tattoos Tampa

7. As elephant live in families so it is a really good and meaningful family tattoo idea. Try a design similar to this.
Angry Elephant Tattoos Valrico Fl

8. Here is another unique design. In 2016 Disney movie The Jungle Book, Bagheera said that it was elephants who gave life to jungles. This tattoo clearly shows that how friendly and beautiful elephants are.
Angry Elephant Tattoos Valrico Florida

9. A geometric elephant tattoo will suit girls. You can try it in a simple way or you can give touch of watercolour design like this.
Angry Elephant Tattoos

10. Elephants were considered good omen in many cultures. They were royalty in medieval ages. You can try a royal elephant tattoo to indicate the same. Do you know that gestation period of elephant is 22 months.
Asian Elephant Tattoos

geometric elephant tattoo

11. Elephant are huge in size. So trying a small elephant tattoo and that too behind the ear will be a unique idea.
Beautiful Elephant Tattoos Design And Idea For Girls

tattoo sprüche kinderliebe
12. Elephant take care of baby elephants (calf). A son can dedicate a similar tattoo to their father to indicate that his father showed him the way in life.
Behind The Ear Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

13. A realistic elephant tattoo will always look majestic. So if you chose one then go for African elephant.
Best 3D Elephant Tattoos Design Girls On Upper Right Shoulder

14. Tiny elephant tattoos look so adorable that you can not ignore them. They can be tried by people who have blue collar jobs and want a tiny tattoo that can be easily hidden.
Black Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. Elephant love swimming and playing in water bodies. If you to love this then try this design.
Cartoon Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

16. You can go for traditional elephant tattoo design. It doesn’t have to be in large size. A minimal design like this will do good.
Celebrities With Elephant Tattoos

17. Ankle is a good place to try an elephant tattoo. This will suit athletes who have strong legs.
Colored Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

18. Elephant head tattoo will also represent a deep meaning. It can represent your deep faith in lord ganesha.
Cute Elephant Tattoos Design On Wrist

19. This Is native American representation of an elephant tattoo. You can try this if you have native American roots.
Definition Of Elephant Tattoos

20. Isn’t it majestic? A walking elephant tattoo. This can be easily tried as a cover up tattoo.
Egyptian Elephant Tattoos

tribal elephant tattoo meaning

21. A tribal elephant tattoo is also a great idea but my recommendation would be to try it on chest or back. It will great on these body parts.
Elegant Elephant Tattoos

22. If you are a Hindu devotee then you should try Lord Ganesha tattoo. Many people believe that Lord Ganesha brings prosperity and good health.
Elephant Animals Tattoos

23. You can redo your elephant tattoo in watercolour style. Just give a unique watercolour background like this to your tattoo design.
Elephant Ankle Tattoos

24. You can also try a unique watercolour elephant tattoo. I would suggest to use minimum colors so that the tattoo do not fade away easily.
Elephant Arm Tattoos

25. Here is an abstract elephant watercolor tattoo which will surely steal the looks for a short period of time. If you took good care of it then this tattoo will last longer.
Elephant Drawings And Tattoos

26. The trunk of the elephant holds a special meaning. It represents preservation and prosperity. So a longer trunk would imply that you believe in the ‘Money saved is Money Made’ quote.
Elephant Ear Tattoo Inner Thigh

27. A popular combination often tried is mandala and elephant. This is because both represent mystic. Elephants are surviving since the Jurassic era, so you can imagine how old and wise these animals are.
Elephant Eye Tattoo

28. Showing green grass around your elephant tattoo is also a good idea. It will imply that you are a peace loving person.
Elephant God Tattoos

29. Elephants live in groups and they care for their family more than anything. If you are a caring mother or father then this elephant and calf tattoo suits best to you.
Elephant Japanese Tattoo

30. OMG! This tattoo is simply marvelous. A huge tattoo of an elephant on the back like this would represent that you are not afraid to take big decisions in your life.
Elephant Tattoos Design For Couples

mother and baby elephant tattoo

31. You can add quote to your tattoo design but keep it short and meaningful like this – Omnia Vincit amor which translates to Love Conquers All.
Elephant Tattoos Design On Back Neck

32. I have no idea why the artist added heart to this design but I guess if you just look at the elephants then you will find this tattoo really cool.
Elephant Tattoos Design On Chest

33. Elephant outline tattoo might not look so great this is because the looks of outline tattoo depend on placement. You have to choose body parts that are less visible to sunlight.
Elephant Tattoos Design On Forearm

34. One tooth elephant tattoo will send a special message. It will convey that you are against elephant poaching and believe that they need to be protected.
Elephant Tattoos Design On Thigh

35. You can also try Japanese style elephant tattoos. For example this design is inspired from Japanese tattoo art.
Elephant Tattoos Design With Quotes

36. If you opt for a small elephant tattoo then it is not necessary to try it on arms. They will look equally good on back or rib cage too.
Elephant Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

37. You can notice the scars on this elephant calf. These represents the battles this elephant has fought but yet he is standing high.
Elephant Tattoos On Calf

38. Here is another great idea for tiny elephant head tattoo. Try them on fingers and you will get a lot of compliments from your friends.
Elephant Tattoos On Fingers

39. Here is an elephant family tattoo. This design will suit those siblings who are looking for matching tattoos.
Elephant Tattoos On Foot

40. This tiny neo traditional elephant tattoo is one of the most adorable tattoo that I have ever seen. It will look great if aligned perfectly and inked on wrist.
Elephant Tattoos On Pinterest

elephant tattoo with name

41. Rib cage is one perfect place where you can try a small or medium size elephant tattoo.
Elephant Tattoos On Stomach

42. Elephant tattoos on thighs are rarely tried but in my opinion they will look great on girls.
Elephant Tattoos On Thigh

43. If you have huge biceps then do not be afraid to try a large size elephant head tattoo on them. The tattoo will represent strength.
Half Sleeve Elephant Tattoos Design On Hands

44. A geometrical elephant tattoo will look great if it is done in outline only style likes this.
Lining Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. A walking elephant tattoo will also give a special message. It will convey that no matter what comes in your way you will keep walking to your destination.
Most Popular Elephant Tattos Design And Ideas For Men

46. Another majestic neo-traditional elephant abstract tattoo. These tattoos will last long and look much better.
Powerful Elephant Tattoos Design

47. You can add trees along with your elephant design. if you want an idea for it then I would suggest to go for cherry blossom tree.
Realistic 3D Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

48. Blackwork tattoos always look great. Try an elephant blackwork tattoo and you will not regret it.
Small Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. Each one has their own taste in abstract art. Some will find this elephant abstract tattoo impressive.
Traditional Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. An outline and watercolour tattoo is a unique combination. Try elephant version and you might fall in love with it.
Watercolor Elephant Tattoos Design And Ideas

Which elephant tattoo from the above list you liked the most?

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