50+ Best Wing Tattoos For Guys (2024) – Angel, Demonic, Cross, Heart Designs

Most ideas for wing tattoos revolve either around angel wing tattoos or devil wing tattoos. But do you know that tattoos of animal or insect wings will also look amazing if done correctly? Wing tattoos are popular due to the popularity of religious and heaven related tattoos. Here we selected 50 coolest wing tattoos with cross and heart for men and women-

Red Wing Tattoos

1. You can add a subtle and tiny dream catcher tattoo design in your wing tattoo. You should try this because many consider dreamcatcher tattoos to be lucky.
Wing Tattoos

2. It depends on you whether you want to show a full flexed wing or a resting wing. Here is how a full flexed wing tattoo would look like.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 2

3. The forearm is often neglected when people discuss wing tattoo but in my opinion, you can get awesome half sleeve wing tattoo on forearm like this.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 1

4. Wing tattoos can perfectly blend with other tattoo design. Such as this futuristic girl tattoo design is made even better using wing tattoos.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 4

5. I wish to have wing tattoo of large bird such as hawk or vulture then you have to show huge feathers like this.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 3
hamsa hand meaning up or down

6. You can have a memorial wing tattoo design that can be dedicated to your deceased family member or friend. All you have to do is add the name of the person in it.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 6

7. Wing tattoos don’t have to be large in size you can try small size wing tattoos too and one perfect example is this wing tattoo on the wrist of this guy.
Wing Tattoo On Wrist

8. The extension of wing tattoos should be carefully carried out because too long wing tattoos would not look good and too short wing tattoos will not look meaningful.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 8

9. If you wish to have a perfect wing tattoo design then try them on shoulders. If you have broad shoulders then your wing tattoos will surely look realistic.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 9

10. Another cool idea is to try wing tattoos on the back shoulder. Such designs will suit perfectly on girls as they have small shoulders.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 10
hawaiian tribal symbol for family

wing tattoos for guys

11. People do not try wing tattoo on lower part of body but if you already have tattoos on your arm,chest and back then you should opt for a wing tattoo on ankle or foot like this.
Wing Tattoo On Wrist 1

12. Wing tattoos that look like in flight mode are much more impressive then resting wing tattoos. Here is how a flying bird’s wing will look like.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 12

13. If you wish to add another tattoo design to your wing tattoo then add a compass tattoo because it will look meaningful as a compass is used in navigation.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 13

14. You should try Bat wings tattoos if you wish to have a unique design. Here the artist inked bat wings on the skin of a snake.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 14

15. The artist beautifully modified a simple wav tattoo design into a majestic wing tattoo. I would avoid the geometrical shape though.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 15

16. If you are a peaceful person then you can try wings and rose tattoo design which is opposite of guns n roses tattoos.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 16

17. You can have a wing tattoo design in the style of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Maori tattoo. All you have to do is start the wing from the chest and finish it up to the upper sleeve.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 17

18. You can add pocket watch tattoo to your wing tattoo design as it would represent that TIME FLIES and it will be an ideal memorial tattoo.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 18

19. Even though I won’t recommend it to my clients but still many people ask for half wing tattoos where the tattoo design does not show the boundaries of wings but just a complex inner structure like this.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 19

20. Have you ever tried making wings using your hands in the shadow? How about getting the style tattooed on your body like this?
Wing Tattoo On Neck

demonic wings tattoo

21. Angel wing tattoos are extremely popular. Angel are considered of very helping nature and therefore they make perfect design for best friends tattoos. You can have an angel tattoo design dedicated to your best friend.
Wing Tattoo On Neck 1

22. Wings tattoos do not fade away quickly and even when they start fading away they still look amazing like this.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 22

23. You can try a blackwork wing tattoo design where the artist will make a wing tattoo using thick solid black ink like this.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 23

24. Vulture wing tattoos are also very popular because they have large size feathers and they leave a long lasting impression.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 24

25. If you opt for an ankle wing tattoo design then you should have it in such style that the wing looks tied to your ankle as shown in this picture.
Wing Tattoo On Leg 2

