50+ Best Ambigram Tattoos Of Names & Words (2024)

Ambigram tattoos are those which have two or more word tattooed in a way that they look the same from different angles. Another variation of ambigram tattoo is that you can have two different words inked in a way that the tattoo reflects one word at one angle and another word at a different angle. Here we have chosen 50 best ambigram tattoo designs for men and women –

Family Ambigram Tattoos

1. This ambigram tattoo design has two names in it can you find them?
Ambigram Tattoos

2. If you add any sign or symbol to the ambigram tattoo then it might lose its mystery because the symbol will affect the interpretation of the tattoo.
Ambigram Forearm Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. Here is a vertical style of Ambigram tattoo in large font on the hand of this boy.
3D Ambigram Tattoos Design On Hands

4. Behind the neck is not an ideal place for Ambigram tattoos but if you pick a short word then it might work.
Ambigram Name Tattoos Design On Hands

5. Side wrist is also a good place for Ambigram tattoos and here is a beautiful design for it.
Ambigram Neck Tattoos Design And Ideas

6. The chest is better to place than back for ambigram tattoos. You can pick up font and design which shows the same word to you when you look down and the same word to the world looking from the front.
Ambigram Tattoo S Design And Ideas For Girls

7. Using more than one word for ambigram tattoo would be tough because it would require more space and also creativity.
Ambigram Tattoo S Design On Biceps

8. If you like ambigram tattoos very much then you will surely love this unique style of having ambigram tattoo on both feet.
Ambigram Tattoo S Design On Calf

9. I would not suggest you a cross rib cage ambigram tattoo design but if you want to go for it then here is a visual presentation for you.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Arms

10. 3D Ambigram tattoo design would be very tough but if you find an experienced tattoo artist then it would be the best tattoo of your life. Also check this collection

of ambigram words to get more ideas.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Chest

ambigram tattoos for females

11. You can also try an ambigram tattoo that will show same word but in two different languages.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Forearm

12. Most artists choose close lettering from ambigram tattoos and thus they require lesser space than a normal word or quote tattoo.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Legs

13. Don’t use complex fonts that make your ambigram tattoo hard to be understood.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Ribcage

14. If you are still confused about ambigram tattoos then here is an ambigram tattoo for you that show the same word at different angles.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Shoulder

15. One popular word among ambigram tattoo lovers is ‘I am Fine’. Here is how it would look like.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Thigh

16. Ambigram tattoos are all about the perfect font and the perfect pattern or design. This ambigram tattoo proves my point.
Ambigram Tattoos Design On Wrist

17. You can also opt for word outlines with ambigram design but do not opt for large size like this.
Ambigram Tattoos For Girls

18. Fonts inspired form the Medieval scripts are best for ambigram tattoos and you can also use words from the medieval era.
Ambigram Tattoos For Guys

19. Here is another cool ambigram tattoo on the front forearm of this cool boy.
Ambigram Tattoos For Men

20. You can also try Ambigram tattoo of your Zodiac sign. It is hard to do so but will look really impressive.
Ambigram Tattoos Ideas For Girls

ambigram tattoos for guys

21. The lining and length of letters in ambigram tattoos matters a lot or otherwise you might not get the desired tattoo and in the end it will look ugly.
Ambigram Tattoos Maker

22. The spacing between the letters also matters and here is how it should be executed.
Ambigram Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

23. This ambigram tattoo design has a dark and thick font. It worked here but sometimes thick ink might not work for you.
Ambigram Tattoos On Pinterest

24. Inner bicep tattoos are popular among boys and I would suggest such tattoos only to guys with big biceps.
Ambigram Tattoos On Tumblr

25. There was no need to add red line in this ambigram tattoo design but this is an amazing tattoo design.
Ambigram Tattoos Photo Gallery

26. The best place to have an ambigram tattoo design is the front facing forearm because you can it can give a unique mirror image and thus confusing people.
Ambigram Tattoos Pictures

27. Here is ambigram tattoo design of the word ‘FAMILY’. I think this is the perfect tattoo design for tattoo lovers.
Best Ambigram Tattoos Design

28. You can also incline your ambigram tattoo to a side so that it looks meaningful without any effort.
Butterfly And Ambigram Tattoos Design On Upper Backside

29. Here is an ambigram tattoo design that uses two different languages, one is English and other is Arabic.
Colored Ambigram Tattoos Design

30. If you are confused about your ambigram tattoo design than I would suggest you to add a color (preferably red) to it.
Colorful Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

ambigram tattoo ideas

31. There are very good chances that your skin might get red due to the complexity of ambigram tattoos so better use good skin oil for it.
Cool Ambigram Tattoos Generator

32. This beautiful and stylish ambigram tattoo design is shown from two different angles. Can you guess the word?
Country Name Ambigram Tattoos Design On Hands

33. The font chosen by this boy is not so perfect for ambigram tattoos.
Create Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. Ambigram tattoo of the name of your loved one or significant other would be the best choice for a tattoo. I am sure your better half would love it.
Cute Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

35. Some artist miss an alphabet or two in ambigram tattoos and this is common in words with difficult spelling or pronunciation.
Dark Black Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

36. This ambigram tattoo design is mix of English and Spanish language and that is why it is looking so beautiful.
Family Ambigram Tattoos Design

37. I liked this ambigram tattoo because of the placement. Obviously side of the hand is not a usual place to get tattoos but here it is brilliantly done.
Friendship Ambigram Tattoos Design On Hands

38. Again you can see why ambigram tattoos on ribcage won’t work. Also this tattoo Is not perfectly executed.
Full Size Ambigram Tattoos Design On Rib Cage

39. This ambigram tattoo looks to be done in Japanese language. What do you say?
Latest Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

40. Here is another ‘Family’ ambigram tattoo design on the wrist of this girl.
Little Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

create ambigram names free

41.This ambigram tattoo design has two words and they are ‘Dream’ and ‘Believe’ and it can be remodified in geometric arrow tattoos style.
Most Popular Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. I think this ambigram tattoo design is made by a German tattoo artist and this is probably a german word.
New Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. Death is the ultimate reality and here is an ambigram tattoo dedicated to it.
Small Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. This is just one tattoo but has two different words in ambigram position and together they say ‘Have Faith’.
Stylish Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. It is hard to have ambigram tattoo of three words but this artist beautifully carved the word ‘Keep the Faith’.
Stylish Font Ambigram Tattoos Design

46. This ambigram tattoo on the side wrist of this man has two words ‘Faith’ and ‘Thief’.
Thief Ambigram Tattoos On Hands

47. OH GOD! Here is another german ambigram tattoo design for you.
Tiny Ambigram Tattoos Design On Forearm

48. This ambigram tattoo design also has two words. One of them is ‘Life’ and I do not get the other one. Can you guess?
Top Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

49. If your name is ‘Victoria’ or you love ‘Victoria’ (Queen Victoria maybe?) then this is perfect ambigram tattoo design for you.
Victoria Ambigram Tattoos Design On Hands

50. Again I do not get the exact word in this ambigram tattoo due to the color in the background.
Water Color Ambigram Tattoos Design And Ideas

So which ambigram tattoo design you liked the most?

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