50+ Cute Unicorn Tattoos For Girls (2024) Designs & Ideas

Dragon leads in the mythological tattoo section but they get a tough competition from Unicorn tattoos. Most girls prefer to have tattoos of a unicorn but they are sometimes tried by boys too. However, most people do not opt for getting tattooed with unicorn tattoo design because they are afraid of a huge tattoo fail. If you are afraid of this then don’t worry now. Here we have chosen 50 really cute unicorn tattoo ideas for women-

Rainbow Unicorn Tattoos

1. This beautiful unicorn tattoo design is inspired from a popular unicorn painting. The artist cleverly redesigned it as it is.
Unicorn Tattoos

2. You can add a girl portrait tattoo around your unicorn tattoo to make it look even more special. Here is a beautiful design on the forearm of this boy.
Angle With Unicorn Tattoos

3. Small unicorn tattoos look much more attractive than large unicorn tattoos. Have them on a body part like a calf and you will attract many people.
Amazing Unicorn Tattoos

4. A full-size unicorn tattoo design will look much more beautiful than a face close up unicorn tattoo so I would advise you to prefer it over unicorn face tattoo.
Beautiful Unicorn Tattoos

5. Hair of a unicorn adds up to the beauty of the tattoo but sometimes they just fall out of the picture. Make sure the hairstyle and color of the unicorn tattoo perfectly match the whole tattoo design.
Best Unicorn Tattoos
sugar skull girl tattoo meaning

6. You can have a simple unicorn outline tattoo and it will look cute too. There is no need to add extra designs to it though.
Cloud With Unicorn Tattoos

7. Unicorn are considered most beautiful mythological creature so you can add up another beautiful design to your tattoo such as moon or stars.
Colorful Unicorn Tattoos

8. Usually, people prefer colored unicorn tattoos so I would advise you to try such a design where the background color does not mismatch the whole design.
Cool Unicorn Tattoos

9. I would not advise you to try sad unicorn tattoos but still for some reason you try for it then make the tears of the unicorn colorful like this.
Cry Unicorn Tattoos

10. Full size unicorn tattoos does not need to be large in size. You can have a medium size unicorn tattoo in full shape. This report discusses whether unicorn are real or not.
Cute Unicorn Tattoos
small tattoo ideas for women

small cute unicorn tattoo

11. Boys too can try unicorn tattoos and they can make it unique in their own way. Don’t say you didn’t love this deadpool unicorn tattoo design?
Deadpool And Unicorn Tattoo

12. Here is another deadpool unicorn tattoo design because this is probably one of the best tattoo combination that anybody could imagine.
Deadpool And Unicorn Tattoos

13. You can add a flower tattoo design in your unicorn tattoo but to make it perfect you must match the color of the hair of the unicorn with the color of the flower.
Flower With Unicorn Tattoos

14. Now, who says a unicorn have to be like a horse? Here is a unicorn tattoo that looks more like a cat wearing a llama horn.
Funny Unicorn Tattoos

15. Black and grey unicorn tattoos may not look as attractive as colored unicorn tattoos but to be honest one cannot ignore them in first look.
Grey Unicorn Tattoos

16. You can opt for a blackwork unicorn tattoo design where the unicorn is inked using neo-tribal tattoo art. The artist would ink the unicorn using solid black ink.
Latest Unicorn Tattoos

17. Most people focus too much on the hair of the unicorn that they forget that the tail needs to be hairy too. Here is how such a tattoo would look like.
Little Unicorn Tattoos

18. Instead of inking a real unicorn this girl preferred to get the word ‘UNICORN’ tattooed on her fingers and it’s a fantastic idea.
Love Unicorn Tattoos

19. You can also try a unicorn tattoo design that is made using geometrical shapes and symbols. But be sure you give it a good finishing touch.
Lovely Unicorn Tattoos

20. You can also try a unicorn tattoo design that is made to look like a knight chess piece with a softy cone added to its head.
Magical Unicorn Tattoos

minimalist unicorn tattoo

21. My Little pony is one of the most famous character in the world so how about unicorn tattoo inspired from this famous character.
Mini Unicorn Tattoos

22. Minimal tattoo designs have their own appeal and you can try a minimal unicorn tattoo design if you wish to have a unique design.
Origami Unicorn Tattoos