26. You can also opt for colourful wing tattoos but make sure they do not look likes leaves of a tree in the autumn season.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 26

27. Wing tattoos do not have to be large in size to grab attention. You can have small-sized and perfectly placed tattoos of wings and everybody would pay attention.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 27

28. Is this the Holy Grail tattoo design? What does the wing tattoo signify in this?
Wing Tattoo On Arm 28

29. You can also opt for full sleeve wing tattoo design but for this you have to opt for birds with large feathers.
Wing Tattoo On Arm 29

30. Girls usually try wings tattoos on back but they can also try them below neck because it will look amazing.
Wing Tattoo On Chest

wing ridden angel tattoo

31. Many civilizations believed that angels have wings on their head. SO why not have an angel tattoo with wings on its head like this?
Wing Tattoo On Arm 31

32. This wing sleeve tattoo design gives a good idea that can be used by you. One can try a half sleeve wing tattoo design and half sleeve flower tattoo design thus making a majestic full sleeve tattoo.
Wing Tattoo On Arm

33. Most people believe that wing tattoo on the chest should have a wingspan of the whole chest but that is not necessary. Here this guy has a beautiful tattoo of wings on his chest.
Wing Tattoo On Chest 6

34. If you do not wish to try hawk, vulture or even eagle wings then you can try raven wings tattoos on your back or shoulder like this.
Wing Tattoo On Back 2

35. If you are a patriotic person and you wish to have a wing tattoo design then I would strongly recommend you to opt for bald eagle wing tattoos.
Wing Tattoo On Back 3

36. Dreamcatcher tattoos are considered very lucky and feathers are an important part of such tattoos. You can opt for a full back dreamcatcher tattoo where the feather extends into huge wings.
Wing Tattoo On Back 4

37. Personally, I find warrior tattoos impressive then angel tattoos, therefore, I admired this warrior wing tattoo design and found it better than angel wing tattoos.
Wing Tattoo On Back 5

38. If you have a pair of wing tattoo on your back or chest then I would advise you to add a king crown or queen crown just in between the wings to make the tattoo even more impressive.
Wing Tattoo On Back 6

39. Instead of opting for angel wing tattoo you can opt for a cross tattoo design that have wings in the background like this.
Wing Tattoo On Back 7

40. Every person has a dual personality and if you truly believe in it then you should have a pair of wing tattoos where one wing is of an angel and another wing is of the devil-like this.
Wing Tattoo On Back 8

torn angel wings tattoo

41. Honestly wing outline tattoos does not look as impressive as black and grey wing tattoos so you should avoid them.
Wing Tattoo On Back 9

42. Most people have male angel tattoos but you can try a female angel tattoos with beautiful wings on her back.
Wing Tattoo On Back 10

43. This wing tattoo design is superbly carried out. The artist made it like a painting and the addition of the skull is just mind-blowing.
Wing Tattoo On Back 11

44. Instead of trying a wing tattoo design you can also opt for a large size feather tattoo and foot is probably the best option for it.
Wing Tattoo On Foot

45. Praying hands with angel wings is a beautiful tattoo idea and it surely looks good on people who have religious faiths.
Wing Tattoo On Back

46. Behind the ear, tattoos are reserved by star and butterfly tattoos but in my opinion, a beautiful wing tattoo design behind the ear will also justify the beauty.
Wing Tattoo On Body 3

47. Moth or insect wing tattoo are neither popular nor recommended but if you wish to have a unique wing tattoo design you should surely try them.
Wing Tattoo On Leg 1

48. Wing tattoo on just one side of the chest will not look good so if you opt for a chest wing tattoo then have wing tattoo on both sides.
Wing Tattoo On Body

49. This wing tattoo design on the chest of this man seems to be inspired from the logo of Batman especially for the movie poster of The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan.
Wing Tattoo On Chest 1

50. Here is another cool wing tattoo design that seems to be inspired by the famous game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter movie and novel series.
Wing Tattoo On Chest 2

So which wing tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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