50+ Irish Celtic Tattoos For Men (2024) Ancient Tribal Designs

Celtic tattoos are not just popular in European countries but they have a good fan following in western countries like the USA and Canada. Celtic tattoos are derived from the art of Celtic people. There is no proper documentation of the exact region of Celts but many believe it to be near modern Ireland and Scotland. If you are looking for Celtic tattoo design then you are on the right page as we have selected here the 50 best Celtic tattoos for men and women –

Celtic Cross Tattoos

1. Celts were polytheists but by the 5th century, they turned to Christianity and gave their thoughts on the religion. Celtic cross tattoo design is among the most popular tattoo designs in the world.
Celtic Tattoos

2. Small size celtic tribal tattoos are not advised for men but girls can always opt for small celtic tattoos as they will look beautiful on them.
Celtic Tattoo 1

3. As Celtic tattoos were worn by Celtic warrior so why not pick up a design that shows this fact. Here is a Celtic angel wings tattoo design along with a sword on the back of this boy.
Celtic Tatoo On Back 1

4. I would not recommend you to try a Celtic tattoo design using watercolor. This will reduce the importance of the tattoo.
Celtic Tattoo 8

5. Celts gave a lot of preference to animals so it would be smart to opt for Celtic animal tattoos (especially snakes) than any other design.
Celtic Tattoo On 21
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6. Just like many patterns of tribal tattoos, Celts too had their own patter of tattoos. Here is a traditional celtic tattoo design.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 1

7. Many of the Celtic patterns and designs were considered looking within the community. Here is a Celtic sleeve tattoo design that has a deep meaning.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 3

8. Unlike other civilizations of the world, celts never fantasized about fire breathing dragons. They were more attracted to bears especially polar bears.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 4

9. This is a traditional Celtic symbol that was worn by celtic warriors because it represented good health and long life.
Celtic Tattoo On Wrist

10. You can give a Celtic touch to every popular tattoo design. For example here is a Celtic anchor tattoo design on the bicep of this man. You can learn more about celtic religion and culture here.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 6
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celtic shoulder tattoos for guys

11. Celtic cross tattoos design are very common and one good thing about them is that they do not fade away easily.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 7

12. Celtic warriors included both male and females. Girls can opt for female celtic warrior tattoos like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 8

13. Even though Celts didn’t believed in dragons yet you can opt for a dragon tattoo design that is done in celtic style.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 10

14. Celts considered cross tattoos to be lucky and the best part to have them (according to celts) was shoulder or on bicep.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 11

15. Irish Celtic tattoos are generally large in size so do not opt a small place like forearm or ankle for them else your tattoo will look confusing.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 13

16. I would not advise you to add a name or word to your Celtic tattoo design because they are just going to reduce the importance of the Celtic tattoo.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 14

17. Celtic design is usually not confusing because they are easy to identify due to their texture but still, there are certain patterns that you would have to tell about to people.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 15

18. Celtic warriors use to wear strong armor and helmets for war. You can have a Celtic warrior sleeve tattoo design like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 16

19. Celts considered this certain pattern to be lucky and you can use this to fill any of your old tattoos or to make a whole new design like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 17

20. The Roman empire ruled for a certain period of time on the Celtic people and therefore there was a clash of culture which gave rise to designs like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 18

celtic tattoos for men

21. Celtic people were brave and fearless just like the king of the jungle – LION. You can try a celtic lion tattoo design like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 19

22. Usually celtic cross tattoo design are large in size but you try a mini celtic cross tattoo on shoulder like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 20

23. If you want a romantic or soft Celtic tattoo design then I would suggest you try Celtic heart tattoo design which would look more like a locket.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 21

24. If you really wish to add quote or word to your Celtic tattoo then I would recommend you to add a Celtic quote and that too in a Celtic language like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 22

25. This Celtic symbol was worn by high-level warriors because It had a deep meaning. It represented a balanced life where there is no place for fear.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 23

26. If you are looking for matching brother tattoos then there is no better design than a celtic armband tattoo or celtic bracelet tattoo.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 24

27. Many people get Celtic tattoo confused with Norse tattoos and Vikings tattoos. Celts were not as barbaric as Vikings but they were fierce.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 25

28. A common celtic tattoo idea recommended by many tattoo artists is to try a tree tattoo design in the style of celtic wires.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 26

29. A celtic warrior tattoo could be easily distinguished from another warrior tattoos due to its decorated helmet and decorated horse.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 27

30. Do not try scottish celtic tattoo on lower part of the body especially if you have opted for good luck celtic tattoos.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 28

celtic tattoo ideas for guys

31. You can try a celtic tattoo design with negative shades. You have to choose black ink and then opt for a design like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 29

32. Celtic art was derived from insular art where circular patterns were given a lot of importance. No matter what tattoo design you opt for, you have to focus on the curves and circles.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 30

33. Like many other ancient civilizations, celts too performed many weird rituals in which human sacrifice was also a part.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 31

34. This is how a celtic tattoo design would look like when it starts fading away.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 32

35. If you opt for Celtic angel wings tattoos then the best place to have them is either on both biceps or on the back.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 33

36. As celts gave a lot of preference to tattoos and art so it was common among them to have memorial tattoos like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm 34

37. Celtic tattoos are not so good cover up tattoos because they often leave space and do not cover up marks perfectly.
Celtic Tattoo On Arm

38. Positioning and alignment matters a lot in celtic tattoos because a wrong position can give a whole new meaning to your tattoo.
Celtic Tattoo On Body 1

39. Like Vikings, Celtic too was fond of wolves and they even tried petting wolves. You can opt for Celtic wolf tattoos if you like them too.
Celtic Tattoo On Body 2

mens celtic arm tattoos

40. Celts were a warrior and there would be no better Celtic tattoo design than armor or sword or even a shield like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Body 3

41. Sites like Tumblr, Deviantart and Pinterest are full of celtic drawings and paintings.
Celtic Tattoo On Body 4

42. You can choose your celtic tattoo design from the paintings and drawings that are submitted on these popular image sharing sites.
Celtic Tattoo On Body 5

43. Celtic tattoos are not ideally recommended to couples or even siblings. This is because they are considered as standalone tattoos.
Celtic Tattoo On Body

44. You can opt for a simple tattoo design and add a Celtic symbol to it. The symbol may or may not be easily distinguishable by normal people.
Celtic Tattoo On Chest 1

45. Instead of going for a full celtic warrior tattoo design you can just go for a celtic helmet or celtic armour tattoo design like this.
Celtic Tattoo On Chest 2

46. In the cell culture, it was common to have the same $ ex-lover. So if you want to come out of the closet then you can choose a Celtic tattoo design like this to convey your message to the world.
Celtic Tattoo On Chest 3

47. Celts strongly believed in slavery so be aware that you do not opt for a design that promote slavery.
Celtic Tattoo On Chest

48. Celts documented the right places to have warrior tattoos and the most preferred place by them was the chest.
Celtic Tattoo On Leg

49. The horse was considered as the best friend of a human being in cell culture. Here is a Celtic horse tattoo design for you.
Celtic Tattoo On Neck

50. Celts usually did not preferred to have a tattoo behind the neck because they considered it to be bad luck.
Celtic Tattoo On Shoulder

Which Celtic tattoo design you would love to have on your body?

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