23. If your unicorn tattoo design starts fading away then make it lively by adding vibrant watercolour designs to it just like this.
Outerline With Watercolor Unicorn Tattoos

24. If you are a fan of origami and wish to have a unicorn tattoo then there is no better idea than an origami unicorn tattoo design like this.
Pretty Unicorn Tattoos

25. A unicorn tattoo design in just one color will look only good if it is small in size and is on body parts like an ankle or behind the ear.
Purple Color Unicorn Tattoos

26. You can make your unicorn tattoo design even more girly and feminine by adding jewellery design and ornaments to it.
Rose With Unicorn Tattoos

27. A unique unicorn tattoo idea would be to have one with all the colors of a rainbow. What do you think?
Samll Unicorn Tattoos

28. If you wish to have a temporary unicorn tattoo then you should opt for a either a watercolour unicorn tattoo or a pastel color tattoo design.
Simple Unicorn Tattoos

29. Here is how a watercolor unicorn tattoo would look like. It would surely fade away in a few weeks but it would be one of the most attractive tattoos you ever had.
Unicorn Tattoos On Wrist

30. This unicorn tattoo is made in the style of wooden horse with a horn. It would suit teen boys and girls.
Top Unicorn Tattoos

unicorn outline tattoo

31. Showing a rainbow behind the head of unicorn will also make it look feminine. However it is up to you to take the final decision.
Tribal Unicorn Tattoos

32. People rarely opt for realistic unicorn tattoos but they will look majestic if they are tried correctly.
Unicorn Tattoo For Boys

33. If you wish to add another design with your unicorn tattoo then make sure it doesn’t distract viewers from your original tattoo design.
Unicorn Tattoo For Girls

34. This is another unique unicorn design where the artist added a unicorn inspired from knight chess piece added on the crown staff.
Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

35. Unicorn tattoos often miss wings but If you wish to have an impressive design then a unicorn with wing tattoo is best.
Unicorn Tattoo On Ankle

36. A unicorn tattoo with two faces will represent unique meaning as it will symbolizes a split personality or a dual personality of a person.
Unicorn Tattoo On Arm

37. This is tiny unicorn tattoo design which can be improved by giving more shape to the tummy.
Unicorn Tattoo On Calf

38. You can add quote too to your unicorn tattoo design and they do not need to be meaningful.
Unicorn Tattoo On Feet

39. A Unicorn tattoo design on finger is very hard to do but one can still try it and here is how it would look like.
Unicorn Tattoo On Finger

40. Even though this is a beautiful unicorn tattoo design but it is wrongly placed. It would have looked way much better on chest or back.
Unicorn Tattoo On Leg

unicorn tattoo for guys

41. If you wish to have unicorn tattoo with wings then have it on body parts like shoulder or back.
Unicorn Tattoo On Shoulder

42. Even though many girls prefer to have a cute and peaceful unicorn tattoo but you can also opt for a fierce unicorn tattoo design like this.
Angry Unicorn Tattoos

43. If you ever had a horse tattoo design and you wish to restyle it then I would strongly advise you to restyle it as a unicorn tattoo.
Unicorn Tattoo Pictures

44. Unicorn is mythological creatures so why not have a tattoo design that imagines them an in fantasy situation. Here is a ufo tattoo abducting a unicorn.
Unicorn Tattoo Tumblr

45. This unicorn tattoo design is inspired from horse’s trophy heads. It aged well as even after fading away it still looks impressive.
Unicorn Tattoos For Girls

46. Animated Unicorn tattoos are a better choice than a realistic unicorn tattoo because they are mythological creature a real design would not be suitable.
Unicorn Tattoos Meaning

47. This neo tribal unicorn tattoo design can be improved a lot by adding a full body to it.
Unicorn Tattoos On Arm

48. The horn of the unicorn is the most important feature so do not play much with its style or otherwise, the whole tattoo would look odd.
Unicorn Tattoos On Biceps

49. The horn of this unicorn tattoo behind the ear is too long otherwise it is a neat tattoo design.
Unicorn Tattoos On Ear

50. The artist focused more on the eyes of this unicorn tattoo design and I would admit that it is not disappointing at all. Not a tattoo fail definitely.
Unicorn Tattoos On Hand

So which unicorn tattoo from the above photo gallery you would recommend your friends?

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